Updated: December 2017

Golf Shoe Reviews:

If you walk golf courses, then you realize that having a comfortable pair of golf shoes is a must. I recently took a trip to Scotland to play all the famous courses over there and bought a new pair of golf shoes for the trip (yes I worked them in a bit before leaving). Almost all golf shoes are waterproof with soft spikes. Metal spikes are not even allowed at most golf courses because they chew up the greens too much. Fashion has become a staple behind the new designs for mens, womens and kids golf shoes so you will have a wide variety of colors and options to choose from. I have generally gone with FootJoy or Nike, but there are other brands like Ecco, Puma, Asics, and Callaway. Expect to spend at least $70 and upwards of $250 for the finest pairs.

What to look for when choosing golf shoes - Since many people will walk 100's of miles in their golf shoes, you want a pair that fits properly, so buying shoes in person is the best choice. We suggest going to your local golf shop to get properly fitted. Puma golf shoes have just hit the market and look and feel very different. With extreme color and designs, the Puma shoes for golf are popular. I have personally worn about a half dozen brands in my lifetime and still prefer the Footjoy and Adidas golf shoes. They really strive on making a comfortable shoe meant for people (specifically pros) who walk golf courses. Beware of some golf shoe discounters selling premium brands. I once bought a pair of nice golf shoes at a liquidation sale at a local golf outlet and later found out that the shoes were defective and there was no way to get my money back. After a few blisters I had to throw the shoes away and take my loss. Many late comers to the golf shoe marketplace have produced shoes that look good but are better off for those of you who ride carts since they are not as comfortable and wouldn't hold up to round after round of walking. Golf Shoe Reviews - Want to read up on the latest golf shoes, we think that websites like Golfgearreview.com, Thesandtrap.com, and Golfsmith.com provide the best source possible. You can get buying guides as written by the pros and read owner comments and opinions on the newest golf shoes. We also like Amazon.com - their golf shoe section is loaded with up to date feedback from actual consumers on which golf shoes are the most comfortable and hold up the best on the course. You can browse the best selling golf shoes online here.

Best Golf Shoes:

One of the best men's golf shoes on the market today is the ASICS Men's Gel-Ace Tour Golf Shoe which sells for about $120. Comes in black and white and designed to give you balance and stability while on the course. Reviews show that the Asics golf shoe is comfortable with their gel cushioning system. Makes for walking 18 holes easy on your feet and keep you stable while hitting drives or putts. I bought the Adidas golf shoes for my trip to Scotland and the Men's Tour shoe was better than the mid-range Footjoys I had been playing in for years. The good news is that with the resurgence of golf over the last decade, there are more brands offering golf shoes so the selection is huge. We suggest you view the top rated men's golf shoes here. Prices vary from $60 to $200+, but you can get a quality pair of golf shoes for around $100. Sporting good stores carry them as well as online stores like Amazon.com.

Golf Shoes for Women - Ladies Golf Shoes

Womens golf shoes are stylish, colorful and comfortable and easy to accessorize with other golf attire. The top brands are Puma, Nike, ECCO, Adidas, Sesto Meucci, Callaway, and Unutzer. They are made of Italian leather and are spikeless golf shoes. For a quality pair of Unutzer womens golf shoes you are looking at paying $400+. The Tehama golf shoes for ladies are really nice and much more reasonbly priced. You can get a pair for $120-$140. Nike has recently come out with a new collection of womens golf shoes and the reviews are very positive. The Lady Sandbaggers are an innovative type of shoe made just for women who golf. They are a cross between sandals and golf shoes. I've seen them more and more on the course and they appear to be what women want. Check out the most popular women's golf shoes here.