Updated: December 2017

Rebounder Goal Reviews:

Are your kids constantly throwing/kicking balls against fences, bushes, and other objects in your yard? Maybe they are even using the walls on the inside of your house to practice their newfound sport. Whatever the reason, it's a good idea to look into the rebounder goals that are on the market for such sports like baseball, lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. There are lots of skills that your kids need to practice in all those sports, and these rebounder goals are the perfect tool for honing those skills. The rebounders range in price from $35 up to $350. The only thing to watch for are rebounders that are designed specifically for sports like soccer or lacrosse. Parents need to know which sports their kids are going to play (or want to play) and then proceed from there. I see many families in our neighborhood with variations on these rebounder goals - the Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal is our favorite in terms of how much use you get out of it.
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Choosing a Rebounder Goal - If you are looking for a soccer specific goal rebounder, go with the Goalrilla Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer as you get a sturdily constructed goal that will hold up to weather and rough play. The Franklin Adjustable Training Soccer Rebounder is a top seller on several websites, but we found too many complaints from parents talking about netting breaking apart and the unit not being able to handle 'hard' soccer shots. The Franklin is 1/6 the cost of the Goalrilla - that may say volumes about quality. The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net and the Franklin Sports 12 x 6 Tournament Soccer Rebounder are two other options for those interested in soccer practice - passing, shooting, headers, throw ins, etc. They get above average feedback and are worth considering. The Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal at $280 is the best all around with the ability to practice multiple sports on the same rebounder. When it comes to lacrosse practice, the EZGoal Lacrosse Folding and Tilting Rebounder allows kids to work on all skills (passing, shooting). The reason the Tekk is such a popular option is because it holds up well and adjusts to 7 positions so you can train to several sports all in one day. The Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer features a powder coat finish with 1 1/2 inch diameter steel tubing and solid woven polypropylene side nets with reinforced border. It all equates to the highest quality materials backed by the Goalrilla name. We feel that it comes down to how serious your kids are. If they are just starting out in a sport and you are not sure they will continue it, no sense in spending $300 when you can probably get away with a $50 product. On the other hand, if you have active children that tend to play lots of sports, then the Tekk rebounder goal is probably a great investment. It will last for years and let your kids train on their own. Reviews - Want more owner feedback? We found in depth comments from consumers for rebounder goals at Soccer.com, Openyard.com and Amazon.com. The biggest complaint is that the materials are flimsy and break too easily. Given that these goals are meant to be kicked at and thrown at, they should be able to hold up to lots of abuse. Also, parents want products that are easy to assemble. We will go into those details below on our 'top picks'. Browse the best selling rebounder goals here

Best Rebounder Goal:

RECOMMENDED - The Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal is ideal for families that want to help their kids practice soccer, basketball, baseball and lacrosse. Things we like - the powder coated frame with aircraft grade aluminum, 3mm thick steel brackets, and it sets up in 5 minutes. Why parent like it? All in one-piece so it folds up and stores easy, strongest portable trainer on the market, and improves both field players and goalkeepers. With the ability to adjust the rebounder into 7 different positions, it's easy to practice basketball passing, soccer throw-ins, lacrosse shots, and baseball grounders all within a few minutes time. Recommended for kids 6 and older. A well constructed rebounder goal that holds up to constant use and will dramatically help your kids improve at their sport. Kids will love all the options available on this training device and never get bored.

Rebounder Goal Just for Soccer:

RECOMMENDED - The Goalrilla Striker Rebound Trainer measures 7 feet by 5 feet. You can see by the video below how active the rebounding effect is on this soccer goal. The reason this rebounder rates so high (as noted above) is because of the high quality parts that are included. The solid woven polypropylene side nets with reinforced border hold up to all types of soccer shots. The double sided rebounder is another nice feature. You can have twice as many kids practicing at the same time and shooting at the nets. Players get used to the ball coming back to them and it makes for efficient practices. More touches for everyone is what coaches say about this training rebounder. We will say that it's probably best for those ages 6 to 12. Older kids use larger goals for their real games, so this goal is probably best for target practice than actual goal shots. All in all it's a great soccer training rebounder and at $300 almost everyone that purchases it says it's worth the cost. Why waste your time with flimsy imitations when you can get the real thing the first time out.