Updated: December 2017

Horseshoes Game Reviews:

I grew up playing the game of horseshoes in our backyard. We had a horseshoes set that included a couple sand pits with the metal stakes and some fairly heavy horseshoes that we threw around. Probably not the safest thing to have in your yard with small kids running around, but nobody ever got hurt. My kids are at the right age now that I thought I would introduce the game to them. It's really basic and kind of fun so I figured kids would like it. They sell rubber, plastic, and real metal horseshoe sets in stores like Target, Walmart, Sports Authority and Sears. Most horseshoes game sets range in price from $10 to $70, depending on the material they are made with. Below is what I found on my search for a good family horseshoes set.
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The first question is - How much space do you have in your yard for a horseshoe set? The larger the area, the more probability you can go with professional series horseshoes set that would require a sand pit with metal stakes. In a regulation game, the iron stakes are to be 50 feet apart and the stakes should be sticking 14 inches above the ground. You throw the horseshoes (2 of them) one at a time and see how close to the stake you can get. If you are able to put the u-shape horseshoe around the stake, it's called a "ringer". Obviously, if you don't have the space in your yard, it's ok to make a smaller configuration. Ideally, kids should be playing with the rubber horseshoes set and not the metal ones. Many of the rubber sets come with rubber mats (used in place of a sand pit) that have plastic stakes that go into them. This way the game is safe for kids and can actually be played indoors. The popular lawn game of horseshoes can be played on lawns, in the dirt, wherever you have room. Just use caution if toddlers or small children are around as part of the game is to throw the horseshoe so you need to be careful. Horseshoe game reviews - The final question is - Which set is best? We found that Amazon.com offers the most useful owner reviews with feedback and comments that definitely can help you make an informed buying decision. You can browse the best selling horseshoes sets online here.

Best Kids Horseshoes Game:

When it comes to kids, as parents, we want whats safe. The Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set is a very popular option and it rates well with owners. For less than $20 you get 4 rubber horseshoes, 2 rubber mats with stakes that are made with plastic, and the horseshoes are different colors so you can keep track of each players throws. Parents pick this set since it's safe and works perfectly in small yard with littler kids. One parent mentioned how her kids loved playing indoors when the weather was bad. View top rated rubber horseshoe sets here.

Professional Horseshoe Sets:

RECOMMENDED - When it comes to true sportsmen, there's nothing like the classic game of horseshoes to liven up a party or get together. Many parks in our area have horseshoe pits and you need to bring along the horseshoes. We suggest going with the St. Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes Set. This is the perfect set for that type of play. If you are lucky enough to have a larger yard, then consider this set as well. Made with solid steel, the horseshoes are heavy, but that is ideal for a toss that "sticks". Some of the nicer sets we saw come with a carry case for the horseshoes and stakes. The only thing you need to come up with is the sand for a pit. Other top sellers include the Franklin Sports Advanced Horseshoe Set and the Sportscraft Horseshoe Set.