Updated: December 2017

Cruiser Bike Reviews:

Growing up in California I was totally familiar with cruiser bikes. We used to go bike riding in Santa Cruz (a coastal town) which has a nice bike path right along the beach. A cruiser bike, or beach bike, is usually a single geared bike with curvy handlebars that gives you the feeling of "cruising" along. Hence the name cruiser bike. They are for casual bike riding on paved paths or even on the beach itself. If you ride down along the water, they do surprisingly well in packed down sand. Just why are they so popular? I found that they are much easier to ride than mountain bikes or road bikes. Cruiser bikes have an ease about them and they are comfortable. Some of the top brands are Schwinn, Huffy, Cadillac, Victory, Sonoma, Nirve, Pacific, and Diamondback. Prices vary but you can expect to pay between $150 to $300 for a quality bike. They are available in your local bike shop, at Walmart, online at Amazon.com, and many other stores.

Choosing a cruiser bike - Want a leisure bike ride, then go with a cruiser bike. Their design is perfect for casual rides since your body can sit more upright (versus having to lean towards the handlebars on other types of bikes). Not built for speeds, cruiser bikes are for less avid bike riders who enjoy the "ride" and aren't interested in setting new speed records. There are cruiser bikes with gears, but single speed cruisers are still the most popular. Beach cruiser bikes are offered in aluminum or steel frames. For those near the beach and the saltwater, aluminum should hold up better as it is more resistant to rust. Most are offered with 26" wheels that are wide for better traction in the sand. There are cruiser bikes for women and men with the main difference being the bar between the handlebars and the seat post. Womens cruiser bikes sometimes have more "female" color choices like pink, orange, or yellow. The one common trait for all cruiser bicycles is that owners mention how comfortable the ride is. They are no longer sore from bad seats or leaning over all day. Want to read cruiser bike reviews? We suggest websites like Roadbikereview.com, Beachbikes.net, and Metaefficient.com. All offer up recent expert tips on choosing a bike and owner feedback and opinions on all brands. You can browse the best selling cruiser bikes online here. There are dozens of independent reviews that have been posted with pros and cons to each bike.

Best Cruiser Bike:

Guys like bikes that can take some punishment and still keep going. Schwinn cruiser bikes get good reviews and are often less than $200. The Schwinn Lakeshore Cruiser BikePacific Men's 26-Inch is top rated and comes in a grey color. It's a steel frame bike, so it's a bit heavier than aluminum models, but owners find it handles just fine. This one comes with 7 speeds so peddling is easy even on slight uphill sections of road. The padded cruiser saddle seat will soften the ride. Most agree the value is excellent on this Schwinn, some even mention that Dicks Sporting Goods has better deals than most stores on this bike. Huffy offers up a similar Karaoke AMP Men's Cruiser with speakers for music. It's really hard to go wrong when shopping for a mens' cruiser bike. Whether on dry land or riding on the beach along the water, the best men's beach bikes are here.

Cruiser Bikes for Women:

The good news is that bike manufacturers didn't forget about the ladies when they designed the latest cruiser bikes. Women like more casual bike rides compared to their male counterparts. A leisurely ride along the beach or coastline is always relaxing and having a comfortable bike to take the trip is even better. The Pacific Shorewood Women's Cruiser Bike is a popular choice. With 7 speeds to guide you, the beach bike features a classic frame, easy reach handlebars, a wide saddle seat and the padded suspension. The full wrap front and rear fenders a nice touch. Schwinn women's cruisers are also a good option. Both the Windwood and Lakeshore get good remarks from owners are they are both priced around $200. You can get the Windwood in pink, teal/silver, and white/black colors. The Windwood is a classic single speed cruiser with coaster brakes (remember those from your childhood). The rear rack for carrying things is perfect for trips to the store or just riding around town. My feelings are that true cruiser bikes are meant to be single speed and have coaster brakes. Therefore, we like the classic Schwinn model best.