Updated: December 2017

Domed Hockey Table Reviews:

If you are big hockey fan, then buying a domed hockey table for your family entertainment should be a good buy. We've even seen these stick hockey tables in dorms, in game rooms at the office, and at our local community center. Originally designed for arcades, the domed hockey tables for your home are very sturdy and hold up well. The tables retail for over $600 and the more professional ones are closer to $3000. There are 3 brands that stand out amongst all the competitors and those are Shelti, Carrom and Super Chexx. Carrom is the most popular of the 3 as their stick hockey tables are priced to sell and they are designed to last in households with young kids or teenagers. We researched all the best sellers, compared the owner reviews found online, and then asked the experts their opinions before putting 'our picks' below. We tried to rate them based on playability, durability, stability, and ease of assembly. We took points away from some models for things like electronic scoring difficulties or parts that wear down too quickly. There is also a general buying guide below to help guide you in your search.
stick hockey table

Choosing a Domed Hockey Table - One of the main reasons people don't buy these expensive table games is because they know assembly will be a headache and the potential for parts to break is huge. Who wants to invest $600 only to have the table break within a year. The good news is that while researching the domed hockey tables, we found excellent feedback from owners who have had their tables for years. The tables are very sturdy with several weighing well over 200 pounds. This means they can handle the punishment and abuse that younger kids give them. Carrom is probably the best name in this industry and they are quick to help when a problem arises. Say a player breaks or the electronic scoring unit goes out. Call Carrom for replacement parts and they will answer their phones. So now that you know the hockey table will hold up, the next question is what type of design do you want. The less expensive tables feature the support legs (think of foosball or air hockey tables) while the expensive brands (like Super Chexx) offer the pedestal style tables that are $1500 or more. Sure, the pedestal stick hockey tables are the best in terms of stability and looks, but the support leg models will hold up just fine because they weigh enough. The shatter resistant domes that sit over the top of the tables are perfect - they keep the puck in play and keep the playing surface in great condition (protects it from the elements). The electronic scoring systems appear to hold up reasonably well on these tables. A few people mention a periodic error on the scoring, but overall they are reliable and accurate. Batteries are needed to run the scoring system, but it will automatically shutdown after a few minutes of non-use, this saves the battery power. How about the player movement and hockey sticks? The playing fields are very level, but a few reviewers mention that the hockey sticks on some players are curved too much and when you go hit the puck, the stick won't give it a direct shot. One guy mentioned that the hockey players needed to be pushed down a bit so that the sticks were more on the playing surface. Again, both situations are fixable, so don't panic. The Carrom tables feature fiberglass rods which are assembled to the gear mechanism (precision injection molded) so you get long wear. Look for tables with lights and sounds when you score a goal. This keep the play exciting and realistic. We did find that many of the tables say 'designed for ages 13 and older'. Not sure where they come up with that. There is a possibility that really small kids might not be able to see over the edge of the playing surface, but in all the reviews we came across parents and adults mention that kids younger than 13 are having a great time playing the game. Therefore, don't be hesitant to buy these hockey tables for your younger kids. On a quick side note, there are products like the Stiga NHL Rod Hockey Table which are very popular for $100, but the table is small and the experience is just not the same as you would get on these table versions.

Best Stick Hockey Table:

RECOMMENDED - The Carrom 415 Super Stick Hockey Table for $680 is a top seller on several websites and it's the one we refer all our clients to. Carrom is a recognized name in the table game industry and the Carrom 415 holds up to that great reputation. Assemble of the 415 takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. The bubble is one piece, the table is one piece, and the legs and electronic scoreboard are separate. It includes 2 sets of solid-color players and 2 pucks. The legs are easy to adjust and level. The cabinet section is made with thermal-fused, wear resistant melamine and the extra thick edge banding on the sides ensures the table will hold up. The battery operated scoring unit will celebrate after each goal with lights and sounds. Even after full assemble, the dome will come off if you need to adjust the players, pucks, etc. Owners say the internal slip clutch in the gears are essential for helping to prevent shearing and binding when playing aggressively. Lots of people ask if you can switch out the players with actual NHL team game players and the answer is - Yes you can! Team packs cost from $20 to $30 so you can customize the game a bit.

Domed Hockey Table:

RECOMMENDED - The Shelti Breakout Dome Hockey Table is heavier and the components are higher grade than the Carrom listed above. You will pay almost $1100 for the Shelti Breakout, but owner reviews and comments are near perfect. First, the weight on this table is about 230 pounds (compared to 140 on the Carrom). That means more stability. The gear box clutch system allows players to engage while going for the puck and not damage the internal gear box. We all know that when battling for the puck the players will be pulling and pushing on one another putting pressure on the gear box down below, but rest assured the engineered clutch design on the Shelti will keep the components working. The stick rods feature nylon bushings so you get minimal friction wear. Table fits in family rooms, game rooms, or that bonus rooms. The low dome profile is preferred by many compared to the higher dome you see on the Carrom tables.