Updated: December 2017

Electric Bike Reviews:

Is an Electric Bike Right for You? - It's not a bike. It's not a motorcycle. It's not even a moped. So what is an electric bike? It is a bike that is powered by an electric motor. Electric bikes are starting to catch on in the United States, where about 300,000 were sold in 2010, but they are tremendously popular in China, where there are about 120 million electric bikes. India, the Netherlands, and Europe are also hopping aboard the e-bike in record numbers. Why? Gas, insurance, and upkeep of a motor vehicle are expensive undertakings, and in densely crowded areas, such as in Beijing, traffic is a nightmare. Electric bikes provide an affordable and quicker mode of transportation for millions of people. Whether you want to save money on your commute or you want greater convenience and freedom, an electric bike might be the answer you've been looking for. This guide will help you get going with the right bike so you can speed off (at 20 miles per) to your destination.
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About Electric Bikes - One factor that keeps people from riding their bikes to work or on errands is that you arrive sweaty and messy - and you have to go up those big hills! An electric bike can help you get up hills, through headwinds, or start from a stop. The rest of the time, you can enjoy some exercise in bike mode. Electric bikes are slower than motorcycles; they get a top speed of about 15 to 20 mph. But this can be a perfect way to relax and enjoy the scenery as you go to the store or stop at the post office. You're saving gas and reducing green house emissions dramatically by not taking your car on short errands - and you can fit into tiny, but convenient, parking spots. Unlike motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds, an e-bike is relatively quiet and doesn't have the strong noxious gas fumes. Another top reason why people opt for an e-bike is the laws. While laws vary by jurisdiction, in general, one doesn't need a license to operate an electric bike. This makes it a great alternative for those without licenses or those who have lost their driving privileges. Even teenagers can get back and forth to work or school without having to ask mom or dad for the car. There are very few laws regulating e-bikes, so it is much more freeing than an automobile. (Though it may be perfectly legal, you always want to be cautious to avoid accidents and injuries).

What to Look for in an Electric Bike - Electric bikes are weak and unreliable. They're heavy, ugly, and good only for a 5mph chug along a flat road. This may have been true a generation ago, but today's electric bikes have been revolutionized by companies like Hebb and Optibike. They may be slim but there is some muscle there. The most important feature of the bike is the motor. In many countries, electric bikes are not allowed to go faster than 20 to 25 mph. Because of this, and the small size of the bike, the motor is not large. These aren't Harley's, remember; they are electric bikes. The motor is supposed to give you a little boost up hills and such. 300, 350, and 750 watt motors are common. Here are some other features to look for:

*Weight rating. Many models carry riders up to 250 pounds, so make sure to get a larger model, if necessary, to avoid damaging the bike or yourself!
*Maximum speed rating. Some go up to 15 mph; some up to 25 mph.
*Comfortable design and saddle.
*High quality battery. Many models offer lithium battery technology, which provides long life.
*Miles per charge. A range of 15 - 22 miles for every charge will get you to the store and back several times before you need to plug the battery in. Make sure you have sufficient battery life for your needs.
*Style. You can find cruiser-style, mountain, and motocross styles, so choose according to your preference and comfort.
*Rear rack. This is helpful for carrying groceries or work gear.
*Cost. Electric bikes can cost from $300 to $3000; set a budget, and get the most bike you can for your money. Remember, you may want to spend a little more if you're going to be saving on gas, insurance, and other car-related costs.

Electric Bike Reviews - Want to read reviews on the latest models and get opinions and feedback from actual owners. We say go to Electricbikee.com, Electricbikereport.com, or Nycewheels.com. They all offer up comments from electric bike owners and give you professional guidance on which models are the best. We also like the selection on Amazon.com - good prices and plenty to choose from. You can browse the best selling electric bikes online here.

Best Electric Bikes:

The best electric bike for you depends largely on what you plan to do with it. If you want something fun to do on nice, sunny weekends, you won't need as rugged or powerful a bike as someone who needs to travel to work each day. If you want something that can go off-road, you'll need something that can handle terrains other than asphalt. Before you buy, think about what you expect from the bike. Let's take a look at several top models to give you a good place to start your search. Gas 2.0, a website that discusses the world's future and its oil addiction, asks is the Optibike the future of transportation? It well could be. It gets the equivalent of 2287 miles per gallon. The Optibike OB1, they say, "is arguably the finest electric bicycle in the world." When you fill up your car, it can cost $40 or more. When you fill up your OB1, it costs you nine cents. And that "tank full" of energy takes you up to 45 miles. This represents incredible savings for consumers. The OBI is a viable alternative to a car, but unfortunately, Optibike only makes 24 each year and they can cost as much as $14,000. Optibike may make the world's best electric bikes, but they are also very expensive. These are in a class of "commuter" bikes that cost thousands; the "cheap" USV is $6000. Each bike is built to customer specifications and features top-of-the-line materials. If you are going to replace your car with a bike, Optibike is the way to go. Hebb is another top name, and their bikes, too, will set you back a few thousand. Again, if you are looking at an alternative for a car, this is a good deal. The Hebb ElectroGlide 500, for instance, is about $2200, and features a 17-inch step-through frame, 350w high power planetary gear motor, 37v, 10Ah lithium polymer batter, 20 Amp overload protection, throttle speed control, speeds up to 20mph, aluminum alloy frame, Schwalbe Marathon Plus 26 x 1.75 inch tires, Tektro Disk rear brakes, Shimano Nexus 7 speed, and a sleek design. The Hebb is a great bike that will last for years of daily commutes. If your budget is a little more modest (or a lot more modest), the Currie Ezip Trailz Men's Electric Bike may be the best choice for you. The Currie is a favorite of Amazon consumers, and at $500, it's a little easier on the budget. It features a 450 watt DC Earth magnetic motor, speeds up to 15mph, comfortable saddle, unisex LSH design with suspension fork, removable battery pack, weight limit of 240 pounds, and 24 volt rechargeable battery. Check out top rated electric bikes here. Whether you're going to work or enjoying the view, you can find the right electric bike.