Updated: December 2017

Dive Computers Reviews:

Here is a fact that divers should not let their worry-wart friends in on: each hour of diving is 36 to 62 times more dangerous than driving a car. Good gear and a cautious approach to scuba diving can help reduce the risk of injury from inhaling gases or aspirating water. But divers also have to be careful about descending and ascending too quickly. Decompression sickness is a real possibility, and it can be a painful and potentially dangerous one at that. A dive computer can be a life-saver; not only can it help you avoid the bends, it can help you monitor each aspect of your dive. A good diving computer helps you stay safe - but more importantly, it will help you take your eyes off your wrist, your mind off your depth, and your attention fully on the incredible scenery that is waiting for you below the surface.
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What Can Diving Computers Do? - Diving computers are much more than sleek, sporty watches; they are safety tools first and foremost. As a safety device, scuba diving computers are regulated by the International Organization for Standardization, or the ISO 6425 standard. This means that every watch or wrist computer that is marketed as a diving computer has to meet these standards - or exceed them. These are:

*Unidirectional bezel with 5-minute elapses minute markings and pre-select marker to mark a specific minute
*Clearly distinguishable minute markings on the face
*Readability and visibility at 25cm, or 9.84 inches, in total darkness
*Running light indicator
*Magnetic resistance and accuracy to +/-30 seconds/day as measured before the test
*Shock resistance
*Chemical resistance
*Strap/band solidity
*End of Life (EOL) indicator on battery-powered watches
*The cases have to be adequately water and pressure resistant

Some other considerations to think about before you buy include:

*Style. You can choose from wrist dive computers or console models, which are attached to your other scuba gear with a hose. Each has benefits: a dive computer watch allows great freedom. You can check your measurements without stopping, just as you would check your watch. A console dive computer usually has a bigger readout and a pressure gauge, which wrist models do not.
*Nitrox? If you dive with nitrox, or plan to, choose a model that can monitor air mixtures to measure your intake of nitrogen. You can even find those that accommodate a trimix of helium, oxygen, and nitrogen).
*Audible warnings if you ascend too fast or near a limit. These can be user-set.
*Compatibility with your computer.
*Keep it simple. If you are a beginning diver, choose a diving computer that is simple and easy to use. Many veteran divers also depend on the simple models that are reliable and dependable.
*Do you want to be cool at the office or safe in the water? Dive watches do make excellent watches for sporty, chic men - if you want a dive watch that is more of a fashion accessory, that's fine. If you want one that will be a diving companion, check to make sure it meets the toughest criteria.

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Best Dive Computers:

The first dive computer watch combines form and function beautifully. So beautifully, in fact, that it has been the timepiece of choice for James Bond for several years. Men's Health calls the Omega Men's 2220.80.00 Seamaster 300M a "pillar of performance watches." The Omega is as much a status symbol as it is a diving tool. It features Swiss automatic movement, a domed, sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratches and also has utilizes an anti-reflective coating, stainless steel case, blue dial, date function, and water resistance up to 300 M (1000 feet). The Omega doesn't need batteries; it powers itself from the motion of your arm. The self-winding dive watch also features a helium escape valve, silver rhodium-plated case, luminous dotted hour markers, stainless steel bracelet band, unidirectional bezel, luminescent skeleton hands, and a 48-hour power reserve. Each Omega watch is rigorously tested, and it is no different with the Seamaster. It features the Omega 2500 caliber automatic movement, which is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control (COSC) as a chronometer. This is an honor bestowed on only 3 percent of the watches made in Switzerland - the Seamaster offers the best of the best. You're also going to pay for wanting to look like James Bond. The Omega Men's 2220.80.00 Seamaster 300M "James Bond" Automatic Chronometer Watch is over $2700. How about a more affordable option that will keep you safe underwater and keep you sleek in the office? The Victorinox Swiss Army Professional Dive Master 500M Mens Watch V.241173 was also chosen by Men's Health as one of the best professional dive watches, and it is popular with consumers and experts alike. The Dive Master features water resistance up to 500 meters, a case diameter of 43mm, fold-over safety clasp, stainless steel case, stainless steel strap, blue dial, unidirectional rotating bezel, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and quartz movement. A very sleek watch; reviewers comment on the Swiss efficiency and the low price. You can find the Dive Master for $260. Check out a review on the Dive Master and get a look at it on this YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai6eZ4mLODA&feature=related). Another affordable choice, and one that is perfect for beginners, is the Suunto Zoop. Recommended by ScubaDiving.com, the Zoop is a wrist-mounted diving computer with decompression stop data, audible alarms, air and Nitrox operating modes, easy-to-read display, simple menus, water activation, and bright phosphorescent display. The Zoop is compatible with your PC so you can save up to 50 hours of dive data and logs. The Suunto diving computer watch is accessible for beginners but also offers the basics that veterans need. ScubaDiving calls it "slightly conservative," but that's a compliment in our book. This is a reliable tool for divers. You can find it for $275. ScubaDiving.com's ScubaLab named the Oceanic 2.0 as the "Best Buy for 2010." The Oceanic features stainless steel accent ring, Dual Algorithm, Deep Stop option, "Step Back" user interface for forward and backward navigation with easy-to-follow menus and settings, programming for multiple gases, and easy-to-read screen. ScubaDiving calls it a "great multifunctional computer" and a "nice dive data cruncher." The Oceanic 2.0 is $400. Diving computers can be a lifesaver, or they can be a fashion accessory. In any case, make sure you get what you want. Browse top rated dive watches here. A good dive computer takes a lot of the risk out of diving - but don't worry, you'll still get plenty of excitement and fun.