Updated: December 2017

Golf Rangefinder Reviews:

Sight is a tremendously complex, efficient, and deceptive sense. We always say we'll believe it if we see it, but often our eyes play tricks on us. Distances look longer or shorter, objects look nearer or farther. This can be a liability when you're playing golf when accuracy is key. Adding in wind, weather conditions, lighting, target size and slope make hitting to a tiny cup on a huge golf course very difficult. This is where a golf rangefinder comes in handy. With this device, you'll be able to plan your shots for maximum accuracy. But where should you start? How do golf rangefinders compare to GPS devices? There are so many on the market that it can be difficult to choose.
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What to Look for in a Golf Rangefinder - A rangefinder is a tool very similar to a scope. You look through and align your target with the crosshairs; the rangefinder tells you the distance between you and it. Today's models are typically laser rangefinders, which use a safe laser to gauge this distance. It measures the amount of time it takes the laser to bounce off the target and return. Before you buy on the bigger is better theory, there are a few things you need to know about rangefinders for golf. Let's take a look:

*Measuring range. Look for the minimum and maximum ranges that the rangefinder is capable of measuring. Also look for the margin of error, or how off, the rangefinder can be. You'll want a lower number here.
*Targeting and magnification. How does the rangefinder lock onto your target?
*Slope and gradient measuring. Some rangefinders can measure slopes, which can be very handy for practice purposes.
*Tournament legal. If you are competing in any type of competition, check to make sure that the rangefinder you buy is allowed for use. For instance, some golf tournaments don't allow the use of rangefinders that measure slopes.

I have been playing golf with GPS devices for years and they work quite well. Recently one of our regular foursome brought out a Bushnell Laser Rangefinder and it was very impressive how accurate the device was at measuring distances into pins. Golf Rangefinder reviews - The best source is going online to Amazon.com and reading the hundreds of owner comments and opinions that are posted. Get feedback from actual consumers and make an informed buying decision. You can browse the best selling golf rangefinders online here.

Best Rangefinders for Golf:

Choosing a Rangefinder - When it comes to optics, there are names you'll see over and over again, whether you are looking for binoculars, scopes, or rangefinders. These include Leupold, and Bushnell. You will see them now in your search for the best golf or hunting rangefinders. Why don't we start with the best of the best. If you need a high quality golf rangefinder, look no further than the Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 Tournament. This was named as one of the best on the market by YardageRangeFinder and Ezines and offers golfers 7x magnification, 19mm eye relief, 340-foot field of view at 1000 yards, RainGuard body, built-in tripod mount, light weight at 10 ounces, measuring range of 5 to 1500 yards, +/- 1 yard, superior optical quality, instantaneous feedback, multi-coated lenses, LCD display, yard/meter switch, battery indicator, target quality gauge, and three targeting modes (Bullseye, Brush, and Pinseeker). Out of 98 reviews on Amazon, 81 were 5 stars, 15 were 4 stars, and only 1 3 and 1 star ratings, respectively. Though in defense of Bushnell, the 1 star review was due to an unrelated shipping issue, not the quality of the rangefinder. The Pinseeker 1500 is available via Amazon for about $300. Other Bushnells to check out include the Yardage Pro Scout, Yardage Pro 500, and the PinSeeker 1500 Slope. You can browse all Bushnell rangefinders here.

The other big name is Leupold. Leupold golf rangefinders are also top rated by avid golfers and their Leupold GX-I Digital Golf Rangefinder is perhaps the best of the bunch. With magnification 6x, 7 selectable aiming reticles, a quick set menu, line of sight distance, scan mode, and yard/meter readings, the GX-I is the ultimate companion for any golfer. The Leupold PinHunter laser aiming system is what sets this unit apart from similar models. The Callaway Nikon Rangefinders and Par70 are newer to the market and seem be gaining in popularity as well. See top rated rangefinders here.