Updated: December 2017

Golf Travel Bag Reviews:

A group of us just went on an overseas golf trip to Scotland. Since we were planning on playing 6 rounds of golf, we took our golf clubs with us on the plane. There were 6 of us, all with a different brand of golf travel bag. I have the soft shell Bag Boy which I bought a few years ago for about $150 and it has held up well. It's been to places like Mesquite, Whistler, Scotland, California, and Hawaii. When I first bought it I thought it was "too soft" and wouldn't protect my clubs when they are being loaded and unloaded onto airplanes. To my surprise, the Bag Boy travel bag has never given me a problem. On the other hand, my brother purchased a hard case golf travel bag at roughly the same time as me and he has had nothing but troubles. The Samsonite hard case bag had the outer clamps break and he eventually had to tie it shut just to get it secure. The other bags on our trip included a new Ogio model, a Club Glove, Callaway, and Wilson. I had a chance to talk to all the guys and get their feedback on why their bag is good and bad.
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When looking to buy a new golf travel bag, you need to consider several items. First, do you really plan on traveling that much to play golf. Many people fantasize about taking golf vacations all over the world and taking their clubs with them. If you only end up playing 1 or 2 rounds at your destination, often it's cheaper and easier just to rent clubs. I have been traveling all over to play golf for years so I knew a good travel bag for my golf clubs was essential. With the new airline baggage rules, checking golf clubs can cost you depending on the airline and how many bags you are checking overall. On our trip to Scotland, I was not charged for the 1st bag (which was the golf bag). I stuffed things into the interior space of the bag and took a carry on to avoid any fees. Second, do you want a hard case or soft shell travel cover. I went with the soft travel bag and it has worked. Many of the newer bags have tear resistant materials so they can hold up well even after dozens of trips. Often, they provide more "give" and do better than the hard case golf bags which can pop open if thrown too hard. The goal is to protect your clubs while in transit - I often through in rain gear or a jacket around my clubs on the inside to give them a touch more padding. Some travel bags are very cushioned while others offer little protection, especially when 50 to 100 lb bags are thrown on top of your clubs. There's nothing like opening your golf bag to find that your driver head is bent. Another key feature is to have wheels. Golf travel bags with wheels are pretty much mandatory if you want to be able to wheel it through an airport or into your hotel or resort. There should be a solid handle near the top of the bag so you can pull it along. The pockets should be zippered and provide ample room for things like shoes, balls, rain gear, etc. My bag features a long zipper so the bag can fit in without too much hassle. I have heard of people taking their long clubs out of the golf bag and placing them along side it inside the travel bag. Whatever works is what I say. Pricing - expect to spent at least $100 for a quality bag and closer to $200 for those that will last. Golf Travel Bag Reviews - The 2 best sources for reliable reviews and expert feedback are Golftestusa.com and Golfbagsreview.com. Golf Test USA is much like a Consumer Reports in that they test all sorts of golf equipment and have become very reputable over the years. You can browse the best selling golf travel bags online here.

Best Golf Travel Bag:

After traveling to Scotland for golf and seeing all the different golf travel bags, it seems like the clear winner is the Club Glove Burst Proof With Wheels 2. Choose from 20 different color combinations. The exterior Cordura fabric will give you superior durability and the single piece burst proof construction will keep your clubs safe even when baggage handlers are throwing them onto and off airplanes. Walking through parking lots and airports is easy as the inline skate wheels make transporting the travel bag easy. It will accommodate up to 47 inch clubs and they provide a lifetime limited warranty.

Golf Travel Bag Hard Case - If you are planning on going with a hard case bag, consider the SKB brand. Their hard shell travel cases hold up and get excellent reviews from consumers. The SKB 2SKB-4812WS ATA Standard Golf Travel Case is made with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and is strong enough to handle enough the toughest TSA inspectors. Works with 48 inch drivers and is ideal for keeping out moisture and dirt. They offer a $1500 club guarantee. If you are still undecided on brands or styles - we suggest viewing the top rated golf travel bags here.

Golf Travel Bag With Wheels:

I can't imagine buying a golf travel bag without wheels, but I have seen some that are designed pretty bad. To make traveling easy and convenient, make sure that your bag offers wheels that actually roll and work. The Caddy Daddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Cover w/wheels is top rated by almost all that own it. The ultra durable 1800 nylon construction is what I like. The padded sides make for a secure storage design for your golf clubs. The in-line skating wheels make for easy rolling. The extra padding near the top will protect your club heads - no bent or broken driver when you arrive. The oversized pockets are perfect for things like shoes, golf balls, rain gear, etc. At less than $100 the Caddy Daddy is definitely fairly priced (as mentioned by many owners online). Many people say "it's good value for the money" and "great travel bag". One of my regular playing partners just purchased this bag for our next big golf trip, so I'll update this with how it's holding up.