Updated: December 2017

Lacrosse Glove Reviews:

Native Canadians didn't mess around with lacrosse; 100 to 1000 men took the field - which measured from 500 yards to a few miles - and played all day for two or three days straight. That's dedication to your team! Early players viewed the "Creator's Game" as a battle and themselves as warriors; the game was played to bring honor to their tribes and to the Creator. Today, while our fields have been pared down, and teams consist of ten players on each side, lacrosse remains one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Popular in the US and Canada, this game has been passed down over the centuries and has evolved from a deeply spiritual ritual to a fierce competition. Lacrosse is not for the faint of heart; you take a pounding, and this is why proper equipment is a must for anyone who steps out onto the field. Lacrosse gloves will help keep your hands protected from rough play. How do you choose the best pair? This guide will help you determine what you need to look for in your next pair of gloves.
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What to Look for in Lacrosse Gloves - Lacrosse gloves are heavily padded to keep your hands safe from errant sticks. This extends from the tops of the fingers to the wrist; since a hit by a lacrosse stick could easily break a wrist or hand, having a good pair of gloves is essential. The palms are typically made of leather or faux leather that allow you the maneuverability you need to handle the stick. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you look:

*The right gloves for your position. Defense players, for instance, need longer cuffs for more wrist protection, while goalies need both heavy padding and flexibility.
*Padding. You have to have sufficient padding to protect you but that also allows you to move precisely.
*Good ventilation. These are padded gloves, and it gets hot running across a field several times for an hour or so.
*Good palm material. As we mentioned, leather or synthetic leather is a popular choice, but synthetic mesh gloves are becoming more popular because of the grip and breathability.
*Proper fit. Your gloves should fit a bit snugly; if they are too big, they can move on your hands, which will impact your precision and ability to maneuver your stick. As is the case with shoes, different manufacturers have different sizing. Youth sizes typically run up to 9 inches, while adult gloves typically run to 16 inches. How do you know what size you should get? Put on your elbow pads, and measure the distance from the bottom of the pads to the tips of your fingers. This number is your glove size.
*Durability. These gloves see a lot of wear during the course of your season. A common problem lacrosse players run into is that their gloves start to peel, or wear. Make sure the outer material is strong and durable; they'll look better, and more importantly, the protective padding will not wear as well.
*Price. You can find Reebok and Adidas lacrosse gloves for as little as $20; but if you want gloves that will last for more than a season, you'll have to pay a bit more. You can find a good selection for under $100, and a great selection between $100 and $200. If you just want to play a season before you decide if lacrosse is for you, a less expensive pair will be fine. You can always upgrade if you decide to continue playing. High end brands include deBeer, Brine, STX, and Warrior.
*Vendor. Where can you get the best products for the best prices? LacrossMonkey is a very popular source that has a tremendous selection of lacrosse gear, but you also may be able to find lower prices on Amazon. Comparison shop and see who can offer you the best deals.

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Best Lax Gloves:

We may as well start at the high end with the Warrior Rich Peoples Mac Daddy 3 Lacrosse Gloves. You can't help but run into this name when you are searching for information on lacrosse gloves. This glove isn't subtle or humble; it wants you to know it's the best. The Mac Daddy 3 is handcrafted from premium calf skin leather so you have incredible movability, as well as comfort, on the field. Other features include: 3V backhand pattern with 30 different backhand and finger breaks for flexibility; interior finger guard and palm wrap for sweat absorption, index finger protection, durability at common wear points, triple density foam blocks for protection and shock absorption, and the innovative VaporTek liner for "moisture management." And if you're worried about appearances, rest assured that the Mac Daddy is on top of things with its pearl exterior and plaid accents. Check out a video overview below to see how they look and work. These gloves are $200, and if you are a serious player, they're worth it. Mac Daddys are also worn by the Major League Lacrosse team, the Boston Cannons. You can find less expensive pairs, like the regular edition Mac Daddy 3, which has almost identical features as the glove mentioned above. Maybe because it is black instead of pearl with plaid accents, it costs about $50 less than the Rich People's version. You can find it for about $150. Mac Daddy gloves are popular on lacrosse forums and among players, who say that they are durable and the best glove you can find. A choice that is popular for people who don't want to shell out $200 for gloves but still want protection and quality is Brine. You can find several pairs of gloves that cost $100 or less and which do not skimp on quality. The Brine King II Lacrosse Gloves, for instance, feature patented backhand venting, embossed breathable palms with mesh inserts, free floating wrist guard, flex points, composite knuckle protection, and dual density foam fingers and backhand. According to this review (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D2iwBQZyqc), these gloves are "game ready right out of the box." They sell for $100 and are an excellent, durable choice. See all top rated Brine lacrosse gloves here. Reebok has been amping up their efforts, and the Reebok Lacrosse Men's 5K Glove is proof of that. This glove features a Griptonite palm for maximum control, Reebok's Play Dry interior for moisture wicking and cooling, seamless finger joints, maximum dexterity in wrist and fingers, flexible, curved cuff roll, and durable foam padding. According to this review (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6bp_DYxj0w), this glove is extremely comfortable and has excellent sweat wicking ability. You can find it for $62 to $70. The gloves we have mentioned are all men's sizes to give you a good comparison, but each brand makes youth and women's gloves as well that are just as effective, comfortable, and protective.