Updated: December 2017

Trampoline Reviews:

Trampolines are fun for people of all ages (kids to adults) and have recently popped back into backyards across America. It seems that everywhere you look someone has a trampoline crammed into their backyard. Yes, they can be exciting to jump on but they can also be very dangerous if used incorrectly. With the explosions of trampoline sales, the variety offered has increased as well with round trampolines, rectangle trampolines, water trampolines, and mini trampolines. When looking to buy a trampoline you need to consider many things. You want a trampoline to last for years and not fall apart easily which means you need to select wisely. The smaller trampolines are only 3 feet wide and a few inches off the ground while the larger 16 foot trampolines are several feet above the ground. Net enclosures are something all manufacturers now suggest purchasing as a safety precaution. Weight capacity is another key component of any trampoline since many accidents occur when too much weight is placed on the springs and metal tubing. Talk with friends and family who currently have a trampoline to see if they are satisfied with the quality.

When you are ready to buy a trampoline first determine the space you have available for it. There is fun to be had on any size trampoline but the last thing you want to do is buy too large of a trampoline for a confined area. Round trampolines are best for keeping the jumper in the middle and are great for backyard jumping. Rectangular trampolines give you a larger "jumping space" and the flexible springs allow for a "higher bounce", suited for training gymnasts. You need roughly 24 feet of overhead clearance and about 6 feet around the sides of the trampoline so you can avoid bushes, fences, etc if you fall off. Don't go with the cheapest priced trampoline as that may not always be the safest option. Compare trampolines side by side online to check for quality parts, size, and price. Many trampoline sites tend to sell their own manufacturered models which makes their testimonials and descriptions suspect. Try to find a website that offers a variety of brand names for trampolines like Jumpking, Hedstrom, AirMaster, Jumpsport, etc. A top quality trampoline is made by Jumpright and sells for $1399 on the Jumpright.com website. You get a 14 X 16 rectangle trampoline that provides a huge jumping area and great for learning acrobatics. An 8 foot round Hedstrom Trampoline sells for about $219 while a 14' Airmaster Trampoline and Enclosure "SUPER" Combo goes for $699. We know several neighbors who have bought theirs at Walmart, Costco, Target, and even Toys R Us. You can browse the best selling trampolines online here.

Best Trampoline:

BEST - If you have the room in your backyard, then go with the Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline which is top rated by owners on several websites. There is a net enclosure you can purchase separately which we highly recommend for safety purposes. Owners say the high performance steel springs give jumpers a better bounce. The base is stable and the galvanized iron steel tubing is rust resistant meaning you can leave the trampoline out in bad weather. There is a 250 pound weight capacity, so probably safe for 2 teenagers but not for multiple adults. The trampoline is solid and the 88 springs give a nice jumping surface that lets you really jump up high. The thick foam padding that surround the jumping pad is there for safety, so make sure you put it on when assembling. I helped my neighbor assemble his and it took about 1 1/2 hours to do it - that included the netted enclosure. Another top rated model is the JumpSport 14' SoftBounce Trampoline which is slightly more expensive and also comes without an enclosure (that is $260 more). It seems that 12 foot trampolines fit better into the smaller yards found on the west coast. The 14 foot trampolines are great, but order only if you have the space for it.

Mini Trampolines:

When it comes to mini bouncers, the Bazoongi 48" Bouncer is the most popular and top selling mini trampoline we coudn find anywhere. Your child can play all day on this and the handle bar that goes across one side of the trampoline adds stability while they are jumping up and down. The weight limit is 80 pounds, so definitely not made for adults, but your kids will love it. Owners say it's easy to assemble and that it fits almost anywhere. Unlike the larger trampolines that require big spaces in your yard, the Bazoongi is compact and only 48 inches in diameter. Some parents mentioned that having an enclosure would make them feel more secure and there is an option for the 55" model that comes with enclosure. View all mini trampolines here.

Trampoline Safety:

There are some basic rules and regulations for using trampolines that will help maintain safety and keep everyone injury free. See the list below as a general guideline in helping keep your trampoline safe.
  • Make sure the trampoline is dry when using it - never jump on a wet trampoline
  • Maker sure there is adequate space above and around the trampoline
  • Only one person should jump on a trampoline at a time
  • Jumpers should always be supervised
  • When gusty winds exist, stay off the trampoline
  • No jumping off of decks or trees onto the trampoline to get a big bounce
  • Onlookers should keep a safe distance from the edge of the trampoline