Updated: December 2017

Punching Bag Reviews:

It used to be that punching bags were meant for only the most dedicated boxers. Now, people are buying free standing and hanging punching bags as a way to get a great workout in at home. Punching bags, also known as heavy bags, provide for a good exercise routine that can be done at your house. Kick boxing classes are very popular where I live and several of my friends even take karate. A few of them have bought punching bags so they can continue their workouts at home. Heavy bags come in either a hanging bag style or as a standing bag. The hanging bags, weigh between and 60 and 70 pounds, and should be mounted to the wall or hung from the ceiling. The standing bags, weigh about 250 to 300 lbs when filled, and allow you to move them around if needed.
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One of the most popular hanging bags is the Everlast 4008 Traditional Heavy Bag, sold on Amazon for about $120. The Wavemaster punching bag is a top seller in the standing bag style and is priced very similar to the Everlast punching bag. Although someone who is into kickboxing can use a hanging bag, we would recommend the standing bag so you can get in all the lower kicks in your workouts. If you do decide on a hanging heavy bag, consider where the bag will hang. You'll need a sturdy beam to hang it from in the garage or on your deck area. There are some that have wall mounts or bag stands, but we prefer the ones that are mounted to a ceiling fixture. Heavy bags will give you a full on workout - your cardiovascular endurance will improve dramatically, your strength will get better, and your overall muscle stamina will increase. The best punching bags are those made with leather since they are long lasting but don't overlook the vinyl bags which are cheaper and just as good for most amateurs looking to get in a solid workout. There are also boxing bags made with canvas material. You can adjust the weight of the punching bag according to your size and skill level. The heavier the bag, the less it will sway and you can work on things like strength and power. If you decide on a lighter bag, you'll probably be focusing on speed and quickness. The top names in punching bags are TKO, Century, Everlast, and KD Elite. We found reviews online at Amazon.com, Karatedepot.com, and Boxingdepot.com. Amazon carries the widest inventory of punching bags and their user reviews are what set them apart. Read up on what actual owners have to say about the top heavy bags. View a complete list of best selling punching bags here.

Best Punching Bag:

As we read dozens of reviews online and in magazines, one common name appeared more often than any other. The Everlast 4008 Traditional Heavy Bag (80 lb.) is considered an excellent workout bag for boxers and martial arts enthusiasts. The 80 pound heavy bag is made with Nevatear, a leather like vinyl material. You get a chain attachment so you can hang the bag from the ceiling or on a bag stand. Owners say the bag will take a beating and keep coming back for more. Amazon has the entire listing of best selling Everlast heavy bags .

Free Standing Punching Bag:

I have found that standing bags are better for amateurs in many respects. The Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag is one of the top rated free standing punching bags on the market. It's easy to roll away with the round base and there are up to 7 height adjustments ranging from 47" to 68". It weighs about 250 lbs when fully filled with water or sand. TKO makes some heavy duty bags that are more expensive than the Everlast free standing or Century bags, but unless you are a professional they are not necessary. See the most popular free standing punching bags online at Amazon.

Martial Arts Punching Bag:

There is no doubt that martial arts training is tough and having a punching bag at home is a great way to practice when you are away from the gym. The best martial arts punching bag is the Johnny Sockitomee bag from Everlast. It's available on several leading boxing/punching bag websites like Karatedepot.com or Amazon. Most martial arts students prefer using a freestanding bag instead of the hanging bags. Expect to spend about $120 for the bag but it should be durable and last a long time since it's made by Everlast. Another favorite bag of kickboxers is the Century Bob Body Opponent Bag which features a male torso as your target.

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