Updated: December 2017

Bumper Pool Table Reviews:

Bumper pool may not be as popular as it once was in the 1970's and 80's, but it still is a great game for families to play. Bumper pool tables are traditionally smaller than your typical billiards table, so they are easier to fit into smaller rooms. Plus, the game of bumper pool is much more fun for kids to play than pool. With added bumpers located on the table and the ability to hit lots of angle shots, it will improve your game quickly. The tables only have 2 pockets - both located on either end in the direct middle of both rails. You will find twelve bumpers on most tables, although we did find some that feature 14 or 16 bumpers. What I like about bumper pool is that the cue ball is eliminated. I have found that kids and amateur adult players will have an easier time connecting the cue stick to the ball without having to hit the cue ball first. It allows for better aim and faster play. The bumpers make it fun and more like a game than billiards traditional game of 8 ball. We are now seeing these tables show up in workplaces - in the game rooms with ping pong tables and air hockey or foosball. Bumper pool is a great way to relax.

Choosing a Bumper Pool Table - The vast majority of tables are the rectangular kind (say 57 x 42) but you will find the 3 in 1 game tables with octagon shaped bumper pool tables. We prefer the rectangular ones, but if you want a dedicated card table that doubles as a dining area too, then go with the combination table. The combo tables run about $1000 while the tables that are built just for bumper pool start at $600 and go upwards of $1500. Top brand names include Harvil, Atomic, Valley Dynamo, Playcraft, Hathaway and Imperial. Harvil and Playcraft make the lower end tables that get less than average reviews online. Yes, they should hold up for a few seasons, but their overall quality is not nearly as good as Valley Dynamo or Great American. That's one reason why we often recommend the mid-range tables that sell for $800 but offer better long term durability and performance. With kids, these tables can take a beating. The rails and bumpers can easily get abused and the green cloth surface needs to be top rate or else it will fail. Slate tables are better than non-slate tables and look for 3/4 inch slate whenever possible. Where to buy? - With the Internet, you can certainly price shop online and read owner comments and feedback before buying anything. We found Amazon and Walmart featured the most reviews, but even then they list only about a dozen. In our online research, it appears that most tables come with a sturdy set of bumper pool balls but the cue sticks are often lacking in quality. You can always purchase a few new sticks if you want. RECOMMENDED We suggest that you browse the best selling bumper pool tables here.

Best Bumper Pool Table:

RECOMMENDED - If you have kids or young adults living in your house, then the Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table will make a great addition to any game room or family room. The table is 57.5 inches long X 41.5 inches wide. At $650 it's not the cheapest table on the market (that goes to Harvil), but it's a good mid-range bumper pool table that should last for years. It's made with MDF (medium density fiberboard) and wood grain laminate finish. I like the overall design of this table as it is stylish and functional all in one. Takes less than 1 hour to assemble and comes with 1 set of bumper pool balls, two 48 inch cues, 2 chalks, and 1 brush. We have a few billiards shops in town but many charge $1000 or more for slate tables. The green playing surface is smooth and the bumpers are first rate. At about 250 lbs, the table is sturdy and will make a great additional to any room. Some reviews point towards placing it in a 'man cave'. We say no matter where it goes, it will surely get playing time from kids and adults. Check back on this item periodically as we have seen severe price swings. The Slate Bumper Pool Table in Walnut is another great choice for families. The main difference between this one and the Atomic is that the Berner table comes fully assembled (just attach the legs) and it's $150 more.

High End Bumper Pool Table:

RECOMMENDED - For a professional looking table, go with the Valley Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table with Ball Return which sells for $1500. You can tell the quality build just by the weight of this one - over 320 lbs. The ball return feature is nice and the Jewel Mahogany laminate is ad added bonus. The 3/4" slate bed is covered with genuine green billiard cloth and the Tiger Cat has heavy duty black die cast corners. The commercial pool table legs and levelers are what owners say makes this table top notch in quality. The contoured rubber cushions and real hardwood rails are nice features as well. Valley Dynamo has a solid reputation in the billiards and gaming industry for decades. You will get great customer service and a bumper pool table that is well made.