Updated: December 2017

Snowboard Helmet Reviews:

Why is a Snowboard Helmet Necessary? - Definitely think twice before stepping out onto the slopes without a snowboard helmet! Whereas with skiing, you only really need a warm hat (although wearing a helmet is advised), when you are snowboarding there is a lot more crashing and you definitely need a helmet. Snowboarders frequently crash into objects like hard snow, trees, and even other people. Therefore, they really do need a snowboard helmet to be protected from head injuries. The good news is that snowboard helmets are designed to be very stylish and comfortable. You can find a great selection of snowboard helmets here. I recently made the switch over from skiing to snowboarding and buying a helmet has given me the piece of mind knowing that my head is fully protected if I ever crash hard.
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What to Look for When Shopping for a Snowboard Helmet - The general rule when shopping for a snowboard helmet is to find the warmest one that offers the most protection. The first step is to measure your head with some measuring tape. Your head size is important to know before you pick out a snowboard helmet. When you try on the snowboard helmet, you want to make sure it fits snugly and comfortably (most places have a sizing chart). If there are too many gaps inside the helmet, it is probably too big. If you are going to be out in a lot of cold temperatures, it also makes sense to find a snowboard helmet that is warm but well-ventilated. After all, why not get a little protection from the elements? Also, choose between full face and open face helmets. Open face are definitely more common and considered a good choice for weekend snowboarders. Those that are into racing or competitions could probably use a full faced helmet. Some come with built in visors, check to make sure your goggles fit over the visor, as some don't. This video offers some additional guidelines for picking out a snowboard helmet (http://www.metacafe.com/watch/3862021/best_snowboard_helmet). Giro Snowboard Helmets - We looked at a variety of sources including Bobby's Best and About.com's Snowboard Guide. We saw Giro came up repeatedly as one of the best choices for a snowboard helmet. Giro has been making very slick bike helmets for years, and they recently got into the market of making ski and snowboard helmets. Bobbys Best pointed out Giro Fuse Snow Helmet as a particularly good choice. This is a more expensive helmet at $150, but it is worth it as it includes a wide array of features. The Giro Fuse is very lightweight, but its quite durable at the same time. The Fuse also has extra vents that you can open with a sliding switch. Reviewers thought that this feature made the Giro Fuse very convenient. With other snowboard helmets, you have to open vents manually. The About.com Snowboard guide recommended The Giro Bad Lieutenant snowboard helmet which sells for anywhere between $30-$60. About.com stated that the fit was top-notch and this snowboard helmet was very comfortable. However, they pointed out that there can be an issue with goggles fitting well with this helmet. You may need to select a certain type of goggles to go with the Giro Bad Lieutenant. This snowboard helmet also doesn't have any vents. Another snowboard helmet recommended by About.com is the Giro G10 MX which runs for about $120-$140. This Giro snowboard helmet has adjustable vents, and an "in form" fit system. It also comes with a visor that is adjustable. About.com mentioned that the "in form" system worked very well in keeping the helmet on one's head. They felt this helmet offered optimal protection. You can also remove the helmet's ear flaps and install headphones to listen to music during your snowboarding. See all the top rated Giro snow helmets here.

Best Snowboard Helmets:

Another popular snowboard helmet pick is the Bolle Hot Helmet, which sells for about $40. This is an attractive and lightweight helmet. It comes with Bolle's patented Air Intake System, which is great for breathability. Bestcovery also recommends the Smith Optics Holt Snow Helmets which cost between $52-$74. These snowboard helmets have 14 vents and airevac ventilation. Reviewers on Amazon also gave this snowboard helmet high marks, stating that it fit well and was comfortable. Bestcovery also mentions that the "best snowboarding helmet on the planet" is Smith Holt's Bluetooth Helmet. However, it is important to note that this snowboard helmet is also around $500 which may break the bank for some snowboarders. Among the features on the Smith Hold Bluetooth Helmet are an ABS Shell which prevents fogging. The shell is made out of carbon fiber and the liner is made from polycarbonate. BEST - We suggest looking at all the most popular Smith Optics snowboarding helmets here. We found more consistent reviews from owners on the Smith Optics as compared to other brands. Your kids will like the look of these as well - they are cool to wear and fit comfortably. We have had a lot of visitors ask us about helmets with speakers. There are a few we recommend, the Smith Optics and the high end Giro Omen Wireless Audio Snow Helmet.