Updated: December 2017

Water Towables Reviews and Buying Guide:

If you like boating on rivers and lakes then odds are you have tried using the towables to pull people behind the boat. Instead of having to learn how to waterski or wakeboard, people of all sizes and shapes can leisurely sit on a towable tube. The inflatable towables offer even little kids the option to go for a ride on the river. Most of the boat towables are round, or saucer in shape, and designed to float along the top of the water as they are pulled by a boat. If the driver of the boat maneuvers properly then the riders on the towable will hit the wake of the boat and get some "air". I've seen people completely thrown off these things so I know it can be a bit dangerous. Most of the time, though, it's easy going and kids or adults usually have a blast on towables. I have yet to try one of these on a river, but the one opportunity I had on a lake was some of the most fun I've had in years. Towables are often meant for 2 or 3 people and the 2 person towable I rode on allowed my friend and I to really ride the wake and get airborne a few times. There are handles to hold onto, kind of like an inner tube you might use in a pool, so you can stay on fairly easily when the boat is just going straight. The real fun starts as the inflatable tube gets thrown around curves and you can feel it bouncing off the waters surface.

Who makes the best towables? I rode on the O'Brien Super Screamer Inflatable Towable and it seemed durable and able to handle us, but when we did our research online it appears that the Kwik Tek Towables dominate sales. Customers can't say enough about the Kwik Tek products as almost all their towables get near perfect reviews as posted on Amazon.com and several other boat tubing websites. Kwik Tek makes the famous hot dog inflatable towable that is a famous water recreational activity found at resorts worldwide. O'Brien towables are probably the 2nd best in the market followed by Sportsstuff and Sevylor. The one towable that received less than ideal scores was the Airhead Viper which looks very professional but functioned less than adequately on the water per own reviews. When purchasing one of these boat inflatable towables keep in mind how many people will actually be riding them. For the most part 2 rider towables are sufficient enough to give everyone a chance on the water but the newer 3 person towables are becoming quite popular. Sportsstuff makes a inflatable boat towable that will hold 4 and the Rave Sports 5 seat Waterboggan Boat Tow can get the whole family on the water at once. As with any air inflated towable product, leaks and tears can happen so buying a repair kit is a good idea if you plan on owning one of these water inflatables. The best reviews we could find were online at Amazon.com and there are lots to choose from. Almost all the towables we saw listed had at least one review by an actual owner which should help in your buying decision. You can browse the top selling inflatable towables online here.

Best Towable:

RECOMMENDED - The most popular towable is the Kwik Tek Big Slice Inflatable Towable with it's 58" diameter and a low profile so you literally skim across the water. The Airhead Slice is made with neoprene on the top and the 4 nylon wrapped handles with knuckle guards let you hang on for dear life. Inflating or deflating is easy with the Boston valve and it connects in seconds to the boat. Designed for 1 or 2 riders, most owners agreed that getting onto the towable from the water was not too difficult. Customers say it's "great for families" and "little kids love it". As with all towables, you will get a bit tired in your arms from hanging on. There is a Super Slice option on this product that sells for $120.

Towable Tubes:

Looking for more of a towable tube? We found the top rated Sports Stuff Big Bertha Towable Tube which lets you pull along 1 to 4 riders. Wake riding is a blast on this tube says one owner and the speed valve lets you inflate/deflate the inflatable tube in no time at all. The self-bailing drain vent is a nice touch. Overall riders say you can turn over or flip more easily on this type of boating inflatable tube, but the fun is still in bouncing along the wake and riding the waves of the water.

3 Person Towable:

Want the ultimately in fun, then go with the Kwik Tek G-Force Inflatable Towable which gets a perfect 5 out of 5 stars from reviews posted on Amazon. The G Force towable will hold up to 3 people and the 30 gauge virgin PVC bladder is double stitched with nylon for added durability. With the increased weight of a 3rd person some owners say the tube tends to "submarine" when starting or stopping. A simple solution is to sit further back on the towable and pull up on the handles to keep the front end of the tube in the air. You will need a quality tow rope if you plan on tugging along 3 passengers on the G Force. With the reputation that Kwik Tek has in the industry, this towable should keep your summer on the lake or river full of fun.