Updated: December 2017

Tetherball Set Reviews:

The classic game of tetherball has been played on playgrounds across America for decades. I grew up playing the sport with my friends at school and we used to have the old fashioned tetherball set that was planted securely in an old tire with cement in the middle. I remember my hands hurting after hitting the ball at recess so some of us brought ski gloves to play with. The newer tetherball balls are much softer and way more forgiving on your hands. The object of the game is to get the ball (attached to a thin rope line) to wind all around the pole with no slack left in your direction. The players go back and forth hitting the ball over and around their opponent. The game is fast paced and can be played by kids and adults of all ages. Usually the one that is taller has an advantage but that is not always the case. If your kids are asking for a tetherball set then you should look into your options for a home set.
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The best kind are the portable tetherball sets that you can put anywhere in your yard. Many reviews we read online from owners mentioned that they actually had a few locations in their backyards that they used them. Some owners said they placed the pole in a perminent spot with cement which made it very sturdy. Most of the tetherball sets we looked into had a 12 inch sleeve that fits into the ground (can be cemented in) and the pole fits into to that securely. The top rated Park & Sun TP-158 Deluxe Power Pole Tetherball Set is the best seller on Amazon and features everything that you would need. The only complaint was that the ball seemed a bit flimsy either fading in the sun easily or loosing air too quick. The best solution to making any tetherball pole a portable one is to create a solid base with a tire filled with cement. Place the sleeve or pole directly into the cement for a solid fit. Steel poles are the highest quality and so that is what should be a main concern when purchasing a set. The tetherball balls are about $20 to replace so if you do go through one they are replaceable. The top brands are Halex, Olympia Sports, Park & Sun, and SSG. We found tetherball sets available in stores like Target, Costco, Walmart, and Toys R Us. You can browse the most popular tetherball sets and equipment online here.

Best Tetherball Set:

RECOMMENDED - The top seller and most popular set on Amazon is the Park & Sun TP-158 Deluxe Power Pole Tetherball set. Priced at just under $60 the TP-158 is ideal for driveway or backyard tetherball play. It comes with a 12 inch ground sleeve for easy installation and you also get a ball pump to make sure the tetherball is inflated properly. The pole is broken into 2 pieces - each has 1 5/8" galvanized steel to ensure long lasting durability. The set is perfect for kids and it sets up quickly. It's recommended to put the poles into a cement base and if you can get an old tire that's the best solution when using cement. That way you can move the base around your yard and it's becomes quite portable. The ball could be better say some owners, but the pole is top quality and should last for years.

Swingball Tetherball Set:

Have you ever seen the variation game of tetherball called Swingball. The same objective stands in Swingball, get your ball around and past the opponent until there is no slack left in the line connected to the ball. In Swingball you use a paddle to smash the ball instead of your hand in tetherball. The top seller is the Swingball Tetherball Set on Amazon for about $40. Fill the base with water, rocks, or sand to make it stable. Great for backyard play, taking it to the park, or just having a good time at block parties. Designed for smaller kids, although I have seen teenagers playing this game as well.

In ground Tether Ball Set:

Many reviews we read online with cheaper tetherball sets questioned the long term durability of the pole and equipment in general. The Ground Mounted Institutional Quality Tetherball Set gets excellent feedback from owners. The Olympia Sports set features durable poles that you find in schools and parks. They are made of steel and when the 2 pole are attached they stand 11 feet 6 inches high. The set is slightly more than the Park & Sun listed above, but the extra $20 may give you piece of mind when looking for long term use.