Updated: December 2017

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Herbert Hoover said that fishing allowed us to return to the "fine simplicity" of our forefathers. Ever since there have been people roaming the earth, there have been anglers fishing the seas and streams; not only is it an age-old source of sustenance, today, it is a way to relax, chat with other fishermen, see new rivers or lakes, and create new stories about the ones that got away. While you could head out for a day of fishing with a pole you've rigged up out of string and an old glass Coke bottle, you probably want the best tools for the job. What those tools are depends on when you're fishing, where, and what type of fishing you're going to be doing. Because different tackle is necessary for each of these, it is essential that you be able to have everything you need organized and right at the tip of your fingers. This guide will look at the best tackle boxes so you'll be ready anytime you get the urge to cast.
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What to Look for in a Tackle Box - There is no right or wrong way to set up a tackle box; the key is to make sure everything is organized in a way that is natural and comfortable to you. Likewise, there is no one single tackle box that will suit everyone. Many people like a hard plastic model that will double as a seat, while others prefer a soft-sided fishing tackle bag for lighter weight carrying. In general, though, here are some things to look out for:

*Size. You probably have a good idea what tackle, bait, and other essentials you'll need, so you can gauge the size pretty easily.
*Handles and hinges. Make sure these are durable and can stand up to the rigors of fishing with you.
*Ease of organization. This relates somewhat to size. If you have a lot of tackle, you'll need a system with tiered storage trays and a storage well in the bottom. These should slide out so you can get what you need when you need it without having to move everything out to find it. No matter what size your tackle box is, it should have compartmentalized sections for ease of use.
*Waterproof seals. Ever drop your tackle box in the water? Waterproof seals are great!
*Locks. You don't want your lock to pop and your fishing gear to spill all over a trail, riverside, lakeside, or worse, in the water. Make sure the lock is strong and secure.
*Material. A light colored, hard, durable plastic is the best choice for hard-sided fishing tackle boxes. These stand up to a lot of use, and the light color prevents the inner contents from becoming too hot (if you have live bait, jarred salmon eggs, or the like, you don't want to cook it). A metal tackle box is likely to dent and to become very, very hot when exposed to sun or heat.
*Price. Set a budget, and stick to it. Luckily, you can find good quality at any price range.

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Best Tackle Boxes:

This will depend on your needs, but rest assured that there is a never-ending variety from which to choose. We'll narrow it down to some of the best. Recently, soft-sided fishing tackle boxes have become much more popular as fishermen begin to appreciate their versatility and light weight. With these, you can get to those hard-to-reach fishing spots without having to tote an awkward and heavy box. LargeMouthBassTips recommends that you choose a Plano or a Shimano, two of the top brands. There is no better place to start than with the Plano Guide Series. The Plano Guide Series Bag with Four 3650 Stowaways, for instance, offers a handy zippered compartment at the top, 4 3600 series StowAway utility boxes, waterproof base with a molded design, 3 nylon gusseted compartments with zippers, and a padded shoulder strap. Stash your license and tools in the pockets; the StowAway pockets allow you to organize your tackle for specific types of fishing. Many people have a box for trout fishing, bass fishing, etc., and you can just grab and go anytime. This Plano tackle bag is all you'll need for years of great fishing. It's a bit pricy at $60, but well worth the price for avid fishermen. Plano makes a top quality line of fishing tackle boxes that you can check out here. Another top of the line choice is the Flambeau Outdoors Maximizer Tackle Chest. This deluxe choice is particularly well-suited for those who have a lot of musky and saltwater baits - or for those who just have a lot of tackle. One Amazon reviewer remarked how her only problem with the Flambeau tackle box was that her husband needed to buy more lures to fill it. Each rack holds more than 50 large baits, and there is room for over 100 if they are smaller. What sets the Outdoors Maximizer Tackle Chest apart from others is the revolutionary Zerust. This is a polymer that emits a harmless vapor which creates a layer of protection around the metal surfaces. Flambeau's patented system keeps rust and corrosion from overtaking your tackle box. This is $78. If these are looking a little rich for your blood, don't worry. The next is a bit easier on the budget but still maintains high quality standards. The Plano Flip Sider 3 Tray features Plano's patented Flipsider technology and offers top bait access and 3 deep trays for your fishing tackle needs. The tiered layers fold out easily to allow for quick and mess-free access. The lower storage area provides an excellent space for tools and your license. On top, you'll also find 2 drink holders. Plano thought of everything. A reviewer on Cabela's said that whoever designed the Plano Flip Sider 3 Tray deserves a raise. You'll agree as soon as you take your first fishing trip together. The Flip Sider is available for $24. There are lots of great choices out there; just take a few minutes to consider your needs and your budget. Plano is a top name, as is Flambeau, Shimano, Albackcore, Patagonia, and G. Loomis. View top rated tackle boxes here. Then get out there and break it in.