Updated: December 2017

Outdoor Foosball Table Reviews:

The latest materials allow foosball tables to be taken outdoors and used in backyards. Outdoor foosball tables have marine plywood cabinets, waterproof glue, anti-rust treatments, and more. Most are priced at just over $1000 and hold up quite well in outdoor environments. You see them at summer camps, outdoor rec areas at companies and in people's backyards. Two manufacturers stand out in this category - Kettler and Garlando. Both are European made and designed with durabilty in mind. If you are going to spend $1000+ for an outdoor foosball table, you want it to last. Some people take regular foosball tables and use them outdoors - which is fine. Unfortunately they are not meant to handle any moisture, so if they get wet they can get ruined. If you want to use your foosball table outdoors and not worry about maintenance, go with an outdoor model. The models we will look at are the Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Soccer Table, the Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table, and the Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball Table.

Choosing an Outdoor Foosball Table - The key factor when considering any outdoor foosball table is quality materials. You'll want a table made with marine plywood, plastic laminate, waterproof glues, nylon bushings and fade resistance paints. If the table is going to hold up outdoors, it will need high end components that can withstand moisture and relentless sunshine. The Kettler Weatherproof Foosball table features a weatherproof resin for cabinet construction and a glass playing field. The all weather durability is what owners appreciate. Customers comment on the glass playing surface which ensures fast play. The Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Soccer Table is a best seller with leg levelers for stability (good idea for outdoor use), waterproof and washable coatings, and chromium plated telescopic rods. The Garlando G-500 is considered 'sturdy and and easy to assemble' by many customers. Owners repeatedly mention how solid the materials and construction are. Whether you are buying this for a company game room or outdoor family fun, the table takes abuse and holds up well in the elements. The players are counter-balanced and the poles are heavy-duty. Most tables come with a cover - something we tell all our customers to use. No sense in allowing extra moisture to get onto the table if you don't have to. Look for tables with rust-resistant hardware, dual ball returns, and a scoring system. Assembly is usually much more straight-forward on the high end tables. Typically you are looking at 1 hour or less compared to the 2+ hours that cheap tables require. View all outdoor foosball tables here.

Best Outdoor Foosball Table:

RECOMMENDED - Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table - The most popular of the bunch and one to look at for foosball enthusiasts that want to take the game outdoors. Great for backyard parties, the Kettler outdoor foosball table is weatherproof. Although we don't recommend playing in the rain, the table can hold up well if kept outdoors. The high quality laminates and weatherproof resin will keep the cabinet in top shape and the high speed glass playing surface lets the foosball glide around the table. The side and corner rails allow the ball to constantly stay in play - no dead spots on this table. We like the steel telescopic rods that feature anti-rust chromium plating. A little water won't hurt the Kettler table at all. The players are molded onto the rods and pretty much unbreakable. To reduce wear and tear and create a smooth kicking motion, Kettler used nylon bushings. The outdoor foosball table is made in Italy and comes with a cover. Maintenance is minimal and covering the table is a good idea when not in use. There is a 3 year limited warranty on the Kettler.

Weatherproof Foosball Table:

Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball Table in Blue - Garlando is the most recognized name in foosball tables and their outdoor tables are second to none. The Garlando G2000 and G500 are two top models worth considering if you want to put a foosball table in your backyard. Outdoor tables for foosball are somewhat of a new concept and the latest technology plastic laminates and water-resistant materials allow for it. The G2000 from Garlando features a 1 1/4 cabinet with marine quality multi-layer plywood that is coated with plastic laminate. The materials are water-resistant and Garlando uses a water-proof glue when bringing the two components together. What you get is a water tight seal. We like the silkscreened white lines that are printed with a special ink that will not fade in the sun or get damaged by water. The players are molded onto the bars so their positions are permanent and they do not move. Nylon encased ball-bearing bushings are commonplace on these high end tables (just like the Kettler above). There is some assembly required before you can use the table and Garlando includes a nice cover. The Garlando G500 Weatherproof table is another great option at just a slightly cheaper price. We also like the Garlando Open Air Outdoor Folding Foosball Table which folds down for easy, compact storage.