Updated: December 2017

Pool Volleyball Set Reviews:

Many of us have played volleyball, but how many have played water volleyball, or pool volleyball. Swimming pool volleyball sets are becoming more popular as they come down in price. You can find pool vollebyall games for both above ground pools and in ground pool systems. I returned from a trip to Maui recently and had a great time playing water volleyball with my family at the Westin Kaanapali resort pool. The net is setup in one of their pools and we had a blast. We are members of our local HOA and they have a decent sized pool that I am hoping to get a vollebyall pool game for. This article is about my research and what I found when looking at brands, prices, features, and ease of setup and takedown.

Choosing a pool volleyball set - The first thing to look at is what type of pool do you have. An above ground pool will often require a completely different setup than an in-ground swimming pool. The above ground pool volleyball sets are pretty easy to install - depending on whether they attach to the pool frame itself or stand on a deck that is around the pool. They tend to be cheaper than the other sets for in-ground pools. Swimline makes a nice combination set so you can play either basketball or volleyball in your above ground pool. Park & Sun sells an under $50 set that works ok with above ground or in ground pools. The real question is how stable the net and side posts are. Many complaints from consumers are for less than stable setups and the net is either to loose or the side posts are flimsy. The Dunn Rite Aqua Volly Portable Pool Volleyball Set comes with molded plastic bases and a 24' net that will extend across almost any pool and give you ample stability. The most durable Pool Shot unit (almost $800 - see below) features huge UV-resistant 50 gallon bases that hold it in place. How serious are you going to be about your water volleyball games? Do you need a high end, expensive product or something just for goofing around with. No matter what you choose, don't let friends or family hang on the net and drag down the side bases. It's not only dangerous but it will eventually ruin your entire set. The materials should be rust proof and weather resistant since they will be in or around water most of the time. There are even basic floating volleyball pool sets which are really just for basic entertainment value. Ultimately, you want something that can be assembled quickly and put away if you want to store it for the winter. You can browse the best selling pool volleyball sets here. Beyond Amazon you may find these sets sold in sporting good stores or at Walmart, Target, or Toys R Us. Get something that will last.

Best Pool Volleyball Set:

The best product on the market is the Pool Shot Super Water Volley Swimming Pool Volleyball Net. With heavy duty features like two UV-resistant 50 gallon bases, two UV-resistant volley net support stems, and all-weather nylon net consumers find this Pool Shot product holds up quite well. Of course the price is a bit daunting at closer to $800 which may put off some. From our research, most people purchasing this system tend to use it for community pools, resorts, and things like that. It can be a bit much for your typical backyard pool setup. The steel hardware on this volleyball set for your pool are anti-rust and very durable. It comes with 2 waterproof, vinyl volleyballs and the bases have drink holders on them. The luxury set is everything you would want, but definitely consider the price for those of you buying for your home pool.

Above Ground Volleyball Pool Set:

RECOMMENDED - Check out the Swimline Pool Jam Above-Ground Swimming Pool Volleyball Set - functions as either a basketball or volleyball set with your pool. Several units like the Dunn Rite and Swim Ways are both for above ground or in-ground pools making them a great purchase. If you can one that is a combo (basketball/volleyball), we say go for it. That way you can justify spending more since you are getting 2 games in one. The Swim Ways 2-IN-1 Pool Basketball & Pool Volleyball Set receives positive feedback from owners for it's ease of setup and ability to change back and forth from basketball to volleyball. The entire family can enjoy whichever sport you are playing. Again, look for sets that are simple to setup and takedown as most owners store the volleyball gear for the winter when the pool is not in use.