Updated: December 2017

Foosball Table Reviews:

Family game night doesn't have to be just board games anymore. There are very affordable options for things like foosball tables. Sure they take up more space than Monopoly, but you and your kids will develop hand eye coordination and others skills while playing. Foosball table cabinet colors include light wood, medium wood, dark wood, black, cherry and oak. You'll want to look for features like wooden handles, adjustable legs, lightweight rods, and counterbalanced men. Also, heavy tables (about 200 pounds) are better for stability and long term durability when compared to lighter foosball tables. Side rails with a thickness of 1 1/2 inches are ideal - sturdy means durable. Counterbalanced men mean that when you rotate the rod horizontally, the men will stay in that position and be out of the way. We have played on cheaper tables where this does not work and you end up having your own men block your shots. A level playing field is perhaps the biggest concern for all owners of foosball tables. You want to avoid 'dead zones' on the table where it has become warped or maybe even came in the original box that way. Older foosball tables were often built with sloped corners to keep the ball in play but modern tables tend to be flat everywhere potentially creating corner spaces where the ball gets caught and no man on your rod can get to it. We have researched the top brands and looked at expert analysis of the very best tables on the market and provided details below.

The top brands in foosball tables are Park & Sun, Tornado, Daytona Sports, Harvil, Halex, Harvard, Playcraft, DMI, Dynamo, Carrom, and Shelti. The styles include standard, table top, portable, multi-game, and conversion tops. Many are priced below $500, but the high end models are similar to those found in arcades and constructed with quality parts. The table top foosball tables are great for little kids or those that don't have as much free space in their homes. If you are buying the table for a teenager or adult, get the better quality foosball tables for superior play and durability. We've seen too many of the cheaply made tables have the players feet or head fly off. Which brand is best? Perhaps the Tornado Storm Foosball Table - the #1 rated name in foosball tables, is the way to go if you want the best of the best. We know each family has different needs when it comes to foosball tables so we have tried to list the most popular models in different $$ categories. One caveat before buying anything - consider the amount of time it will take to assembly one of these. We read countless reviews posted online where owners spent upwards of 5 hours putting a foosball table together. Some store models can be bought pre-built. If you order online, they will all come shipped in a box with dozens of pieces to slowly put together. Even the best case scenario will be at least 1 hour, so stay patient. You can browse the top selling foosball tables online here.

Best Foosball Table:

RECOMMENDED - For a superior table, go with the Garlando G-500 Soccer Table - an Italian crafted table with chrome plated telescopic rods that have the players permanently molded to them. You get high speed play with limited wear and tear. The Garlando soccer table is well made and one that will last for years. There is some assembly required, but it's not too bad say owners. RECOMMENDED - The next step down in class is the Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table - a solidly constructed table that weighs over 150 pounds. The Carrom foosball table has the standard side ball return, leg levelers to stablelize the table on any slanted surface, and the interior ends have curves so that the ball remains in play at all times and never gets "stuck" like on some tables. The table goes great in dorm rooms, living rooms, game rooms, or your family room. The sturdy legs, steel rods, and solid cabinet make for a durable table. View the most popular foosball tables here.

Best Foosball Table Under $1000:

RECOMMENDED - The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is priced right at the $1000 mark and worth every penny. Tornado has perhaps the best reputation amongst gaming tables and this foosball is no different. The Mahogany Melamine finish on a 1" thick cabinet is beautiful and goes well in any room. The height adjustable legs with boot levelers makes for easy placement - even on playing surfaces like carpets or uneven basement floors. The product is made in the USA - in Texas. You get counter-balanced men and the weight of hte table (200 pounds) means it's stable and durable. We found that both beginner and experienced players appreciate all the features on this Tornado foosball table. Assembly will require 2 adults in a few spots, but otherwise putting it together is not difficult. We've seen this table described as 'semi-pro' and 'pub-quality foosball table'. The other Tornado tables like the Elite and Tournament 3000 are better, but you are going to spend $1800 and $2000 respectively on those. Tornado soccer tables are incredibly well built, will last for decades, and will keep your kids busy doing something slightly more active than playing video games. Check out the top selling Tornado foosball tables here.

Foosball Tips and Strategies:

Foosball is a fun, fast moving miniature soccer game. You and your opponents each have 4 rods to control with miniature players attached to the rods on the table. Line up your player to kick the ball into the goal of your opponent. "Spinning" is not considered a legal play, that is where a player literally spins his rod of players to generate power and kick the ball. The real rules call for a controlled maneuver where you hand stays on the rod. Having played with expert players, there is a way to do make the players kick the ball fast, but it's hard to learn. Beginners should first learn how to switch back and forth from offense to defense and vice versa. Playing doubles is much more fun since each player only needs to handle 2 rods. Learning how to flick your wrist to turn the rod instead of spinning it is a crucial step in becoming better. Moving your players back and forth across the board will setup passing lanes so that you can kick the ball forward to your most forward men. As a rule of thumb it's better to be defensive minded with a hand near your goalie rod than anywhere else. More often than not, the action is so fast that you don't have time to switch hands to your goalie while attempting to stop the shot. That's why we prefer doubles action where each person only have to take care of 2 rods of players. You'll have much more fun and make the games more interesting until you get good enough to work all 4 rods. Scoring is usually up to 7 points and a foosball game is the best of 5. Another note on the rules, no table rocking is allowed to move the ball into position, all ball movement must be done the players on the board.

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