Updated: December 2017

Cycling Shoe Reviews:

Are you looking to do more cycling this year? Perhaps you are interested in doing road races? To get the most out of your pedaling power, experts suggest that you buy cycling shoes that clip right onto the pedals. You will hear them called 'clipless' pedal systems. I have always been reluctant to buy into this system for fear that I will not be able to get my shoes detached from the pedals when I come to a stop and fall off the bike. While I was at REI just recently, all my fears were put aside as the saleperson walked me through the latest designs of pedal/shoe combinations in which getting your shoes clipped or unclipped is really easy. You will have to determine which type of riding you do - mountain biking, road cycling, or even casual riding. The type of riding you do will ultimately be the biggest factor in deciding which cycling shoe to purchase.
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Choosing Cycling Shoes - Do you plan on walking with the shoes at all or will you use the cycling shoes just to ride the bike. Consider situations where you get off the bike - perhaps to grab lunch or take a short walk on a trail. Road cycling shoes are not flexible so they can be very uncomfortable to walk in. You pretty much only want to use the road cycle shoes for instances where you are only riding the bike. When I go riding with my friends I either leave from my house (shoes already on) or we drive and depart from a particular location where we can get our cycling shoes on/off without having to walk much in them. If we go on mountain biking trails with our mountain bikes, we will wear our clipless mountain-bike shoes, but they are more flexible and have a good rubber-lug outsole for walking on rough terrain. Cycling Shoe Reviews - Cycling-Review.com has a great section dedicated to cycling shoes and features like soles, uppers, closures, 2 or 3 hole cleat system, and much more. You want the shoes to fit snug, with just a little wiggle room for your toes. They will not be comfortable for walking, so doing the natural 'walk around the store' test doesn't prove much with cycling shoes. The closures can be laces, but you'll find shoes with hook and loop straps (like Velcro) or the notched cam straps with buckles to be a better selection. You'll want compatible cleats and pedals - giving you a clipless pedal system. The older toeclip pedals are still around, but most experts suggest going clipless whenever possible. The power transfer is the advantage you are looking for and the clipless system delivers that. Check out the cycling shoe 'expert advice' listed on REI HERE. Pricing - $60 to $200 is the range you should be looking at. The shoes should last for years - as long as you are only using them for riding bikes. Top brands include Pearl iZumi, Shimano, Five Ten, Louis Garneau, Sidi, Keen, Serfas, and Northwave. You can browse the best selling cycling shoes here.

Best Cycling Shoes:

RECOMMENDED - Shimano is one of the leaders in the cycle industry and their Shimano SH-R087GE Road Bike Shoes are top rated with experts and consumers. They are available in gray or white/black colors and their sizing list is extensive. Features include a 3 bolt and 2 bolt cleat pattern, compatible with several leading pedal brands and the micro-adjust buckle and dual asymmetrical straps help give your foot the fit it needs. The shoes are perfect for recreational or club riding. View all the most popular Shimano cycling shoes here. They have the men's triathlon shoe, mountain biking shoes, and plenty of women's roady cycling shoes as well. Pricing is mid-range and reviews are overall very positive to Shimano shoes.

Clipless Cycle Shoe/Pedal Systems:

RECOMMENDED - Sick of your shoes slipping off the pedals when you go road biking. The Pearl iZUMi Men's Select Road Road Cycling Shoe is a great solution if you want a clipless system. The sizing chart is there for you to get the correct size. Pearl iZumi offers some of the most comfortable and durable shoes in this field. Their All-Road Cycling Shoe is a top seller on several websites and the Select Road Cycling Shoe is another popular choice amongst consumers. From beginners to expert riders, Pearl iZumi gets great feedback. If you like mountain biking, then check out their line of mountain biking shoes as well.