Updated: December 2017

Snowboard Boot Reviews:

Obviously, when you are going snowboarding, not just any boots will do. Having a good or bad pair of snowboard boots will determine if you spend a day in pain or feel comfortable and happy. When you are snowboarding, the snowboard boots connect you to your snowboard in a secure manner. Of course, the way that you control your board stems from your control over both your boots and your bindings. Since there are many very fashionable snowboard boots available, it is important to not just base your choice on only what pair looks nice. Amazon sells a wide variety of snowboard boots from soft boots to hard boots. Pricing on snowboard boots typically ranges between $140-$300. You can browse the best selling snowboard boots online here.
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The Best Snowboard Boots

The best snowboard boots for you will depend on whether you are an advanced snowboarder or just a beginner. Different types of boots are best for different levels of snowboarders. When you are looking for snowboarding boots, take a look at the various factors including flex, lacing, materials, liners, warmth, and, of course, comfort and fit. Experts advise that a pair of good boots are even more important than a good board! This is the case whether you are a beginner or an advanced snowboarder. Shopping for Snowboard Boots- What to Look For - Different boots are going to be comfortable on different people. When you are trying on snowboard boots, make sure that you do so after some physical activity. Your feet can swell when snowboarding, so definitely keep that factor in mind. If you are opting for soft boots, you should be able to move your toes more than you would be able to do so in hard boots. When analyzing your snowboard boot fit, pay attention to the holding power. This video will give you an overview of how the fit for snowboard boots works - such as understanding the sizing chart for boots:

In addition to Amazon, you can find snowboard boots at REI, Backcountry.com and Altrec. You may also be able to rent a pair when you get to the mountain. However, since snowboard boots are so essential to your experience, it probably makes more sense to try them on well ahead of time to ensure the best comfort and fit. When you are already at the ski resort, you may rush your decision and end up making a mistake. Check out the top rated snowboarding boots here

Snowboard Boot Reviews:

According to Bestcovery and Outside Magazine's buyers guide, one of the best snowboard boots is the 2012 Flow The One BOA Focus All-Mountain Snowboard Boots. The BOA adjusters tighten different parts of the boot for a perfect fit. You can also easily adjust these boots throughout the day. Bestcovery remarked that these boots looked great and were also very comfortable. Outside Magazine points out that these are the best snowboard boots for narrow feet. The DC Men's Scout 2012 Performance Snowboard Boot are available on Amazon from $200 to $350. These BOA boots are warm and come complete with exo-air skeleton cushions. These are also Travis Rice's boot of choice. Another pair of snowboard boots recommended by Bestcovery for women are the Flow Lotus Boa Coiler which sell for $170 on Amazon. (see women's snowboard boots here) These boots are also particularly comfortable and offer maximum performance. Thy have what is called the "boa coiler" for the best adjustability and a liner for cushioning. Another important feature in the Flow Lotus Boa Coiler is the three-point closure harness for all-day support. The Burton Sapphire snowboard boots are also highly recommended and sell for $200 (top rated Burton boots here). These lightweight boots are for all-mountain rider and have an EVA footbed, and power lacing system. The Burton Sapphire boot has a medium-soft flex that should suit advanced snowboarders.

Salomon Snowboard Boots:

Bestcovery also recommends the Salomon Pledge Snowboard Boot. They comment that this boot has "married comfort and performance better than anybody else out there and the snowboarding world is better for it." The Salmon Snowboard Boots use NASA insulation technology to keep your feet dry and warm. The lacing system is also something that reviewers have commented is admirable. You simply pull a cord and press a button. These Salmon snowboard boots are under $250. We also looked at Trails.com to get their opinion of the best snowboard boots. Trails.com recommended the Salomon Optima snowboard boots which sell for $179 on Amazon. These boots offer a fit that can be either medium or stiff. They also come with a One Pull Quicklace technology. You can just pull the handle and the boots will lock. The Salomon Optima boots also have a biocage liner for great support and a preshaped footbed. Outside Magazine states that one of the best deals for 2010 snowboard boots are the Salomon Lily G.I.F.T. boots. These snowboard boots have a green tea treatment on the footbed, which is made from bamboo. Outside Magazine's boot testers mentioned that these boots were comfortable and enabled the user to really have a good feeling for the board. Check out the most popular Salomon snowboard boots here.