Updated: December 2017

Tennis Bag Reviews:

Playing tennis is fun and great exercise. If you own a few rackets, then lugging all your equipment (balls, rackets, towel, water) to and from the courts can be a bit much. Owning a tennis bag has eliminated all that hassle for me and it's something I would recommend for all tennis players. You only have 2 hands so trying to carry all your tennis gear without a bag is not easy. Why not simplify it and buy a tennis carrying bag. I use mine when going to the courts or when I go on vacation and I know there will be tennis courts. Bags come in a variety of sizes, but most will hold at least 2 rackets and have extra space for water bottles, cans of balls, towels, or whatever else you might take. I bought my first bag years ago when I started playing USTA tournaments and I had to take things like shoes, socks, warm ups, and more. It became too much to deal with so a bag made sense.
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Choosing a Tennis Bag - The first thing to know is that tennis bags range from $20 to $100. A good one will set you back $40, but keep in mind they will last for a decade or more quite easily. Storage Space - This is the most critical feature in a bag. How much equipment do you need to put in the bag. Perhaps you take your family to the courts and it will require space for 4 rackets and supplies. Other people only have 1 racquet but need room for balls, tape, towel, water, etc. I have found that the bags which hold up to 3 tennis rackets tend to provide plenty of room. There are tour level bags which hold your entire wardrobe if you want but certainly aren't necessary for the amateur player. My old bag had 2 separate compartments with a zipper that opened them up. I like that format but newer bags tend to have 1 main compartment. I prefer having 2 separate spaces - one for the rackets and one for the supplies. Carrying Them - The vast majority are like duffel bags with a strap to carry it over your shoulder or you can just use the handles at the top to carry it. Others, have more of backpack feel and allow you to put it on your back just like you would a backpack. These get less favorable reviews simple because with some of these the racket handle sticks out of the top of the backpack (there is not enough room like with the other bags). Brands - You will find Wilson, Head, Adidas, Yonex, Babolat, Prince, and Nike. Price - As we mentioned above, a good bag will cost no more than $50 while the top of the line pro bags will be $100. Where to Buy - I prefer shopping at Tennis Express, Holabird Sports, or Midwest Sports. I am an old timer and have used those companies long before the Internet was around. Midwest advertises in the back of Tennis Magazine and there website is solid. You can find tennis bags on Amazon.com or in stores like Walmart or Dicks Sporting Goods. Browse the best selling tennis bags here. The one plus with shopping online at Amazon.com versus those other places is that Amazon lists dozens of owner reviews for many of the products and this give you the opportunity to get real feedback and comments on a particular style or brand.

Best Tennis Bag:

As several reviewers have mentioned, the Head tennis bags are perfect. The ATP Pro bag carries 2 rackets and has a bit of room for supplies. Best for beginners. If you are a tournament player and require room for towels, balls, rackets, etc, then consider the Head Tour Team Combi or Head Radical Limited Edtion Combi Tennis Bag (that's the one I own). Head sponsors both Andy Murrary and Novak Djokovic - you can get their bags if you want to spend the extra money. The Head Tour Combi holds up to 4 to 6 racquets in their storage compartment while the ATP Tour model keep 3 racquets (without covers). What I like is the removable wet/dry bag that is comes with so you can put a pair of sweaty sneakers or dirty shoes into it after a match. Before I bought the Head tennis bag I owned a Wilson one and it held up just fine. The only thing that eventually broke was the zipper to the main compartment. Most of these bags have storage room on the outside of the bag for things like keys or glasses.

Tennis Bag for Women:

Moving on to the ladies out there. I see more women carrying the backpack style tennis bags than the traditional tennis bags that the pros tend to use. Not sure of the allure, but whatever works I guess. Prince has quite a few bags for ladies - the Prince Racq Pack Bag comes in pink and is perfect for all your tennis equipment. The Head Womens Combi is another favorite amongst the female tennis players. Holds 2 to 4 tennis racquets with extra space for accessory items. This one too has the separate bag for shoes or smelly clothes. Plus the outside pocket is great for cell phones, hair bands, etc. Many of the tennis backpacks we saw received less than perfect ratings from consumers, so make sure you try them out in a store before commiting to buying one. Obviously they are not for everyone.