Updated: December 2017

Shuffleboard Table Reviews:

Table shuffleboard is a game that is growing in popularity. Mostly scene at bars across America, there are now nice shuffleboard tables available for home purchase. In our review of indoor shuffleboard tables, we will guide you through the various types of tables, brands, and pricing. The game itself is often called shufflepuck or slingers, so keep those names in mind while searching for a table. The tables themselves range in length from 9 to 22 feet and are typically 20 to 34 inches wide. Make sure you measure any room that you want to place one of these shuffleboard tables in to make sure there is plenty of space. Quite often we see them put into basements or bonus gaming rooms in larger homes. Assembly will be required on all the brands that we reviewed. Most consumers noted that assemble was not too difficult but that having 2 people for the process is a good idea. Many also said that buying shuffleboard wax or spray is important. The 'wax' or spray will help keep the friction to a minimum and allow the puck to glide down the board much easier.
shuffleboard table

Choosing a Shuffleboard Table - We will begin by saying that tables are sold in all price ranges. We found the Atomic Platinum Shuffleboard for $570 with a basic abacus styling scoring, pedestal legs with levelers and a solid play surface with poly-coated top. Owners say the table holds up quite well and it's a good 'budget model'. Stepping up in cost, you find the Playcraft Coventry Shuffleboard Table for $1500-$2200 (depends on size of table and color options). The solid hardwood butcher-block playfield has 10 coats of lacquer for the finish, so you get a smooth, consistent surface. The one difference on expensive tables vs mid-range ones is the material used for the play-field. The vertically staved play field features one layer of wood (often maple), which are joined side by side to create the perfect fit. The vertically staved joinery resists warping much better than the butcher block style tables. The GHUD-016 16-Foot Grand Hudson Shuffleboard Table is a great example of craftmanship with 3 inch thick maple polymer playing surface - needs no resurfacing. Yes, this table sells for a bit less than $4000, but it's professional quality and is often seen in bars or businesses. Those that want that same experience in their homes should consider it. Where can you buy these at? Many people ask this question to us since they are not carried at your average store. Shuffleboard.net is a good resource online along with Amazon.com. Both websites have dozens of tables to choose from within a wide range of pricing. We found some local bar/game/supply stores that carry the tables, but mostly for the high end professional ones only. Shuffleboard table reviews - It's always a good idea to read what other consumers have to say about a particular brand or model # before buying it yourself. Amazon.com is the best in the business at supplying consumer feedback and opinions for the products sold on their site. We suggest checking out the owner comments as posted on Amazon to see which shuffleboard tables are top rated by actual users. We suggest that you browse the best selling shuffleboard tables online here.

Best Shuffleboard Table:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated Hudson Shuffleboards GHUD-016 16-Foot Grand Hudson Shuffleboard Table is truly a unique table. You get a professional table with features like electric scoring, three leg base, 16 foot cradle, and top quality construction. The maple inlays on the sidewalls and legs are a nice touch. Assembly on this table is not that hard, but keep in mind it weighs a lot (website says 640 pounds). You'll need a few people to take the parts out of the boxes when delivered and get the pieces lined up for proper assembly. The table is beautiful once assembled and plays superbly. Hudson shuffleboard tables have an excellent reputation for durability and playability. Many of their models are seen in bars where table shuffleboard is played. Most of the tables are offered in various sizes so that they can be accommodated into any game room or bonus space in your house. The Hudson Shuffleboards 12ft Berkeley is another option (sells for $2700) and customer feedback on this model is very good as well. The table is well constructed (that means very heavy at 380 pounds) and provides a consistent playing surface. In the same price range is the Harvil Napa 12 Foot Shuffleboard Table - heavy duty with a butcher block playing surface.

Budget Shuffleboard Table:

RECOMMENDED - We realize that not everyone has room in their house for a full sized shuffleboard table and certainly most people don't want to spend $1000's on one. The best solution for those looking for a budget model is the Atomic Platinum Shuffleboard at $560. The table measures 94 3/8" by 14" and features pedestal legs with levelers so you always get a smooth, flat surface to shoot on. The table comes with 8 pucks total - 4 red and 4 blue. You also get 1 canister of shuffleboard wax. The solid play surface is ply-coated and stands on a laminated cabinet which provides excellent stability. ASSEMBLY - Most reviews we found mention that assembly can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. The holes are pre-drilled but you'll still have to wiggle the pieces into proper position to guarantee a level and squared play field. A few other owners mention that the supplied shuffleboard wax is no good and suggest buying SunGlo wax or spray for better results when sliding the pucks. Overall the table gets 4 out of 5 stars from the majority of users and it's considered a 'good buy' when compared to the other, very expensive shuffleboard tables.