Updated: December 2017

Poker Chip Set Reviews:

The game of poker, Texas Hold-Em that is, has become so popular with the yearly tournament in Vegas and countless other tournaments shown on TV around the world. Now, everyone wants to replicate those fun moments right in their own homes. Poker nights are rampant where we live and guys take it very seriously. Part of the experience is buying a quality set of poker chips. These poker parties will often get 10, 15, or even 20 people all vying for the grand prize so you need to have lots of poker chips ready to go. Depending on the size of your group, you'll need at least 500 chips, but we say 1000 is a good number. There are several factors that go into a good poker chip set, so read our buying guide below and find out answers to all your questions. We go into brands, pricing, chip material, and where to buy.

Choosing a Poker Chip Set - Besides the chip count (anywhere from 50 to 1000), the next important factor to consider is chip quality. Poker chips are made from plastic, clay or ceramic materials and this will effect the pricing. Three features of chips that players often talk about are consistency of thickness, sharpness of edges, and stackability. The really cheap plastic chips are so light and thin, you probably won't find those at a 'real' poker party. The ABS plastic chips are cheaper than clay and will last longer with increased durability. Yes, clay poker chips are great, but they can get scuffed or chipped over time. The ABS plastic chips are molded with a metal insert - thus adding weight and making it feel like the authentic casino chips that are heavier. The chips are also custom hot stamped during the molding process. Clay composite chips are the most popular ones on the Internet. They can call them clay chips since they are composed with some % of clay (often as little as 5%). The metal core gives it added weight and the ability to do the hot stamping for design purposes. Unfortunately, you will find poker websites with chips for sale that are called clay composite chips but actually have zero clay in them. Do your homework and get chips with at least partial clay. Keep in mind that there are no poker chips made with 100% clay. If the chips were only made from clay, they would likely break since they would be 'brittle'. They need some kind of composite to hold them together. You will find clay chips in two categories - tournament use and home play. If you want casino grade chips, the Paulson 500 World Tophat and Cane Paulson Clay Chips are a great set. For home use, consider the Trademark 1000 14g Tri Color Ace/King Clay Poker Chips with Acrylic Case (Clear). Lastly, you have the ceramic chips which are great for custom graphics. Whatever image is printed on the chips is actually under the surface so it will never wear away. Ceramic chips tend to stack pretty well too. Poker chip set reviews - We found a great selection online at Homepokertourney.com/chips_review.htm, Pokerchipreviews.com, and Amazon.com. Amazon is a great place for researching any product and their chip sets are no different. You get 100's of owner comments and opinions on almost every brand. Read the pros and cons of each chip before purchasing anything. The top brands are Da Vinci, Paulson, Trademark, IDS, Bud Jones, and Brybelly. Chip weights range from 8 to 15 grams (for the good quality ones). You can browse the best selling poker chips here.

Best Poker Chip Set:

RECOMMENDED - The Da Vinci Premium Set Poker Set is the perfect gift to anyone that loves playing poker and doesn't own their own chip set. The set includes 500 11.5 gram card suited poker chips and everything comes in an aluminum case. You get 2 decks of cards, 5 dice, and 6 poker dealer buttons. The chips actually sound and feel just like those found in a casino. They are balanced and molded just right so that you can stack them without fear of them coming crashing down. The chips are made with a high quality ABS composite resin and they have a metal insert for that added weight feeling. When you compare these chips to say the $30 set from Fat Cat, you will realize the quality and appreciate the consistency. $70 may sound like a lot for a set, but given they will last your lifetime, it's a great investment for card lovers. The 6 dealer buttons are dealer, little blind, big blind, missed blind, kill, and reserved.

Casino Chip Sets:

RECOMMENDED - If you want to take the chips to the next level, you can buy the Trademark 1000 14g Tri Color Ace/King Clay Poker Chips with Acrylic Case (Clear) for around $200. The soft clay look and texture will instantly remind you of casino chips. They are 14 gram in weight with a 39mm diameter. You get heavy chips in a very nice case. Want that professional look? Go with the Paulson 500 World Tophat and Cane Paulson Clay Chips for over $700. You get a gorgeous set of 500 professional clay casino chips in 4 colors. The interior of the case is made with black velour and the contents are the chips, 2 decks of cards, and 3 buttons.