Updated: December 2017

Fishing Rod Storage Rack Reviews:

Where do you keep your fishing rods? If the answer is in a pile in the garage, in the trunk of your car, or you're not sure where, you are in dire need of a good fishing rod storage rack. Not only do these make our homes, closets, or garages more neat, they benefit anglers by protecting fishing rods and reels from damage, ensuring your gear is ready for you when you're ready for it, and, not to be ignored, making a great display of your favorite hobby. If you pay hundreds of dollars for quality fishing rods, why let them gather dust on the garage floor? Why leave them out where they could be stepped on or bent? A good storage rack will eliminate these worries. What should you look for in a fishing rod rack? How much are you going to pay to get the quality and features you want? Read on and find out.
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What to Look for in a Fishing Rod Storage Rack
*Size. If you have an extensive collection of poles, you want a larger rack, obviously, but also consider whether you want room to keep your rods and reels together of if you'd prefer to store them separately. This frees up more room for poles.
*Wall-mount, floor, or garage model. There are beautiful wood fishing rod holders that you'll be proud to display in your home, and there are more utilitarian models that will be serviceable and do the job in a backroom or garage. Wall-mounts are great for homes with limited floor space, and you can find many models that offer the option of standing on the floor or mounting on a wall or door.
*Materials. You can find fishing rod holders made from ABS plastic, solid wood, wire, aluminum, PVC pipe, and other durable materials. Racks made from plastics are lightweight and likely to be less expensive than those made of teak or other woods.
*Budget. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a fishing rod rack - and this makes absolute sense if you have fishing rods that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In this sense, you are protecting your investment and extending the lives of each of your rods. But if your primary goal is to keep your poles from getting tangled and having them easily accessible, you can find good racks for as little as $20.

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Best Fishing Rod Storage Racks:

Amazon.com, a leading resource for consumers, recommends the Okuma Fishing Rod & Reel Rack to help you save space and keep your rods organized. The Okuma is also quite popular with Buzzillions, Cabelas, and Walmart consumers. This lightweight fishing rod rack features a durable ABS plastic construction that can either be mounted to the wall or left free-standing. The Okuma can hold up to 16 rods, and its versatility is its best feature. It can be configured in different ways, and it is expandable. This is great for the avid angler. The Okuma is functional, and as one Walmart customer put it, "Best value where aesthetics are not critical. Many rod holders are designed for display and aesthetics; this rod holder is designed for efficiency." It will more than do the job in the garage, closet, basement, or other utility room. The Okuma Fishing Rod & Reel Rack costs just under $20. Another top pick and favorite among consumers is the Racor RTB-6R Fishing Rod Storage Rack. Racor is a widely respected name in the home/garage organization industry, and it is no surprise that they put out a very efficient, well-made fishing rod storage rack. The RTB-6R features a durable heavy gauge, solid steel construction that is coated with epoxy to prevent corrosion and damage to your fishing rods. The Racor rack requires no assembly and is easy to install on any wall with the included hardware. It efficiently organizes up to 6 rods so you use a minimal amount of space. Your rods will be safely supported at the base and again at mid-pole, ensuring that they do not get bent or damaged. You can find the RTB-6R rack at Sears.com, Rewci.com, and other online sites for between $42 and $48. Sometimes, the best way to find products is to ask the people who use them! Word-of-mouth is the most effective way to find the things we need, and the internet makes this possible on a much wider scale. You can go on fishing forums and just ask for recommendations. This is just what someone did on Askville.com when she was looking for a fishing rod storage rack for her husband. The forum suggested several models, including Cabela's 10-Rod Solid Oak Storage Rack. This Cabela's rack features handcrafted, solid oak construction, complete with felt pads in the cut-outs to provide protection for your rods. This is great for those nice rods you want to keep nice - and display. Measuring 31"H x 32"L x 6"W, this fishing rod rack can handle up to 10 poles. This is a great piece for display in your home and a terrific way to complement great rods. You can find the Cabela's Solid Oak Storage Rack for $60. Cabela's is a top name in the sporting goods world, and if you need a storage solution for all of your fishing tackle, they can provide it. The Cabela's 10-Rod Cabinet Rack offers the convenience of cabinet storage with handy rod storage. Like the Cabela's 10-rod storage rack, their cabinet is made of oak, a solid choice and wonderful for display. Store up to 10 rod and reel combinations and put your other gear in the 2 felt-lined drawers and cabinet with adjustable shelf. This storage cabinet measures 30"H x 21 1/4"W x 18"D and is available for $120. Don't let your rods get tangled and damaged in a heap on the floor. Have them ready when you are with great fishing rod storage racks. Look here for a wide selection of fishing rod holders. Whether you want to stow away your gear in the garage or display it in your living room, you can find the right storage rack for your needs.