Updated: December 2017

Pool Basketball Hoop Reviews:

Swimming in a pool and goofing around is great, but actually playing something like pool basketball can add to your pool parties. It seems like most resorts you go to these days have either pool volleyball or basketball setups, and sometimes both. I recently was on the board for our HOA and had to research pool basketball hoops for the community pool. I first made some phone calls to pools I'd been at that had these basketball hoops so I had an idea of what brands I had seen. If you want one that will hold up under all weather conditions and heavy use, you are looking at spending $500 or more. For community pools this makes sense since they will probably get lots of use. A pool basketball hoop for your backyard pool probably needs a set that costs more like $250 and often even less. The top brands include Lifetime, Swimline, Spalding, Dunn Rite, Pool Shot, Huffy, and Poolmaster.

Choosing a pool basketball hoop - When you go to pick a hoop for your swimming pool, you will need to consider several features before making any decision. We have tried to include a few of the things to look for here:

Backboard Material - Many are made with high impact polyethylene (heavy duty plastic) which makes them durable and fairly sturdy. A few even boast that the they have unbreakable backboards. The big thing is that kids often like to hang on the rim and so you need a strong backboard to support that type of play.

Adjustable Height - The best systems are those that are at least a few feet above the surface of the water. That way someone can't just stand at the hoop and block all the shots. You want the game to be somewhat realistic. Most brands have a few heights that the basketball hoop can adjust to.
Weighted Base - Safety should be the ultimate concern with anything around a pool and the base should be pretty much unmovable once it is filled with sand or water. The Lifetime has a 26-gallon polyethylene base so it's solid. Another good thing about the Lifetime pool basketball hoop is that it rolls on wheels.
Overhang - You want the basket itself to overhang over the edge of the pool just bit. Many of these basketball sets are too close to the edge and pose a potential risk to someone smashing a face or body part on the pools edge.

Most ads for the swimming pool hoops show people shooting baskets and the ball staying in the pool or water area. Having used these regularly, be prepared for the ball to miss the mark and end up on the pool walkway area or in the bushes. Lots of shots miss the backboard and you end up having to get out of the pool to retrieve it. Another option are the floating basketball hoop in pools. These are standalone units that float on the water and you shoot into them. They are not meant for serious play and more for little kids. Pool basketball hoop reviews - can be found on sites like Amazon. They carry all the leading brands and have dozens of owner reviews for almost every model. Read up on the pros and cons before buying anything. You can browse the best selling pool basketball hoops here.

Best Pool Basketball Hoop:

RECOMMENDED - One of the top rated hoops per consumers is the Cool Jam Pro Pool Basketball Hoop. With an adjustable height you can create the perfect basketball game at your pool. The super wide hard body backboard measures 44" wide and 32" high. Comes with a regulation size ball, heavy duty net, and metal rim. Playing basketball in your pool will liven up any pool party and make your house the one to be at. Swimline makes excellent pool related products and the Cool Jam is no different. Owner reviews are almost all positive as they appreciate the resin base that is filled with water to anchor the system solidly in place. Consumer comments include "great pool hoop set" and "well made and rust proof". View other top rated hoop sets here.

Lifetime Pool Basketball Hoop:

RECOMMENDED - There is one name in both regulation basketball hoops and those found in pools that stands out. The Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Basketball System is the best selling unit we could find and for good measure. It sells for less than $250 and provides good entertainment value. Features a 26-gallon polyethylene base, 44 inch Fusion backboard with polyethylene frame and acrylic shot area, and bottom wheels that let you move it around to different locations. Owners say the 2 piece, 3 inch telescoping pole adjusts easily from 4 1/2 to 7 feet in height. One owners mentions rust issues, but all others say the Lifetime pool basketball hoop holds up well with lots of use. This basketball hoop has a more traditional feel than the Cool Jam, which I prefer. Whatever you choose, make sure it is durable enough to handle kids as well as teenagers and adults playing with it.