Updated: December 2017

Soccer Cleat Reviews:

What is the most popular sport in the world? The sport that packs - and in some cases, overflows - giant stadiums? The sport whose fans are rabid, taking their love for their teams to obsession levels? The sport that requires tremendous skill, coordination, speed, and endurance? It is, of course, soccer - or football to most of the world. Millions of people all over the world attend soccer games, and millions more tune in at home. Why? It's fast-paced, exciting, and requires a great deal of skill and athletic prowess. Soccer cleats are a big reason why these players can stop and start, cut downfield, and run around the field so well. The top brands are Adidas, Nike, Fila, Diadora, and Puma. Expect to spend at least $20 for a kids pair of cleats while the high end adult soccer cleats are closer to $100. We found them in sporting good stores as well as specialty soccer shops. Europeans know their soccer cleats and Americans pretty much follow their lead. We will go into a general buying guide down below.
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Why Do You Need Great Cleats to Play Soccer? - You have most likely seen cleats on baseball players, and they are equally important (if not more so) to the soccer player. The soles have cleated surfaces (they look like little bumps or spikes) that help you perform more optimally. They dig into the ground to provide greater stability and traction so you can run, jump, and kick without slipping and sliding. A good pair of soccer cleats can improve your on-field performance by as much as 30 percent. Many youth soccer and adult leagues require you to have regulation cleats in order to play. The regulations vary, but one standard rule is that they cannot have a toe cleat. Baseball players have this on their shoes so they can dig in and get a good jump when running bases. With soccer, however, it is more dangerous because your feet are much more likely to come into contact with other players. So the first rule when buying cleats is to make sure that your league or team allows their usage. Another basic tip is to get the type of soccer shoe that is appropriate for your playing surface - that is, indoor or outdoor shoes. Many indoor soccer facilities don't like spikes marking up their playing surfaces! The Right Soccer Cleats for You - Besides regulation cleats, the three most important factors to look at are performance, fit, and price. Because of the wide range of products available, it can be hard to choose. Cleats are either made of genuine leather or synthetic materials. The types include molded cleats, detachable cleats, indoor soccer shoes, and soccer shoes for turf. Not all games are played in real grass, so shoes meant for soccer on turf are big sellers lately. Soccer cleat reviews - We found the best and most informative reviews on websites like Soccer Cleats 101, Epinions, and Soccerequipmentreviews.com. Amazon also carries dozens of owner reviews with excellent consumer feedback and comments on almost every brand available. You can browse the top selling soccer cleats for men, women, and kids online here.

Best Soccer Cleats:

BEST - We like the adidas Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe - it's one of the most popular cleats you will find in any country. Pros and amateurs choose these shoes because they "fit". With all the running you do in soccer you want a shoe that works with you, not against you. The Men's Copa Mundial from Adidas is the perfect solution and at $100 we feel like it's the best buy to the average consumer. It features a manmade sole with a kangaroo leather upper and a foam insole for comfort. Another option is the Nike Mercurial Vapor III which topped the lists of both 3Luxe (which finds the top 3 models in any number of consumer categories) and theToptens.com, (a similar type of site). The Vapor III has several features which earn its place as one of the best soccer shoes. It is made of an innovative Teijin synthetic leather. This conforms to the shape of the foot which provides superior comfort and will not rub or cause blistering. The upper has a lace cover to increase the area of contact for the ball, and the midsole has a carbon composite internal chassis to transfer energy to your cleats. Sounds pretty technological for a shoe, doesn't it? The Vapor III allows you to accelerate quickly and keep traction exceedingly well, while being very light and comfortable. These are the cleats of choice for pro soccer players all over the world, including American Men's team captain, Landon Donovan. Not to say the shoes make the man, but he is considered the best soccer player ever to come out of the US. Check out all the top rated soccer cleats online here.

Indoor Soccer Shoe:

Playing indoor soccer is completely different on your feet than it is when competing outdoors. I have found the shoes to be more comfortable and my feet hurt less. Perhaps it's because you don't need big stufs on your soccer shoes to get traction. The adidas Men's Samba Classic Soccer Shoe is the most popular on most websites we visited and the guy at our local sporting goods store said this shoe is asked for more often than any other when it comes to indoor soccer. Adidas dominates the indoor soccer shoe market (much like they do with the cleats listed above). Nike, Puma and Diadora have worthwhile alternatives, but it's hard to compete with the fact that Adidas has 8 out of the top 10 selling soccer shoes on Amazon - as rated by actual owners. They carry shoes for kids, women, and men - in all sizes and price ranges. You can view the top selling indoor soccer shoes here. The indoor turf shoes are what to look for and some of the Adidas models - like the Sama Millenium can be worn when not just playing soccer. They are a versatile and comfortable shoe for all occasions.

Soccer Cleats for Smaller Budgets - and Smaller Feet:

If you're thinking $90 to $100 is a bit pricey for cleats, you can still get good quality in less expensive shoes. You can find a pair of Nike Mercurial Talaria's for about $50. The Talaria are also made of Teijin leather for superb fit and comfort, but they are often priced much lower than the Vapors - thanks to professionals who choose the Vapors. This is actually great for us because we get Nike quality at a lower price. And again, most soccer players will not notice an appreciable difference. Likewise, you can find less expensive models, including the Adidas Absoludo, Women's Matteo, and a host of other Adidas models that start as low as $15. Remember that while these less expensive soccer shoes will not have the advanced technology, like the Vapor's internal chassis, they will offer great, if basic, quality. And it is worth stressing - again, we know - that most people will not notice a difference. There is a plus for women buying cleats - if you look through the selection online, you will find a wide range of affordable shoes. You can find high-end Nike, Puma, and Adidas shoes for under $100 (see all the women's soccer shoes here). Youth soccer has done much to bring soccer into the States, so it is only fitting that you be able to buy outstanding youth cleats. You can choose from Adidas, Diadora, Puma, and other top brands. Adidas, especially, has a wide range of children's soccer shoes - even models small enough for toddlers. That's a great habit to start young! You can browse the boys soccer cleats or girls soccer shoes here.