Updated: December 2017

Kayak Trailer Reviews and Buying Guide:

Kayaking can be a very relaxing and fun activity but a lot of the work can be just getting the kayak loaded up on your car or carrier. Kayak carriers on car roofs are nice, but the lifting up and down of the kayak often requires a second person to help. To eliminate much of that hassle, we suggest going with kayak trailers which hitch up to your car or SUV and are much easier when trying to manage the kayak for travel purposes. They are low to the ground and often have extra storage space between the kayaks or even underneath. All the straps or lock mechanisms are within your immediate vision unlike the roof kayak carriers which require you to load the kayak with potentially limited visibility. You will pay more for the kayak trailers vs the roof racks, but most owners say it's worth the extra cost and convenience.
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Choosing a Kayak Trailer - The first thing to determine is - Do you need a single kayak trailer or a multi-kayak trailer? You probably know your situation best, but some kayak trailers are designed to carry 1, 2, 3, 4, and even other sports equipment like canoes or bikes. Perhaps you have 2 kayaks and a canoe - there are variations on design that could work for you. Also, be sure to check the load capacity for weight on any trailer you get. Not all trailers for kayaks come with the racks installed. We saw many models that have the racks sold separately. Prices - The multi kayak trailers will run close to $2500 while the single and double kayak trailers are are between $600 and $1500. Brands - Some of the best are Malone, Trailex, Thule, Yakima, Hobie, and Sportsrig. Kayak Trailer Reviews - We found some informative reviews on Kayakreview.org with their recommendations for the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer and the Trailex SUT-250M2 Canoe/Kayak Trailer. The racks are sold separately on the Yakima model - we suggest that you take a look at the Yakima Rack and Roll trailer in the video posted on Youtube (see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcKl3WFv93A). The Malone kayak trailers are top rated on several websites including customers that bought them on Amazon.com. Their MicroSport Autoloader trailers are the specific models to consider. Great for kayaks, canoes, bikes, etc. There are used kayak trailers available on Craigslist or in marinas, often 50% off what you would pay retail.

Best Kayak Trailer:

RECOMMENDED - There are 2 models for the Yakima Rack and Roll - 78 inches and 66 inches. In reviews the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer was the better choice. Both perform just fine and make kayak transport quite easy. You can watch the video (see the Youtube link I posted above). The only complaint from a few owners was the priced. At over $2000 it can tow up to 300 lbs of kayaks or canoes. The trailer is constructed with an aluminum finish and 5 spoke alloy wheels. The Yakima kayak trailer will fit both Yakima and Thule bars or accessories. If $2000 is too much and you want something similar, we suggest going with the Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer for Kayaks which at $1000 seems like a bargain compared to the Yakima. The Malone will transport up to 4 kayaks (355 lbs) and the galvanized steel frame features 60" aluminum cross rails. There is a few hours of assembly required on the Malone but owners say it's not too difficult and the end result is a nice kayak trailer that actually does what you want.

Multi Kayak Carrier:

BEST - Want to tow 4 kayaks at once, then go with the Malone MicroSport 4-Boat AutoLoader Kayak Trailer Package for $1500. Reviews are more than positive for this trailer and many consumers call it the "best value" you can find. The base trailer weighs roughly 200 pounds and measures 164" long by 65" wide and has a carrying capacity of 355 lbs. It includes 4 Malone AutoLock Kayak Carriers, 12" galvanized slot wheels, and 12" spare wheel. The Malone trailer is pre fitted with electric and it comes with a 5 year warranty. The galvanized steel frame provides the design reliability that Malone is known for. The 4 AutoLoader Kayak Carriers make taking your kayaks to the river, lake, or ocean a simple task. No more having to load them up on your roof racks. Another option is the Malone 2 Kayak Carrier which sells for $1000 and will transport kayaks up to 18 feet long.