Updated: December 2017

Golf Umbrella Reviews:

Save Your Rainy Day Game with a Great Golf Umbrella - It would be a shame to let a good round of golf go to waste just because of a few rain drops! As they say, a bad day of golf is better than a good day at work, and even those bad days can be turned into excellent ones if you have the right equipment. A golf umbrella can come in handy for those sudden downpours, whether you are playing or watching. How do you choose the best golf umbrella for your needs? What Is a Golf Umbrella? - An umbrella is an umbrella, right? Why go to the trouble of finding a golf umbrella? First, it's no trouble! And second, golf umbrellas are designed to meet the needs of players. They are typically larger than standard umbrellas, and they are much sturdier. This means that they are ideal on and off the course. A great golf umbrella will protect you from the elements and stand up to Mother Nature's best.
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What should you look for in a golf umbrella?

*60 inch diameter. Standard umbrellas are typically much smaller and may only provide coverage for one person, if that! A golf umbrella is designed to protect the player, caddy, and equipment. If you are using it for non-golf purposes, it covers multiple people, which makes it far more useful.

*Lightweight. Just because they are larger doesn't mean golf umbrellas have to be heavier. Look for lightweight materials; common today, for instance, are fiberglass shafts.

*Wind tested. Rain isn't the only danger facing golfers; wind can invert and damage standard umbrellas. Look for umbrellas that have undergone rigorous wind testing. They should be able to withstand winds exceeding 55 miles per hour. No, you can't play in a hurricane, but you'll be all set for a summer downpour.

*Lightning resistant. Wind, rain, and lightning are the trifecta of golf nightmares. Lightning is, of course, attracted to metal and you don't want to be caught in the middle of an open course holding a metal rod into the sky. This is why fiberglass is such a great choice. It is still important to be cautious and stop playing in dangerous conditions.

*Plastic tip. If you don't have a caddy to hand your umbrella to as you take your shot, make sure it has a plastic stake at the top. This way, you can turn it upside down and put it into the ground. This keeps the wind from carrying away your protection, and this feature is less expensive than a caddy.

*Handle. You have to carry these things, so you might as well make sure they are comfortable. Most models have straight handles, and many are covered in foam for greater comfort.

*Double canopy design. This is a feature you may like; these keep the rain off while at the same time keeping the wind from inverting the umbrella. Some are vented. While this may up the price a little bit, it is worth it in terms of durability and effectiveness.

Pros use golf umbrellas all the time, and so do people who don't even golf. Their design makes them incredibly useful for a wide variety of situations. Now that you know what you want, let's take a look at some great golf umbrellas to give you an idea of what is out there and how much it costs. On the whole, they are relatively affordable, and you can often pick up promotional golf umbrellas at various golf events. You can browse the best selling golf umbrellas here.

Best Golf Umbrellas:

GustBuster is a name you will see again and again as you look for the best golf umbrellas. Out of BestCovery's top 5 picks for best golf umbrella, GustBuster took the top 2 spots. Let's look at their 68-inch golf umbrella. This umbrella features GustBuster's award-winning double canopy design, which provides superior strength. It has a manual open/close release system, durable, lightweight fiberglass shaft, high impact, injection-molded ferrule, hand-contoured rubber grip, double Velcro closure straps, 190 thread count nylon canopy, and a limited lifetime warranty. This is a remarkable umbrella that you will have for years to come. It has been wind tested by the College of Aeronautics at 55+ mph. You can find it for $40. See all Gustbuster golf umbrellas here. Online men's magazine, MadeMan, recommends the All-Weather Elite Series 60" Black Golf Umbrella as one of the top 5 best golf umbrellas. They say that you "simply cannot get a better buy than with the durable yet extremely affordable" Elite Series. This umbrella features a lightweight, lightening resistant fiberglass shaft and ribs, a great wood handle, auto open feature, Velcro straps to keep it closed, and a limited lifetime warranty. At only $20, the Elite Series is an excellent buy for any golfer. The Drizzle Stik provides something different for golfers. Rather than being over-sized to protect the golfer, the Drizzle Stik is smaller and designed to keep golf gear dry. If you figure you'll get wet anyway walking along the course and taking your shots, then you might be interested in this smaller, less expensive option. The ProActive Drizzle Stik Flex features a flex shaft, which allows you to bend the umbrella out of the way to access your clubs easily. It opens in seconds and has an extra deep canopy and inner liner for ultimate protection. The telescopic handle means you can easily store the Drizzle Stik in your golf bag. This is easy, quick, convenient, and inexpensive. You can find it for $15 to $22. A favorite with Buzzillions and Amazon consumers, the Drizzle Stik is perfect for the golfer who wants to really keep his equipment dry. A golf umbrella can help make a rainy day into the perfect time to golf. The courses will be less crowded as you and your umbrella take on the elements, but you will stay dry. More importantly, your expensive golf balls, clubs, and bag will stay dry. Look here for a great selection of golf umbrellas and don't leave for the course without one.