Updated: December 2017

Cyclocomputer Reviews:

A cyclocomputer is a little device mounted on a bike that displays trip information for the bike rider. This display is usually a LCD and displays speed, trip distance, trip time, distance traveler, altitude, and incline. More advanced models of cyclocomputers will also display the heart rate, power outage, pedaling cadence, stopwatch, temperature and GPS. Typically, the cyclocomputer is attached to the handlebars. Among the popular brands are include Vetta, Cateye, Garmin, Planet Bike, and Sigma Sport. With the cyclocomputer, a magnet is mounted to one of the spokes of the bike. A sensor is mounted to a chain or fork blade. When the magnet and the sensor pass one another, information is sent to the computer. The computer then can use this data to display the accurate speed. There are two main types of cyclocomputers, ones that are wireless or wired. The wired cyclocomputers typically don't pick up interference from power lines or cell phone towers. They also can be lighter on the bike. However, on the negative side, wired cyclocomputers do not look as clean on your bike. Wireless cyclocomputers, on the other hand, are faster to install and more expensive. You can see the set-up and demo of the Cateye Miro Wireless Cyclocomputer in the YouTube video HERE. You can browse the best selling cyclocomputers here.

Best Cateye Cyclocomputers

- Cateye is a very popular and well-respected company for cyclocomputers. In fact, Cateye is one of the "first companies to integrate altimeter, heart rate, and cadence technology into cycle computers." One cyclocomputer with a high ranking is the Cat Eye Astrale 8 Cyclocomputer w/ Cadence. So what is cadence anyway? Cadence refers to the revolutions of the crank per minutes. The cadence measurement allows cyclists to understand the speed that they are turning the pedals. Most normal cyclists aim for 85-100 rpm (pedal revolutions per minute). This is an efficient candence that is easy on the legs. As far as the Cat Eye Astrale 8 Cyclocomputer w/ Cadence, some reviews we saw said that this is the best choice if you want a wireless cyclocomputer that has cadence. It is also known as the best low cost choice with cadence. Many bikers say that this particular cyclocomputer is also recommended because it is so durable. Cat Eye Enduro 8 Cyclocomputer also is a really popular choice and is recommended on Performancebike.com. People felt the Cat Eye Enduro 8 was easy to install and read. It was also given high marks for being rugged and durable. The Enduro 8 is a newer design with large numbers that display the current/average and maximum speeds, as well as trip distance, and programmable odometer. It also as a automatic start power-save mode. We also looked at reviews of this model on OutsideForever.com. Cyclists mentioned that they felt the price was great, and the Cateye Enduro 8 survived the elements including crashes and rain. We also looked at Bikeforums.com for a basic model; reviewers recommended the Cateye Enduro for those who don't need cadence and heart monitor or the Cateye Astrale. These seem to be the most popular models cross the board. See all the Cateye models here.

Best Cyclocomputer:

Road Cycler recently reviewed the Cateye Strada Cadence and recommended it highly. One reason that the Cateye Strada Cadence is recommended is it has an updated interface with their new ClickTec system. The current speed will always show at the top of the screen. The other modes can be shown on the screen just by pushing the bottom of the computer face. Road Cycler felt that the interface on the Cateye Strada Cadence is easier to read and works really well. The Cateye CC-RD300W Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer is one of the most popular on Amazon and sells for $38. Like all Cateye bicycle computers, the Cateye Strada is water-resistant. Reviews remark that is is "packed with functions and free from wires." People also give it high marks for being stylish and accurate. Once people are really happy to be free of wires and feel that the price of the Cateye Strada is fantastic for a wireless Cyclocomputer. This model is perfect for a cyclist who wants more than just the basic features..

Other Recommended Cyclocomputers:

On the pricey side, you can get Garmin Edge 305 GPS Cyclocomputer w/Cadence which sells for $224 on Amazon or the Garmin Edge 705. This cyclocomputer is self-calibrating, and allows you to monitor your cadence as you ride. The cadence and speed sensor is also wireless on this model. Of the reviews we saw, people really loved this cyclocomputer. This model also includes PC-based Training software, which allows you to create workouts and download courses. You can also compare your speed, climb and heart rate to the terrain you are riding on. However, it is important to note that if you want to use the heart rate monitor feature on the Garmin Edge Cyclocomputer, you must buy the compatible Garmin heart rate monitor (HRM-strap) which is also a bit pricey. You also need to go back to Garmin to replace the battery on your cyclocomputer when it wears out. New batteries cost between $80-$100. Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless 9-Function Bike Computer with 4-Line Display and Temperature is another recommended model which sells for $40. The Planet Bike Cyclocomputer was popular with Amazon reviewers. It has a 9-function bike computer for tracking speed, distance and other basic functions. Reviewers also like the Planet Bike Cyclocomputer because it shows speed, time, distance, ride time all in one screen. This allows for cyclists to not have to keep switching back and forth. Another advantage to the Planet Bike Cyclocomputer was the 'Temperature' function that people really loved to have as an add-on. Reviewers, in general, love the Planet Bike display and feel it is easier to read that Cateye products. You can read a lot of information without having to push any buttons. Check out the most popular cyclocomputers online here.