Updated: December 2017

Football Cleat Reviews:

Football is one of the most popular games in America; and it's catching on in other parts of the world, including Europe and Asia where that other football (soccer) has traditionally been the strong favorite. No matter where it's played or on what surface, it is a game that requires athleticism, speed, strength, and sheer determination. Whether you're a receiver or a defensive tackle, you need great football gear to ensure that you play your best - and safest - every time you step onto the field. Good football cleats are essential in helping you get every inch of yardage for a return or making sure you are able to maneuver quickly to sack the quarterback. How do you know which cleats will be the right ones for you? Do you know what you need, what to look for, and what the best shoes are? No fears, we'll tell you so you can get right back to the field.
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The Right Football Cleats for You - Before you go to the store, pick out a kick butt pair of cleats, and slap down the cash, take a minute to consider what you need. Besides your budget, you also need to think about what type of surface you are playing on and what your position is. Cleats aren't one-size-fits-all, nor are they one-position-fits-all. Here are some tips for buying the right shoes for you: The first thing to be aware of is that football cleats come in all sorts of styles and makes: there are high-top, low-top, and mid-cut shoes, molded or detachable cleats, and leather or synthetic materials. Which style should you get? If you have to make quick movements, particularly lateral movements, you will need the extra ankle support offered by high-top football cleats. You will see that linemen often have high-tops to prevent injuries from the pressure repeated lateral movements. If you need support but have to be able to move, a mid-cut shoe will work best. You'll see these on quarter backs, running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs. These types of players may also prefer low-cut cleats because they are so lightweight. Players who need speed will often choose these over the extra support of high and mid-cut cleats. Next, consider what you're playing on and how much your budget is. Molded cleats have studs that are permanently attached to the sole. You'll see these quite often because they are practical and they tend to be less expensive than detachable cleats. These are ideal for harder turf surfaces and will give you good traction. Detachable cleats, if you have the money, are great for all sorts of grass fields, even those that are wet. You can customize your cleats to give you the traction you need. For instance, if your playing field is sloppy and wet, take out a wrench and a set of longer studs and attach them. This will give you superior traction. Your choice of materials will also very likely depend largely on budget. Synthetics tend to be less expensive than leather because they are not as durable or breathable. Though more costly, leather has the advantage of being breathable, flexible, and very rugged. Youth football cleats, for instance, are perfectly fine to get in synthetic because kids' feet grow so quickly, and you don't want to get an expensive pair of leather cleats that will last for a season. Now that you know what you want, what are some good names to look for? Let's take a look at some of the most popular and most effective football cleats. You can browse the best selling football cleats online here.

Best High-Top Football Cleats:

When you're researching football cleats, you will see the name Nike over and over again. If you are looking for high-cut football cleats, the Nike Super Speed D 3/4 Football Cleats (all Nike football cleats here) is a great, and relatively inexpensive, choice. These are reviewed favorably by consumers on Nike's site (of course!), as well as Buzzillion and epinions reviewers. These Speed demons feature a molded no-sew vent system so your feet can breathe, an ankle window with mesh for extra breathability, 1-piece forefoot, conforming sockliner that is light and fits your foot, and a new 7 Stud Speed outsole. These provide lightweight maneuverability, control, and support. One Buzzillion reviewer says they are the most comfortable cleats he's worn, and they allow him to maneuver quickly. One drawback noted was the $95 price, but luckily, you can pick these up for cheaper at Amazon. Best Mid-Cut Football Cleats - One of the best mid-cut cleats you'll find is the Reebok NFL Electrify SD3 Football Cleat. The NFL Electrify offers a detachable two-piece Pebax outsole plate for superior traction and help propelling you down the field. For extra support, it has an external heel counter, and the anti-friction liner ensures it is breathable and can withstand a lot of abuse on the field. One Buzzillion reviewer called it a "sweet shoe," and consistently praised are its great traction, ankle support, light weight, and comfort. You can find the NFL Electrify for about $40 (view Reebok cleats here). Another good choice is the Adidas Pro Intimidate Football Cleats. These are synthetic leather shoes with an EVA midsole and thermal plastic unit (TPU) outsole. The Intimidators are flexible, comfortable, impact-resistant, and durable. Amazon reviewers call these a great value at their $38 to $95 price. Best Low-Cut Football Cleats - Adidas Grid Iron 7D Low Football Shoes are among the most popular choices for low-cut cleats. These are favorably reviewed at ReviewCentre, Buzzillion, and Shoebacca. They offer synthetic construction, TPU detachable cleat outsole, EVA insole for comfort, and lightweight maneuverability. You can find these for $70. Another excellent choice is the Nike Vapor Jet 4.2 Football Cleats. These receive consistently positive reviews from Buzzillion, epinions, Amazon, and Footlocker; one Buzzillion reviewer said that these cleats had the best traction and control, better even than the previous Nike edition, the Vapor Jet TD. The 4.2 cleats have super-light construction, Zero Space technology for excellent fit, a conforming sockliner, and a new molded outsole for superior traction and control. These are a bit pricier at about $110.

Best Youth Football Cleats:

When buying cleats for your child, it is important to consider budget, style, and size - is your child going to outgrow them in a season? Many youth football leagues have regulations concerning what type of cleats your child can wear. Again, you want to make sure that your child has the right level of support, so you will still be looking for high, mid, or low cut shoes. You will probably want to go with less expensive synthetics if his feet are still growing so they are less expensive to replace next year. A good choice that is not terribly expensive is the Nike LandShark Kids Football Cleats. These are only $25 and come in mid and low cuts. The LandSharks are lightweight, offer good ankle support and traction, and are comfortable. For a higher cut, try the Reebok Little Kid/Big Kid NFL Jr Trade Mid II Football Cleats. These are synthetic, yet very breathable and resistant to moisture. The rubber sole provides good traction, and the price is nice for mom and dad. These cleats cost about $20. If your football player is a girl or you are a woman in search of football cleats, you may have a hard time. You will likely have to get a pair of men's cleats in your size because very few manufacturers realize that ladies can kick butt, too. Youth models are designed more to accommodate both girls and boys feet, so any quality youth model will be fine for your child. So go out and buy some football cleats: remember to get the shoe that is right for your position, playing surface, and budget. And when you search for football cleats online, don't be surprised if you get a lot of hits for soccer shoes. You may want to add an NFL or American to the football part to get yourself on track. Browse the most popular youth football cleats online here.