Updated: December 2017

Ladder Ball Reviews:

One of the first questions you may have is - What is ladder ball? I was just asking that same question a few weeks ago when one of my neighbors pulled this lawn game out for our block party. Ladder ball is played by tossing bolas on a ladder structure. The bola is actually 2 balls connected by a string. You may all see ladder ball referred to as ladder golf, bolo toss, blongo ball and several other things. You can play it on the lawn, but it works just fine on streets, the beach, in campgrounds, etc. You stand behind a line and throw your bola towards the ladder. Some people say it's similar to horsehoes and others liken it to golf. I say it's unique and unlike any other game I have played. When we went online to research and review this product, we found several sites showing people how make homemade versions of the game with lightweight piping as the frame. I would recommend purchasing one at a store since they are inexpensive and available almost everywhere.
ladder ball

Choosing a ladder ball set - Most sets are very comparable in terms of what they include and pricing. You can pick up a set at Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, and in sporting goods stores like Sports Authority and Dicks Sporting Goods. I found mine on Amazon.com. Most of the sets we found are made with PVC (piping) but some have wood construction like the Eddie Bauer ladder ball set. The biggest complaint we read in ladder ball reviews was that the sets didn't stay together that well. Maranda and Halex had owners say things like "easy to assemble but doesn't hold up". The Blongo Ball set (see below) received the highest marks from consumers and owners give it a near perfect 5 out of 5 stars. Keep in mind that some of the sets offer balls that are hard like golf balls and others have softer balls so that kids can't hurt someone when throwing them. In using our set, I could easily see how a kid could get hit by the flying balls as they get tossed. You can browse the best selling ladder ball sets online here.

Best Ladder Ball Set:

Many of the reviews we read were average, especially for the Sportscraft and Miranada sets made with plastic and PVC. Many owners mention that the PVC isn't even pipe grade and that it breaks easily. You can go the cheaper route and get the inexpensive ladder ball sets but we suggest spending a little more for something that will last and is durable enough to stand up to kids playing with it. The Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game - is one of the few products we saw in this category with metal construction. The set costs closer to $60 and comes with 2 ladders, 6 bolas, and a carrying case. The metal construction sets this ladder ball set apart from the others and is worth a look. Assembly is required on this unit.

Blongo Ball:

RECOMMENDED - The top selling Blongo Ball Complete Game Set - is the best reviewed game we found and the we went with. What I like best about the game is that it works well with kids and adults. On our block we have several neighbors who play with me when the kids are out playing amongst themselves. On our big 4th of July party in the neighborhood, the kids enjoy trying the game too. It combines a little bit of bocce, croquet, horseshoes and lawn darts. Blongoball is easy to setup and takedown. The bola balls (spheres attached to the string) are sturdy and hold up well even when thrown on concrete surfaces. I would recommend using the set on grass to keep the wear and tear to a minimum though. If you have lots of parties, go camping, or enjoy things like tailgating before the big game, then a Blongo ball set should come in handy. It sells for less than $50 and you are bound to get hours of fun entertainment from it. The carrying case makes it easy to transport from your house to the street, yard or other event you are going to.