Updated: December 2017

Road Bike Reviews:

road bikes The popularity of biking has increased over the last decade and more and more Americans are buying bicycles. As the population in the United States ages, we will probably see more bikes on the roadways. Exercise, like running, can be hard on the joints (knees specifically) but biking can be very relaxing and you still get a good workout. Road bikes run the gamut in terms of prices, so you'll need to do your research before even thinking about purchasing one. I live in Portland, Oregon where commuting to work on a bike is very common and you see folks riding bikes all the time around the city and in the outlying areas. You really need to decide what type of bicyclist you are - beginner, recreational, professional. There aren't just 3 types, but you get the idea in terms of what product is right for you. No sense in spending $1000 if you can have lots of fun riding for $500.

Choosing a Road Bike - The first thing to do is test ride a few bikes. Go down to your local bike store and see how they feel. You will be amazed at how different each bike can be. Sure they all have wheels, a seat, pedals, and handlebars, but the components really do make a difference. The most expensive bikes tend to have the ultra light carbon fiber frames. You could be looking anywhere from $3000 to $10000 for a high end road bike. Frames - The frame will ultimately be the largest expense - they typically are made with titanium, carbon, or aluminum, Competitive cyclists may need a carbon fiber frame, but the recreational rider out there can get away with much less. The real solution could be to 'piece' together the bike. Go with a cheaper frame, maybe splurge on the seat (saddle) or front and rear derailleurs, and you could get a nice bike. Talk with your local bike expert if you are unsure or read reviews online. A friend of mine has recently got into the road bike reseller business and I found out that the mark up on these bikes (the frames especially) is huge - 200 or 300% in some cases. Unless you know all the specifics of brands and which ones are best, it's better to get educated before plopping down $1000 or more. Road Bike Reviews - Two of the best sources online for great consumer feedback is at Roadbikereview.com and Bicycling.com - there forums are loaded with up to date details and information on the latest road bikes. Get answers to all your questions and learn which brands hold up best based on real owner experience. Consumersearch.com also features a nice section on road bikes - with features to look for, pricing, and ratings. We also found Amazon.com to be quite good in terms of variety and selection. You can browse the best selling road bikes online here.

Best Road Bike:

If you are going to go high end, the carbon fiber frame is a must and that will increase the price of the bike substantially. Litespeed and Orbea are 2 names that comes to mind if you have the money - $3000 to $6000. With lightweight frames and top of the line components, your speeds are sure to increase and you won't get any performance on a road bike. Trek is another top name in the biking industry and their. If you are searching for specific models, consider the Bianchi Infinito Ultegra, Motobecane Immortal Force, or the Stradalli Napoli. Another excellent idea is to go to any local road race and see what the riders are riding. Talk with the guys on the podium and see what they are using. Don't make any quick decisions on frames or components. Pricing on road bikes appears to have peaked out and with carbon fiber frames becoming cheaper to make (made in China), the cost of owning a quality road bike could soon be coming down in price.

Road Bikes For Beginners:

While looking for something a bit more affordable, we found the top rated Diamondback Podium 1 Road Bike which sells for about $600. There are 6 frame sizes to choose from - all aluminum frames. Other features include carbon podium fork with alloy steerer, FSA Tempo triple crankset, Shimano Sora rear derailleur and 2300 8-speed dual-control shifters, and Equation R17 aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes. The reviews for this bike are very positive with great scores for performance, value and quality. Many owners use this for recreation or beginner racing, and some even commute on it. The only thing we might swap out is the saddle. Customer comments aren't as favorable for the seat, so consider getting something that fits better and is more comfortable on your rear end. There are other brands like Schwinn or Vilano that are less expensive, definitely worth a look if you are not sure.