Updated: December 2017

Pocket Bikes Reviews:

Don't understand the appeal of pocket bikes? Go try one out. We'll wait. Once you've ridden one, you will more than understand, you will want one for yourself. According to an article in Popular Mechanics, they are disdained by police and parents - which pretty much guarantees that people will want one. But they are also ridden largely by responsible "speed freaks." It is very similar to skateboarding: many people hate skateboarders and think they're lazy, loitering kids who ought to go to the library. But in reality, these are by far great people who want to improve their skills. Give them a skate park, and watch them go. Pocket bikes are the same: misunderstood, but ultimately, very fun and very rewarding. This guide will look at the best - and safest - pocket bikes.
You can see one of these in action here:

What are Pocket Bikes? - A pocket bike is a pint-sized motorcycle. What is a pocket bike not? It is not a toy. That is the distinction that must be made. These are not ride-on toys that mosey along at 3 or 5 mph. They can reach speeds of at least 25 mph, which is not insane when you're protected by the four metal walls of a car, but is very fast when you're on a bike a quarter of the size of a traditional motorcycle. As such, these are not for very young people. Ideally, they're not for very irresponsible people either. Pocket bikes come in a number of different styles, some resembling choppers, while others are more like mini dirt bikes. Here are some things to keep in mind before you purchase your pocket bike:

*Speed. Most mini pocket bikes travel at speeds at or below 35 mph. Some, though, can go as fast as 70 mph. If you are purchasing a bike for your child (age 12 or older), consider how fast he'll be traveling. Likewise, if this is for yourself, how fast do you want to go? Keep in mind that the very small structure of a pocket bike will make it harder to handle at very high speeds. A bigger engine and lighter frame will make for a faster bike.
*Gas or electric. Gas-powered pocket bikes tend to be faster. Electric powered bikes have the advantage of being very convenient as you can charge them right at home.
*Cost. You'll likely spend between $200 and $500.
*Don't forget the gear. Helmet and proper clothing are a must.
*Legality. Check if pocket bikes are legal in your state. In most places, you will find that they are not street legal, but you can use them recreationally. In other places, even this is not permitted. Make sure you check before you drop a few hundred on a bike and then some more in fines and fees.

Often referred to as pocket rockets, or mini pocket bikes, I have seen one of these up close at my nephews house. His is gas powered and definitely more powerful than the Razor Pocket Bike you see on websites like Amazon. The gas powered pocket bikes can go fast and are meant for older kids. The electric powered mini pocket bikes are relatively safe for younger kids, although parental guidance and involvement should not be forgotten. You can check out the Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike here.

Best Pocket Bikes:

If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive pocket bike to get your child started or to get yourself started for that matter, then why not start with one of the most trusted names in the scooter industry, Razor? Razor's Pocket Rocket is tremendously popular with Buzzillions, Walmart, and Amazon reviewers, and also earned a 5-star review from BestToysGuide. These pocket bikes come in both mini chopper and mini dirt bike styles. Let's take a look at the Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike. The Razor Pocket Rocket is a street bike model (though that doesn't indicate it is legal for street use!), and the 24V sealed lead battery system allows for speeds up to 15 mph (which is fast on the back of one of these things). This model carries riders up to 170 pounds and has 10-inch pneumatic tires, high torque motor, quiet single speed, chain-driven motor, hand-operated rear brake, twist grip throttle, and up to 30 minutes of continuous riding time. It includes a UL-approved battery charger and tools for assembly. This compact, 42-pound Pocket Rocket is ideal for younger riders or those who want the experience without the higher speeds (as long as they weigh under 170 pounds). You can find the Pocket Rocket for $175 on Amazon.

Let's slide over to the other end of the pocket bike spectrum with the Raptor Mini Bike. This is a serious mini bike for more experienced riders. The Raptor features a 47cc, 10,000+ RPM, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine, pull start, gas power, Magneto high discharge coil ignition, centrifugal automatic transmission, 5.2hp, front and rear cross-drilled, slotted disc brakes, Mandrel bent pipe and silencer exhaust, 3.5-inch ground clearance, measurements of 38.5"L x 24.5"W x 24"H, weight capacity of 275 pounds, 1.25-liter fuel tank, pneumatic GP racing slick tires, 20 miles per tank, dry weight of 33 pounds, and, the moment you've all been waiting for, speed up to at least 50 mph. The Raptor has a safe, lightweight aluminum and alloy frame. The Raptor is also the only pocket bike approved by the EPA for use in all 50 states (again, this doesn't indicate that it is street legal). You can find this great pocket bike from MiniPocketRockets.com for about $460 (currently on sale for $239). Other great 47cc choices include the Cagllari Daytona and the Grand Prix MX3 with CAD. For top-of-the-line pocket bikes, turn to Polini. This Italian company makes some of the best (and most expensive) pocket bikes on the market. Motorcycle.com reviewed the Polini 910 Carena, saying it sparked daydreams of racing to victory on a traditional motorcycle. The Carena features an air-cooled, single cylinder 2-stroke engine (as available is liquid-cooled), 16.2:1 compression ratio, 36x39mm bore and stroke, reed valve intake, dry clutch with centrifugal counter weights, alloy die-cast frame, 4.2 and 6.2hp, pull start with self-winding cable, electronic ignition, 1.8-liter fuel tank, single disc brakes in front and rear, measurements of 38.02"L x 9.85"W x 14.97"H, and your choice of red, white, plum, and black, or Polini racing team colors. This beauty reaches up to 40 mph, a bit lower than the Raptor, and costs $1300. According to PocketBikesInfo, though, Polini is the most respected and reliable name in the mini bike business. The quality is unsurpassed, and the price is as well. A good top-of-the-line choice for experienced riders. You can find Polini pocket bikes at EvoSales.com, as well as used models on eBay. Pocket bikes for kids can be a very fun, very rewarding form of recreation. It's up to you to make sure it's a safe one as well. Have fun! View top rated mini bikes and pocket bikes here.