Updated: December 2017

Squirt Gun Reviews:

I know one of the funnest parts of summer for me was going outside and having water fights with my brothers and sisters and other kids in the neighborhood. With temperatures in the 90's most of the summer, California is the perfect spot for water gun fights. We used to fill up our little squirt gun pistols and fire a pathetic stream at our enemies and think we were doing real damage. The smaller squirt guns are still made, but for the price you are better off getting the modern versions that hold more water, fire a bigger stream, and soak your opponent. I recently did some research online and in toy stores to see which water guns sell the best and if they really work. I hadn't used a water gun in years so I was surprised at how far along they have come. Most of the popular models have some kind of pump action which makes the water flow out and squirt people. The guns can hold quite a bit of water so you don't always have to refill. There are even some from Hasbro that let you hook the water gun up to a backpack which is essentially a reservoir of water so refills are easy. That was always the hassle as a kid, having to go and refill 6 ounces of water into a dinky little squirt gun and leaked after a few uses. The water fights of today are a lot more fun and the variety of weapons is huge.

The Super Soaker was a revolutionary water gun that kids have talked about for years and they do work well, although I prefer the newer water cannons that really get your friends wet. The water cannon styled guns work like a syringe and when you pull back on the handle you fill up a large reservoir in the water cannon, similar to how a shot is filled. The amount of water you can get into a single shot is amazing and the accuracy from 30 feet is really good. I first used these water cannons on a rafting trip down the Truckee River in Lake Tahoe a year or so ago and I think it was the most fun I have had in years. We were all armed and dangerous and the water was flying. No one was able to dodge the big blasts of water that rained down from all over. After that water fight on the river, I was sold and bought a few for my kids so they would have the best water gun in the neighborhood. The one drawback to these water cannons is that they need a source of water like a pool, river, or bucket to reload. You can't just put it under the tap and fill it up like other water guns. They can be a little heavy as well once they are fully filled. The good news is that manufacturers have made them small enough so that littler kids can maneuver them and have fun. I also bought a battery operated squirt gun for my little boy who is now 3. It's just the right size for him to hold and the water reservoir is pretty big so he's not having to refill all the time. The trigger puts out a decent sized spray and shoots a good 15 to 20 feet so he can get his big sister without having to be too close to her. The batteries have lasted (4 AA's) for over a week which is a good sign. The water gun was about $15, so I assume with batteries you are looking at another $10 to $15 over the summer months in expenses. If you want to read reviews on all the Super Soaker models, then go online HERE. Super Soaker Central has forums loaded with tips and owner opinions on what constitutes the best water guns on the market. Other sites like Epinions and Amazon.com list plenty of product reviews from consumers on their sites so you can get excellent feedback from other parents or adults on which water guns perform the best. Most people prefer a water gun with a large reservoir so they don't have worry about refilling all the time. With kids, you don't want a squirt gun that is too heavy when fully loaded with water or else they can't carry it. We found a fun review done by Chad Lorenz of Slate.com on water guns and he tested them for strength, ease of use, and fun factor. Chad tested 6 water guns and rated the Water Warriors Tarantula as the #1 choice. Most water guns will cost about $10 to $30 and last at least a few summers before they eventually break. You can browse the top selling water and squirt guns online here.

Biggest Water Gun:

I can't imagine using anything other than a powerful water cannon styled water gun if I was in a water fight. They provide an incredibly powerful stream of water that will "soak" anyone in your sights. They are easy to use (for teenagers or adults) and very accurate even from longer distances because the stream is shot in a very direct manner and isn't sprayed like other weaker guns. For swimming pool water fights or fun at your local lake or river hangout, the water cannons will have everyone talking. The Water Blaster Water Cannon ($18) can be found at lots of toy stores or outdoor sporting good stores (when they are in season). We found this one online at Amazon.com (link is HERE. Blast your targets from over 40 feet away and never get hit yourself. I found that the water stream is so powerful on these that most people give up right away. Great fun for boaters, lake goers, or backyard pool parties. The Stream Machine Double-Barrel Water Launcher is another fun water toy that squirts water up to 60 feet from a double-barrel water launcher. Drench your friends and have the best water gun in the crowd. REI sells these water blasters on their website HERE. Keep in mind that these types of water guns are no good if you are playing in your back yard and don't have a large source of water (i.e.- pools, buckets, etc). There is no easy way to fill these guns up from the faucet. RECOMMENDED - The Stream Machine 24-Inch Water Launcher at less than $20 is a great value and guaranteed to supply you and your kids with lots of fun. See all the top rated squirt guns and water cannons here.

Best Value Squirt Gun:

For kids just wanting to enjoy some fun in the sun in your backyard, go with a medium sized water gun like the Water Warriors Tarantula ($15) or the famous Super Soaker Aquashock Sneak Attack ($13). Both water/squirt guns are cheap enough and they are fairly easy for kids to work. Super Soakers have a great reputation with kids and parents will find these toy water guns keep the kids busy for hours on hot summer days. The Tarantula is one of thoes battery powered (motorized) water guns that blasts up to 35 feet and holds up to 57 ounces of water. There is a rechargeable battery pack you can switch out when the original loses power. You can find the Water Warriors online HERE. As for the Super Soaker series, Hasbro continues to ramp up production and create newer models all the time. The current lineup of Super Soakers includes the Bottle Shot, Secret Strike, Arctic Blast, Sneak Attack, Quick Blast, Spider-Man 3 Soaker, and Transformers Water Shooter. All can be found at stores like Toys R Us or online at Amazon.com.

Kids Squirt Gun:

The littlest youngsters, perhaps a powerful water gun is not needed. You can still purchase the simple, squirt guns that are safe and fun on websites like Toysplash.com. I also found some at the local Dollar Store. They do work and you'd be amazed at how much fun 2 year olds can have with such a simple squirt gun. Some of the larger models we reviewed above are just to big for little kids to hold (especially when they are full of water).