Updated: December 2017

Camping Trailer Reviews:

Every year in the US alone, over 13,000,000 people go camping, easily making it one of the most popular forms of recreation and vacation. What drives us from our warm cozy beds to rough it in the wilderness? Campers mention a wide variety of reasons, but chief among them is the ability to escape for a while. You can find a quiet campground, enjoy nature, and relax. You can roast marshmallows by a campfire, look at stars, and go to bed early. For people who love to travel but lack an extensive budget, it is also a relatively inexpensive vacation. And the great thing about camping is that, often, you don't have to go far to do it. No matter where you live, there is bound to be a campground within a few hours driving distance, making it a great locale for a weekend mini-vacation as well as longer trips. Whether you travel across the country or camp in your own area, you will find it to be a rewarding experience for the whole family.

While many campers prefer staking a tent, many also enjoy the comfort and convenience afforded by camping trailers. These can help you stay safe from the elements, provide you with a home-away-from-home, provide power, and offer the comfort of kitchenettes and beds. Depending on the model you choose, you can have a bit of an upgrade from a camping tent or a little home on wheels. The choice is yours. The array of RVs and camping trailers for sale is astonishing, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Here are some tips that will help you make the best decision for you and your family.

What Type of Camping Trailers are There?

The first step in selecting the right camping trailer is to think about what you want to do with it, and how often you will be using it. You can choose from full-service travel trailers or smaller, lighter-weight pop-up trailers. There are a few considerations that will influence your decision: what you plan on towing your camper with, what features you want, the distance you expect to travel, and the price that you can spend. There are fully enclosed travel trailers that have larger kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, A/C, and other exceptional features. While these are unquestionably luxurious, they can also cost in excess of $60,000 to $100,000. If you are already paying on your house mortgage, this can be quite an expense. Far more common, and growing even more in popularity, are pop-up camping trailers. These are light-weight, smaller, and less expensive; they still, however, provide a great many features to add to your enjoyment of camping and can be towed behind your regular vehicle. Let's take a look at some popular models and what they offer. Pop-up campers, also called tent trailers, do have a few drawbacks: the beds are not the most comfortable (but compared to the ground, they're downright luxurious); it can take a while to set up and take down; and the amenities aren't as many as you would find in a larger travel trailer. Most campers, however, are quite happy with pop-ups because of the comfort and price. One of the most popular pop-up camping trailers is the StarCraft. Their pop-up, or folding, camping trailer is, as they say, "built for camping. Nothing more, nothing less." The 2407 model, for instance, weights 2200 pounds unloaded and can handle cargo weights of up to 950 pounds. It is 15 feet 11 inches long, 7 feet 2 inches wide, and 5 feet 2 inches high when folded. With the 2407 comes an 18-gallon freshwater tank and a power center with a battery charger. You can also choose to have a screen room, power roof lift, and more. You can get the Camper Comfort Package or Deluxe Package for added convenience and comfort.

Another very popular pop-up camping trailer brand is Coleman. No surprise here. Coleman has a reputation for making outstanding and reasonably priced camping gear. Coleman trailers are among the most preferred because they offer the easiest set up and take down system for campers. Coleman camping trailers also have a Posi-Lock lift system that is bolted directly to the frame instead of simply being affixed to the floor with a screw, as is common in other models. This gives your trailer better structure and keeps the rain where it belongs. The trailers are made of high quality metal and steel for maximum durability. The tenting that accompanies your trailer is made of Sunbrella, the world's number 1 marine fabric. It won't mildew or rot, which can be a common problem in pop-up camping trailers. They're also so finely woven that not even irritating no-see-ems can find their way in. A popular Coleman camping trailer is the Highlander Avalon. It weighs 3805 unloaded, measures 21 feet 3 inches x 7 feet 5 inches x 5 feet 7 inches closed, and has a 26-gallon water storage capacity and water heater, a 20-gallon grey water storage capacity, and a 9-gallon black water storage capacity.

The Coleman Avalon also has stereo speakers, cable TV connection, stereo with iPod connection, quilted mattresses, an enclosed restroom, and an outdoor shower. This is a very complete package and is ideal for longer vacations and trips. Another name worth mentioning is Forest River. Their Rockwood pop-ups are among the best in the industry in this class. The Premier model 1904 is a top notch camping trailer that weighs 1917 unloaded, measures 15 feet 7 inches x 4 feet 9 inches x 85 inches closed, and has independent torsion axels, powder coated rafter poles and bed bows, aluminum bed frames, 1 piece undercoated structure wood floor, and 5 piece sectionalized Vinolon Supreme Tenting for added comfort and protection from mosquitoes. It has a kitchen faucet with water pump, quilted innerspring mattresses, outdoor gas grill with work table, Water-Pur filtration system, 3 burner indoor range, dinette, and a Port-a-Potty. This is a fully stocked camping trailer designed to make your experiences comfortable and fun every time.

How Much Does a Pop-Up Camping Trailer Cost?:

That depends. While their big brothers can cost up to $100,000, these little guys hit the roof at about $10,000. Still an expense, but one that is far more manageable on smaller budgets. When you see a model you like, simply call the manufacturer. The numbers will be on their websites. They will talk with you about the features and options you want, and then discuss a price with you. A dealer can be suggested by the manufacturer or you can find one in your area. There are RV dealers throughout the country, so you can and should comparison shop. When looking for the right RV, never impulse buy. Always get a tour of the camper and try everything out. See if you feel comfortable and the beds and furnishings fit you and your family. This isn't a new shirt; this is more akin to a new home. Make sure you put as much care into selecting your camping trailer as you would a vehicle or home because it is a big family expense, but it will also last you for years of fun. Happy camping!