Updated: December 2017

Swimming Pool Supplies:

The Best Swimming Pool Supplies for Your Pool - Having a swimming pool is a dream come true for many people; they imagine gliding through pristine water, cooling off on hot days, and sipping drinks with umbrellas. What they typically do not imagine is feeling a little slimy, the water looking a little dull, leaves clogging the drains, and growing fungus. The not-so-glamorous side of swimming pools. Cleaning your pool properly is crucial for your enjoyment and for your safety. With the best pool supplies and pool chemicals, you can be gliding through that crystalline water in no time. Let the algae play in your neighbor's pool.

Cleaning Your Pool - The need for clean water in your swimming pool is obvious; no one wants to swim in disgusting, stagnant, mosquito-attracting water. How do you do this? Regular maintenance is the key. HomeTips recommends that during the "high" season, you should spend between 4 and 8 hours a week attending to your pool. This sounds like a lot! But breaking it up and doing jobs regularly will keep this time to a minimum, keep your pool clean, and keep you lounging poolside. Once in a while, you'll have to tackle the big jobs, but even these aren't as big if you keep your pool maintained. Here is a list of basics you'll need:

*Leaf rake.
*Pool Vacuum. This connects to your pool's circulation system or its own power supply, depending on your model. This gets the dirt that the leaf skimmer cannot.
*Wall and floor brush.
*Algae brush.
*Tile brush and a pumice stone if you have some spots you need to buff out.
*Pool chemicals to sanitize and balance your water.

You should clean out your strainer baskets about once a week. This will help your circulation system stay efficient. Vacuuming is another vital step. This helps keep your water clean and it will reduce the amount of chemicals that you need to use. Another important job is cleaning the walls. Again, this is a once-a-week job but it's important to keep algae from building up or tile scum from taking over. Pool opening and closing kits are also very helpful in maintaining your pool and ensuring that when summer comes, you're ready to jump right in. You can browse the best selling pool supplies here.

Swimming Pool Supplies and Chemicals:

Here are some suggestions for making your pool maintenance a bit easier:

Do you hate scooping the leaves out of your pool? It can be a chore, but take a look at your tools. Are you using a leaf skimmer or a leaf rake? A leaf rake is a better choice; it is built like a leaf skimmer but instead of a flat scoop net, it has a deep bag-like net. You can swoop through the water much more easily and get more leaves and debris, even from the bottom. Amazon reviewers like the Swimline Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Rake because it is very durable and strong with its heavy-duty molded construction. The deep, fine mesh bag will cut your pool cleaning time dramatically. The Swimline leaf rake is $15. A pool vacuum will also make your job much easier, particularly an automatic one. These are much more pricy than manual versions, but if you have the money and not the time, this is a good buy for your pool. SwimmingUniversity rated the Aquabot Turbo T2, Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner as the best on the market. The Aquabot is a self-contained pool cleaner designed for inground pools up to 50 feet long. It will clean a pool of this size completely in an hour and features a reusable filter, quad brush system to loosen debris from the sides and floor of your pool, power washing jets, non-clogging offset vacuum ports, internal guided drive motor and directional clutch, and extra-wide non-marking wheels. Cleaning your pool with the Aquabot will reduce your expenditures on chemicals, water, replacement parts, and energy consumption by as much as half. The initial price is $1500 but it will save you money in other areas. A good choice for smaller budgets is the Pool Blaster Buster Max from Water Tech. This is a manual vacuum that can filter 40 to 50 gallons per minute. It operates up to 1 hour on a single battery charger and has a quick recharge time of 1-2 hours. Separate from your pool's filtration system, the Pool Blaster will help you maintain your water's clarity and keep your costs down. It includes a large-capacity filter bag, spot cleaning nozzle, and battery charger. You do have to operate it but it will only cost you $175. This is a well-reviewed product by Amazon consumers, who say it is a time saver.

Pool Chemicals are necessary to keep your water chemistry balanced and happy so you'll be balanced and happy. You can't really just buy a gallon of chlorine, dump it in, and call it good. You have to add the pool chemicals in the right order and in the right amounts so your pool surfaces aren't damaged and so your water is clean and safe to swim in. A good way to ensure you're doing what you need to is to get a pool opening kit. One of the best selling choices and the highest reviewed on Epinions is the In the Swim Pool Opening Kit. This contains everything you'll need to get your pool ready for action. Let's look at the kit for pools up to 35,000 gallons (there are other sizes, so make sure you get the right one for your pool). This set includes a 10-pack of test strips, 1/2 gallon of Algaecide, 1 quart of Clarifier, 4 pounds of chlorine pool shock, a liter of Pool Magic with Phos-Free, which starves algae, a liter of Metal Free which prevents staining from metals, pool opening instructions, and 1 Sun Sorb, which helps fight scum by attracting body oils and lotions that can muddy the waters. The In the Swim set costs $69. A pool closing kit is also recommended. Having a pool can be a bit of work, but short of hiring a pool boy, there are other ways to keep it clean, sanitary, and sparkling for your family and friends to enjoy. Swimming pool maintenance is essential, and if you keep up with it, you'll spend more time poolside and less time leaf skimming.