Updated: December 2017

Swim Goggle Reviews:

I grew up wearing a swimming mask whenever I went to swim at our local pool. Many of my friends wore no eye protection at all and only a few had swim goggles. Chlorine can really effect your eyes if you swim too long in a pool. I used to get red eyes if I didn't wear a mask in the swimming pool and as I got older I was able to do without the mask so much. Today, my 2 kids consider it mandatory that they swim with goggles on and masks are pretty much non-existent anymore. I see lots of kids sitting near the pools edge that are complaining about being splashed in the face and they have zero eye protection on. If their parents bought them goggles they'd be all set. My 4 year old son lives in the water during the summer months and with his goggles never once says a word about water in his eyes or not being able to see under the water. When I don't wear goggles it's hard for me to see around the pool when I am underwater. I recently bought a pair for myself so that my vision would be better and to also keep my eyes from becoming so irritated with the chemicals that are in the water like chlorine. The good news is that swimming goggles are fairly inexpensive and are sold in stores like Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Target, and online at Amazon.com.
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What features should you look for in a good pair of swim goggles? We came across all sorts of buying guides for goggles online but found that common sense leads you to the right pair. First, consider that everyone has a different shaped head, eyes, nose, etc. Don't just think any old pair of swim goggles will do. For those of you that generally swim on sunny days, tinted goggles are a good idea to cut down on the glare of the sun. Look for swimming goggles that offer UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Anti-fog goggle are quite popular and many brands are now making this feature standard. The eye cushioning on the goggles is critical I have found. My kids prefer the goggles to have good suction so that no leakage occurs although this leaves them with big round circles around their eyes when they take them off. Being able to adjust the nose piece can help get you a better fit as well. The adjustable straps on the sides of the swim goggles are another area that gives everyone fits. You want a pair of goggles with easy to adjust straps not only for adults but for kids too. Sometimes the peripheral vision with goggles is lacking and if you need a better range of vision on your sides consider a swim mask. The top brands include Speedo, Aqua Sphere, Barracuda, and Finis. Some of our visitors wanted to know about "swedish goggles" - they are generally used for competitive swimming and have no seal around the eyes and you have to assemble them yourselves. So for now we want to focus on goggles that everyday people purchase. We found a great swim goggle review done by Juliet Lapidos on Slate.com. She tested quite a few goggles based on ease of use, comfort, visibility, value, and aesthetics. The Speedo Speed Socket won the overall top rating but others like Nike Swift Strapless Goggle scored pretty well for visibility. I have been using the Speedo Vanquisher Plus Mirrored Swim Goggle this entire summer (2009) and they seem to do the job quite impressively. I tried them while snorkeling once but I prefer a mask for those type of water activities. You can browse the top selling swimming goggles online here.

Best Swim Goggles:

Top rated on several websites including Amazon.com, the Speedo Vanquisher Plus Mirrored Swim Goggle are a great value at about $15/pair. These mid-range goggles give you competition quality anti-fog and shatter resistant mirrored lenses. The silicone lens gaskets keep them comfortable over your eye socket and the nose piece is adjustable for further comfort. I like them because they offer 95% UV protection and they are very stylish. The headstrap is easy to adjust and I find them leak free and my eyes are never irritated by over chlorinated pool water anymore. We did read a few complaints on these goggles for night or indoor swimming where light is not as abundant. Overall, the Speedo goggles perform just fine and the price can't be beat. You can find the ladies version here (in pink).

Michael Phelps Swim Goggles:

Ok, we all would like to swim like an Olympic athlete like Michael Phelps so let's start with the goggles. Back in 2004 when Michael burst onto the seen he was using the Speedo Speed Socket Swim Goggle which are still a top seller on sites like Amazon.com. They are available in 6 different colors and priced under $25 with free shipping available on most orders. These low profile, anti-fog swim goggles may not boost your speed in the pool, but they will function very well. The shatter resistant polycarbonate lens and double length silicone headstrap are just 2 features that owners praise. You can put in 3 different nose pieces to customize the fit even more. Perfect for competitive and recreational swimmers alike.

Swim Mask:

Many of the same manufacturers of goggles also make quality swim masks. Lots of kids prefer a mask over goggles, so definitely take a look at the most popular swim masks online here. Masks are a great option if you or your child has trouble with water going up their nose. A solid masks that covers the nose will stop that from happening and let your kid enjoy swimming that much more.