Updated: December 2017

Portable Sports Bench Reviews:

Sports are a major part of millions of people's lives, and most of the time, its Little League and junior basketball, the school soccer team, or weekend softball games that occupy our attention and our passion. School teams, intramural athletes, and men's and women's leagues across the country routinely set up wherever they can and play. That's sports the way it should be, but there's no reason sports shouldn't also be a little more comfortable, a little more convenient, and a little easier. This is where portable sports benches come into play; with these, teams can travel anywhere and be ready to set-up, players can catch a break before going back into the action, and devoted fans and spectators can always have the best seat in the house - or on the field, as it were. This guide will look at the best portable sports benches and chairs so you can make the best decisions for your athlete.
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What is a Portable Sports Bench? - When you go on a trip and pack, there's always something you forget. You might get all the way to your destination and realize you forgot your favorite sneakers. You can get by without them, but it's much more comfortable with them. It is the same with sports benches. Teams gather up the equipment, balls, bats, gloves, or other paraphernalia of their game, get all the way to the field or court, and then realize they have nothing to sit on. Admittedly, you could just sit on the ground - or you could sit in style with a great sports bench. Spectators, too, can benefit from these portable seats. Whether a single folding sports chair or a whole sports bench, diehard fans can watch their teams in comfort. What should you look for in a folding sports bench? - The first and most obvious answer is portability. Is the design conducive to quick and easy transporting? Can you just fold it, put it in the back of the bus, and forget about it until you need it? Is it light enough to carry easily but made of materials that are durable enough to take a lot of wear? How many people can sit on the bench? Will it stand up to the weather and elements? Brink's Portable Sports Benches, for instance, is made of a durable nylon that will resist wear and damage from rain and, even more damaging, sun. Finally, consider your price range. Expensive isn't always better, but you do want to avoid cheap materials that will either not support your players or will fade and rip before the season's out. Let's take a look at some great choices to get you started. You can browse the best selling portable sports benches here.

Best Portable Sports Benches and Folding Sports Chairs:

Insta-Bench is one of the most popular choices among Amazon, Walmart, Sam's Club, Sports Authority, and many more sites. One of their best is the Classic 6-Seater Bench, which is collapsible and portable for easy transport. Its 25 pound weight and included carry bag don't hurt either. The Classic Bench is made from high-quality, high-density 600D polyester with a heavy-duty steel frame. When it unfolds, it stretches to 9 feet and can seat up to 6 people. And not necessarily 6 50-pound junior soccer players either. Each seat is rated to hold up to 250 pounds. The Insta-Bench Classic is perfect for the sidelines, as well as anywhere you need seating, including camping, backyard parties, tailgating, and much more. Its weather-proof material ensures that it will be able to perform no matter where you put it. You can find the Classic for $73 to $140. Amazon reviewers have called it a "great coaching tool," and a must-have for any sports team. Check out Insta-Bench products here. The next choice is a hybrid of instant bench and folding sports chair. The 6 Seat Folding Bench from Sweat offers the convenience of multiple-person seating with the comfort of a sports chair. The heavy-duty metal frame extends to a comfortable back rest. This makes it an excellent choice for teams and spectators alike. The Sweat Bench is very compact and lightweight with its high-density 600D polyester construction. Strong mesh has been added to the back for greater ventilation. The bench can fit 6 but 3 is even more comfortable. Stow it in its carry bag, transport it, pop it up with no assembly required, and you're ready for the action to begin. The Sweat Bench is $85 at Amazon. Sometimes you just have to go it on your own, strike out solo, sit in your own chair. That's fine; you can find any number of great folding sports chairs to suit your independent mood. These are great for fans, backyard parties, barbeques, tailgating, and really for anywhere you need an extra seat. A popular choice with reviewers is the Ming's Mark Full Back Folding Director's Chair. Supported by a heavy-duty aluminum frame, this folding chair has an 800D nylon fabric cushion for durability and easy cleaning. The chair, which weighs just 12 pounds, folds up into a backpack-like bundle. You'll be surprised at the features that unfold: the folding sports chair features a side table with built-in cup holder and a cooler with built-in pockets for all the supplies you'll need to enjoy the game, your camping trip, or wherever you are. It's a great choice for just under $70. There is a never-ending variety of portable sports benches and sports chairs; the key is to choose the one that suits your needs, has the versatility you want, and is in the price range that's right for you. You can find that bench or sports chair online at Amazon. Enjoy the game, and enjoy it in comfort.