Updated: December 2017

Caster Board Reviews:

What is a caster board you may ask? You may have seen them in your neighborhood (I sure have) as they are the latest thing kids like to ride on. Similar to a skateboard, but different in that you don't have to use your foot to gain momentum like you do with skateboards. The design allows the user to stand on the two ends of the board and slowly manipulate the turning so that the Ripstik gains momentum without having to step off with your foot and push on the pavement to get going. It's actually quite fun if you give it a chance - a boy in our area let me try one out the other day and it was exciting to ride. With just 2 wheels below the concave decks, you may wonder where the balance comes from. The 360 degree caster trucks let you "carve" your way up or down a hill - similar to snowboarding in feel and surfing in balance. When you see someone riding of these futuristic boards you instantly want to get on one and try it. At around $100 they are priced just right to take future owners of skateboards and get them started on caster boards.
caster board

The design is actually 2 pivoting decks that act independent of each other with caster trucks so the range of motion is much better than on a skateboard. This means you can turn faster and gain speed while exerting less energy compared to those on skateboards. Caster boards are definitely the wave of the future as young kids take on a sport that incorporates balance, finesse, and agility. I'm almost 40 and not as adventurous as I used to be, but the Ripstik Caster Board is truly a fun product and I had a blast riding one. With a little more practice I can see how "street surfing toys" could become addictive to ride. The G Grind version of the Ripstik adds a spinning aircraft grade aluminum center hub so the more experienced rider can do "grinding". Most of the models we found are made with high performance ABEC-5 bearings and polyurethane wheels. If your wheels wear out, just order new ones or get a 2nd pair when you buy one. Razor makes the G Grind and another top brand is Street Surfing. They make the popular The Wave Original Street Surfing Board - which is truly the combination of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding down a street. These boards offer maneuverability that skateboards just can't and the fact you can start from zero and go uphill is the unique aspect of the design. Reviews for these products are all over the Internet and you can watch videos on Youtube of how they work if you want. The Ripstik comes with a DVD to show you the nuances of the board and how to get it propelled properly. Learning tricks comes after you have gained the right combination of balance and speed. For the best reviews of caster boards we suggest going to Amazon to read what all the 100's of owners have posted in the comments section. Overwhelming feedback that is positive is what you will find. Caster boards are sold in most toy stores or department stores like Target. You can browse the top selling caster boards online here.

Ripstik Caster Board:

RECOMMENDED - The Ripstik Caster Board is the #1 seller on Amazon and kids love these cool looking skateboard/snowboarding hybrids. The Ripstik comes in blue, green, silver, pink, and red and you can get the extra wheel set if you want. The concave deck platforms and inclined caster trucks allow the user to gain momentum without ever having to put their foot on the ground and push like a traditional skateboard. Keep in mind that there are just 2 wheels keeping you up, but this also allows you to make 360 degree turns These fun riding toys are meant for kids 8 and older, you'd be surprised at how fast kids can learn on these things. The rubber padded handle makes it easy to carry and it can handle up to 220 lbs of weight. The design also features a kick tail and nose, perfect for doing tricks on the street or in a skate park. Owner comments include "the Ripstick rocks", "loads of fun", and "what a blast".

Street Surfing Board:

RECOMMENDED - The The Wave Original Street Surfing Board is another top rated board on Amazon. Similar in design to the Ripstik above, but The Wave is superior when it comes to tricks. You can do board leaps, ollies, acid drops, kick flips, manuals, and more. The spring oriented torsion bar is how the front and rear panels get their flexibility. The rotating 360 degree wheels have ABEC-5 bearings and the platforms are made with ABS plastic making them almost indestructible. If you ever wanted to combine surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding into one unique sport, then give street surfing a chance. I would recommend purchasing a helmet since falls do happen. Owners say it takes from 10 minutes to 3 hours to get used to riding this device but I would say give yourself a few days. Other comments from consumers include "great wave board", "maneuverability is amazing", and "best street surfing board on the market". In all the reviews we read online, we found that kids like these boards as much as adults do.