Updated: December 2017

Streamlight Flashlight Reviews:

Finding the Best Streamlight Flashlights - When it comes to household staples, you'll find that every household has its own set of priorities and needs, but one thing you can get nearly everyone to agree on is the importance of having a good flashlight (or 2, or 3). These tools are invaluable and a must-have for every home. Of the many features and options that today's flashlights offer, one thing that yours should certainly have is reliability. This is why so many turn to Streamlight. This top manufacturer understands the need for dependable lighting in any number of situations, from hunting and fishing trips to power outages to law enforcement use. Streamlight continually seeks customer feedback in order to perfect their products, ensuring they only offer the best, most effective flashlights on the market. Which Streamlight flashlight is right for you? Let's take a look at their top products so you can make the best decision.
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What Do You Need in a Flashlight - and Can Streamlight Give it to You? - When you turn on your flashlight in an emergency, you need to know it's going to work. The same is true whether you're looking for something under the couch or you need a flashlight to see inside the engine of your car. While your personal preferences will dictate your decision somewhat, you do want to look for the following features:

*Brightness. You'd assume that brighter is better, but if you want to read, a super-bright light can make it difficult. Focusing in the dark is more difficult as well.
*Lumens. This tells you the brightness of the flashlight, but you'll also want to see how that light is thrown. Does it have a narrow beam or is it more diffuse? Your choice will depend on what you need the flashlight for. For instance, mechanics need a light that makes close-up work easier. This same flashlight may not be great for distance use.
*Batteries. Are they lithium? Are they rechargeable? Do replacements cost a lot? Are batteries going to be easy to get? Can the flashlight use more than one type of battery? These are important questions because batteries add to the overall cost.
*Construction. Flashlights are carried by members of law enforcement as both light sources and weapons of self-defense. The construction of the flashlight needs to be durable enough for your needs. For many, a small plastic body will be fine. But for others, a more rugged anodized aluminum body is preferable. More durable flashlights will cost more.

Streamlight offers top-quality flashlights, including those suitable for law enforcement. With outstanding customer service and limited lifetime warranties on their products, Streamlight stands behind their flashlights and offers nothing but the best. So what are the best of the best Streamlight flashlights? You can browse the best selling Streamlight flashlights here.

Best Streamlight Flashlights:

BestCovery, a leading consumer review and rating site, names the Streamlight ProPolymer 3C 33244 as the best household LED flashlight. This is a heavy-duty flashlight that will be ideal in any home. It has a "virtually indestructible" non-conductive polymer construction, impact, shock, and water resistance, unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating, 1 watt super high flux Luxeon LED battery with 10,000-hour life, 44 lumens brightness, and 5.5-hour continuous run time at full intensity and 2 hours of declining output run time. The beam cast by the ProPolymer 3C is long and uniform. It runs on three size C alkaline batteries and measures 9.25 inches. The ProPolymer 3C lists for $70, but you can find it on Amazon for $34 A smaller, but equally impressive choice is the Streamlight 4AA LED Flashlight (model 68202). This streamlined Streamlight was chosen by MetaEfficient, your guide to highly efficient things, as one of the best choices and is considered by experts to be one of the best flashlights for home use. This 6.5-inch, 6.3-ounce flashlight has 7 LEDs, waterproof design, non-conductive thermoplastic construction, impact-resistant rubber cap, Xenon gas-filled bulb with 100,000-hour lifetime, and ergonomic shape. The 68202 runs on 4 AA batteries, which are common and easy to find. At the Amazon price of $25, it is a steal. If you want a rechargeable, consider the Streamlight 78014 Ultra Stinger. This is part of Streamlight's very popular, high quality Stinger line, which is characterized by compact design and powerful light. In fact, they have the most powerful light of any flashlight for-this size. The Ultra Stinger is made with xenon-halogen gas, which provides much more powerful light than standard bulbs. This one offers 30 hour life and an adjustable focus beam. It runs on a rechargeable 6-volt NiCad 5 cell sub-C battery, and AC and DC chargers are included. Owners comment on the quick recharge times, so it is convenient as well as bright. At 11.75 inches and 1.1 pounds, the hefty Ultra Stinger has a machined aircraft aluminum anodized construction to protect it from corrosion and damage. The polycarbonate lens is unbreakable. This is a durable choice and one that will last you for years of good use. Complete with Streamlight's limited lifetime warranty, this is a great deal at $100 - down from a list price of $195. As one Amazon reviewer wrote, this is the best flashlight he's ever used. You'll agree. You can't talk about Streamlight without mentioning their weapon flashlights. This top flashlight manufacturer makes a complete line of tactical flashlights, both gun-mounted and handheld. A favorite with Amazon reviewers is the 88850 Polytac LED Flashlight, which features C4 LED technology, 50,000-hour lifetime, Borofloat glass lens, o-ring seal, tail cap push button, 120 lumens brightness, 3 hours of continuous run time, nylon polymer frame, waterproofing, and virtually indestructible construction. The PolyTac operates on two 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries. This is 5.22 inches and weighs just over 4 ounces. Amazon reviewers consistently say it is one of the best flashlights they've owned. This model costs $34. Other tactical flashlights can be found here. Streamlight provides the best quality and durability on the market. For an item as essential as an LED flashlight, trust the best. Look at their extensive line in stores and online.