Updated: December 2017

Dart Mat Reviews:

Darts is a great game but there are times when it can become a little dangerous and hazardous to your floors. If you play with an electronic dartboard, then the soft tip darts are not a problem when they ricochet off the board. The big problem comes from those playing with real dartboards that require steel tip darts. When those darts bounce off the board, then damage can occur to your floors. We've seen countless dents in hardwood floors due to inadvertent darts flying back from the board and landing on the floors. There are even some players who miss the dartboard completely and the dart falls to the ground - often with the steel tip doing some serious damage. The good news is, there are solutions to protecting your flooring around the dartboard. A good dart mat, often padded or made with vinyl, is the safest route to go. Where can you find one? How much do dart board mats cost? We answer all those questions and give you a brief buying guide down below.
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Choosing a Dart Mat - One point worth mentioning before we get into specific brands - your darts can be damaged when they hit the ground/floor - so a mat protects both floors and darts. With that being said, the Dart World Let's Play Darts Dart Mat is great for home use or even tournament play. It's a 3mm thick rubber mat with a durable non-slip micro grip. The mat is plenty heavy and will stay where you put it on hardwood floors, but carpet owners beware. We read countless reviews online for different types of dart mats and the one common complaint is that they move around when placed on carpets. A few owners put carpet skid tape on the edges to solve the problem. The measurements on the mat are designed so the dart thrower knows where to stand - marks are at 7' 6", 7' 9 1/4", and 8 feet. The mats are shipped all rolled up, so you'll need to unroll it and let it take its flat shape. Some consumers mention a 'strong' smell of plastic or rubber when they open up the boxes to these dart mats. Both brands we researched (Viper and Dart World) had the same complaints. Make sure you give the mat some time to air out before placing it in your game room. Price - Without much competition you won't find any real bargains when it comes to cost. Expect to spend $60 to $75. Where to buy? We found 3 mats on Amazon.com and Ozonebilliards.com also listed a few. You can browse the best selling dart mats here.

Best Dart Mat:

RECOMMENDED - There are really only 2 to choose from. We like the #1 rated Viper Padded Dart Mat which is a soft cushioned vinyl mat that sells for about $70. There are imprinted start lines for both steel tip and soft tip dart games. It measures 2 feet wide by 9' 9" long and is 1/8 inch thick. When darts bounce out or miss, this mat will protect your floors and the dart tips. Several owners say the mat 'stunk' when they unrolled it from the shipping container. They refer to the smell as a 'terrible plasticy smell'. Let it air out before placing it somewhere like your basement. We wish the mats for darts would be a little wider and cover more of the area around the actual dartboard. You can always add your own protective barrier if the mat doesn't cover enough space. The other popular mat is the Dart World Let's Play Darts Dart Mat which is similar in price to the Viper. Many of the features we already described above in the article. An overwhelming smell is mentioned on this mat too. Only 1 review said the mat was not thick enough and she was finding holes in her hardwood floors.