Updated: December 2017

Your Guide to Everlast Boxing Gear:

Far from being a violent pursuit of barbarians, boxing requires great skill, agility, stamina, strength, and strategy. The sport of boxing is one of the oldest in the world; boxing matches used to provide entertainment to ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. Today, boxing has evolved into a precision sport, not a contest of flailing arms and luck. Training is the most crucial element of winning; building endurance and gaining the experience you need to fight with confidence in the ring is essential. So is great boxing gear. Everything you train with, from gloves to heavy bags, makes a significant difference during fights. Everlast is virtually synonymous with boxing and continues to produce top-quality apparel and equipment for boxers - you can trust Everlast to train with you and remain squarely in your corner for each round.

Choosing Your Everlast Boxing Equipment - Everlast's slogan is, "Greatness is within." To unlock that greatness, you need drive, dedication, and a few well-chosen supplies. The type of equipment you'll need depends on your level - pros need more and better quality equipment than those who like to spar with friends on the weekends, for instance. It will also depend on your space, your training needs, and your budget. You could outfit a whole gym, from heavy bags to a real ring, but do you need that? Can you afford that? The bare essentials are: boxing gloves (training and competition if you are an amateur boxer), hand wraps, a sparring or competition helmet, and mouth guards. With this, you can immediately begin training with a partner. If you're sans partner, you can do a few different things: set up an Everlast heavy bag, hang a speed bag, or chase a chicken around the yard like Rocky. As your skill level increases, you can add more equipment, including corner supplies. The first step is to determine what you need and how much you can afford to spend. The second step is to read on and get some great suggestions for the best Everlast boxing gear.

The Best Everlast Boxing Gear - Boxing gloves are your most important pieces of boxing gear. If you browse online or in stores, you'll find that you can buy a pair for under $30 - if you're thinking this is a steal, you could be right. If you're one of those casual weekend boxers who goes a few rounds now and then, they should be fine. If, however, you are serious about boxing and want to train and fight like a pro, they'll present a few problems: they're typically uncomfortable and wear very quickly. If you're training, you'll go through these pretty rapidly, so it might be worth your while to opt for a more expensive, higher quality pair from the start. BestCovery (a site which reviews products in thousands of categories and selects a short list of the best to help consumers make informed decisions) named two Everlast boxing gloves as among the best. Let's take a look.

Best Everlast Boxing:

Everlast Professional Fight Gloves - Everlast gloves sometimes have the reputation as being cheap - both in price and in quality. This, however, is largely undeserved. If you look on boxing forums, you will see plenty of comments attesting to the quality of Everlast gloves, particularly their professional gloves. If you are training heavily, even as an amateur, it may be better to skip the amateur gloves and head right for the pros. The Everlast Professional Fight Gloves are a good choice. The Pro Gloves are made of premium grade leather for durability. Each is designed to conform to the shape of the fist for a comfortable fit, and each pair is hand-inspected to ensure you're getting the best quality. In addition, the Pro Gloves have Thumblok technology, which keeps the thumb and knuckle in the correct position in the glove. They also feature C4 foam, which, in addition to contouring to the hand, provides outstanding cushioning, protection, support, and force dispersion. BestCovery says that those who stereotype the Everlast gloves are "making a big mistake," and "it's no coincidence that this glove has been around for close to a century." Second class glove? Not a chance. But you will notice that it is more budget-friendly than its competition. You can find the Pro Fight Gloves for $100. BestCovery also chose the Everlast MX Pro Fight Gloves, saying that they offered "more glove" than the Pro Fight Gloves. But you'll also pay a bit more for that. These gloves are made of premium Mexican leather and custom horsehair and foam for optimal power transference. They are handcrafted for superb fit and quality. You can find these for about $135 on eBay and $150 on the Everlast site.

Best Everlast Heavy Bag - 3Luxe (a site much like BestCovery, 3Luxe selects the top 3 products in any number of categories to narrow down consumer choices) chose the Everlast Leather Heavy Bag as the best of the bunch. Like the Pro Gloves, this pair is made of premium grade leather for great durability and performance. From the leather exterior to the specially blended filler for shock absorbency, you can't go wrong with the Leather Heavy Bag. It has triple-reinforced ring tabs and a rugged chain and swivel to ensure it stays in place. The Leather Heavy Bag comes in weights of 50, 70, and 100 pounds, and 150 for the Super Leather Heavy B Bag. These range in price from $225 for the 50-pound heavy bag to $275 for the 100-pound bag. The Super Leather Bags are more expensive, starting at about $540. The less expensive Everlast heavy bags are a great training aid for most people.

Everlast Speed Bags - Speed bags can be a tremendously valuable training aid because they require that you work on your speed (bet you didn't know that) and your agility. As well as your ability to get out of the way, which is quite useful in boxing. As one of the oldest and most respected names in the boxing equipment industry, it is no surprise that Everlast has been recognized as making some of the best speed bags. BestCovery again chose two Everlast speed bags as number 1 and 2 in the pack. These are the Everlast Pro Classic Speed Bag and the Elite Leather Speed Bag. Both speed bags are made of top quality leather with reinforced stitching for durability. They are also balanced for optimal performance and training value. The Pro Classic costs about $50, while the Elite goes for $35. You can find these on Everlast's site or choose from a great selection of top quality Everlast speed bags here. You will also want to look into purchasing a swivel and platform for the speed bag. These boxing gloves, heavy bags, and speed bags are among Everlast's most popular and well-known products. There is, however, a huge selection from which to choose. Look online to find everything you need for training, from workout DVDs and timers to headgear and wraps. Greatness is waiting.