Updated: December 2017

Snowboard Bindings Reviews:

An Overview of Snowboard Bindings - If you are snowboarding, obviously, snowboard bindings are essential. Otherwise, there is no way you could stay on the board! Not surprisingly, the snowboard bindings keep your feet attached firmly to the snowboard. This way you can use physical motion to direct your path snowboarding. Your bindings also keep you in control of your action on the slopes. Seeing a snowboard binding size chart can help you get the right fit and know what to look for. Other questions like "How high should my highback be?" are also legitimate. The highback is the part of the binding that gives your calves and heel the support they need as you snowboard. The plate can be flexible or stiff, those that want maneuverability should go with a flexible highback while those free rider boarders need a stiff highback. We go through a buying guide below to help you on your decision. You can buy snowboarding bindings online at places like Amazon or in your local sporting goods store. Expect to spend at least $50 and upwards of $200 depending on your needs and which brand you go with.
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How to Choose Snowboard bindings - There are a variety of factors to consider when you select your snowboard bindings. This video details some of what you should look for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eOe6IA9AVM. Before you get snowboard bindings, you need to already have your snowboard boots ready. In fact, it is important to bring your boots along when you shop for your bindings. The first step is to choose one of three sizes, small, medium or large. You also then must select either soft boots and flow-in bindings, soft/hard step-in bots with step-in bindings, or hard boots with level bindings. The type of snowboard bindings you select will depend on the snowboard riding style that you like best. The step-in bindings also make it easier to get in and out of your bindings. Most beginners opt for soft boots and strap bindings. This tends to be a comfortable combination when you are not snowboarding and just walking around. The top brands are Burton, Salomon, Ride, Bent Metal, K2, Flow, Forum, Technine, Drake, and Lamar. Snowboard binding reviews - You can find dozens of reviews posted online or in magazines focused on snowboarders. Snowboarding.com offers up great equipment reviews with expert analysis while other sites like Outdoorreview.com and Epinions let you hear what consumers and actual owners have to say. Keep in mind that everyone has different skill levels and expectations of products, so look for feedback and comments on snowboard bindings that best fit your style of riding and expertise. You can browse the best selling snowboarding bindings here.

Best Snowboard Bindings:

We checked out various options for snowboard binding reviews to find the 7 overall best snowboard bindings. We surveyed Amazon.com, Bestcovery, EvoGear, and Buzzilllions to find these choices.

1. Flow NXT FSE Snowboard Bindings - Bestcovery rated the Flow NXT FSE Snowboard Bindings among the best. These bindings cost between $250-$250. The Flow FSE Snowboard Bindings use a lightweight aluminum base and a quick release binding. Many professional snowboarders love these bindings. They are ideal for high speed. Reviewers on Sierra Snowboard comment that these snowboard bindings are lightweight, responsive and easy to adjust.

2. RIDE CAD Snowboard Bindings - The next selection for the 7 Best Snowboard bindings is the CAD from Ride. These are also snowboard bindings that suit the professional. However, they also work for beginners needs as well. The Ride CAD Snowboard bindings are slightly less expensive at $150.

3. Nidecker Act Carbon Snowboard Bindings - The Ski Channel also recommends the Nidecker Act Carbon Snowboard Bindings saying that they are the "best freeride bindings on the planet." The reviewer also mentions that they are comfortable and responsive. This Swiss company Nidecker has a great reputation and also makes the Nidecker Act Ignition Snowboard Bindings, which sell for about $250. They are made with DuPont chemicals for the best impact on the snow.

4. Flow 24 Snowboard Bindings - If your budget for your snowboard bindings is high and you want your snowboard bindings to really shine, you may want to consider the Flow 24 Real Snowboard Bindings. These bindings are plated with 24K gold! This is a modular binding with locking mini ratchets systems. They are also accentuated with leather. The cost for these snowboard bindings is $800.

5. Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings - The Burton Cartel Snowboard bindings have 170 positive reviews on Buzzillions. They also won the reviewers choice award. These bindings are responsive but also loose at the same time. Reviewers emphasize that these snowboard bindings are very comfortable. One reviewer even pointed out that the Burton Cartel snowboard bindings "shred everything." The Burton Cartels sell for about $175.

6. Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings - The Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings come in a close second on Bestcovery with 4.4 stars and 190 reviews. Reviewers stated that these snowboard bindings offer a very fast response. Reviewers also mention that the Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings are lightweight and very comfortable. The only main downfall was some people felt that the latch to unhook the binding was a bit tricky. The Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings cost about $80.

7. Union Force-MC Snowboard Binding - Coming in last of our 7 Best Snowboard Bindings, the Union Force MC Snowboard Bindings come highly recommended. These bindings offer a more classic look. They also use carbon fiber and magnesium for added strength. Union Force MC bindings also use Dupont materials in their construction. This video explains a bit more about the Union Force MC Snowboard Bindings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hysre3Hxlxk