Updated: December 2017

Water Bottle Reviews:

We are all told to drink more water every day but how much is enough. Experts say it all depends on how much activity you are involved with on a daily basis. Most people would say that 2 liters (or about 8 glasses) of water a day are sufficient to keep your body going at optimal levels. If you go hiking or are playing sports out in the hot sun and losing fluids faster than you would normally, then it's pertinent you consume more water than you usually do. Years ago when I went on a backpacking trip I bought generic plastic water bottles at REI since that is about all they offered. Now, you can get sophisticated water bottles that are more ergonomic, but they are also better insulated and keep whatever liquids you have in them colder for longer periods of time. Who should buy water bottles? What features should you look for? We have a general buying guide down below followed by reviews of the most popular and best water bottles on the market.
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No matter the activity you are doing (biking, walking, hiking, yard work, etc.), staying hydrated is very important to your overall health. Most water bottles are versatile enough you can use them for drinking fluids while doing almost any strenuous activity, but some are designed for specific activities like cycling. For the average person who wants to just drink water while at home or at work, go with a basic water bottle. If you are looking to keep track of your water drinking throughout the day, consider the technological water bottle from SportsLine called the HydraCoach which actually keeps track of your fluid intake. Camelbak (often mispelled Camel Back) water bottles are very popular for those in the office as well as people enjoying the outdoors. One of best inventories of water bottles we could find (especially for sports) was at Sportsbottleworld.com. They have a huge selection of squeezable sports bottles, metal sports bottles, bike bottles, insulated bottles, and full on hydration systems. Amazon.com also carries plenty of water bottle choices with prices ranging from $5 to $35 for select water bottles. Nalgene is a reputable name in the water bottle industry with innovative designs for kids and adults. When buying a water bottle, you want something that is easy to clean, has a spill proof cap, insulates your water/liquids, and has easy to read markings on the side. Another important thing to consider is how much liquid the water bottle will hold. Most water bottles hold between 16 ounces (1 Pint) and 32 ounces. No sense in having to refill an 8 oz water bottle all day or worse yet carrying multiple water bottles on a hike in the woods. We found some good reviews online at Amazon.com, Altrec.com, and Travelsinparadise.com. Although there are no head to head comparisons, there are some solid reviews on specific water bottles from the top brands. You can find water bottles specifically designed for outdoor use in stores like REI or Sports Authority. Other retailers like Targer or Wal-Mart carry everyday water bottles meant for home and office use. See some of the most popular water bottle products down below.

Best Water Bottle:

Camelbak makes some of the best hydration packs and water bottles on the market. Their designs are innovative, ergonomic, and well thought out. The Camelbak Polycarbonate 24Oz./0.75L Water Bottle ($12) is the ideal water bottle with plenty of capacity at 24 ounces. The wide-mouth bottle is easy to fill and the standard cap size fits most other wide-mouth bottles. The Lexan polycarbonate material is tough and durable and the no-drip bite valve system is convenient. The Camelbak gets excellent consumer reviews on Amazon and is one of the top rated water bottles in their inventory. We believe the size is perfect for almost any activity - biking, hiking, running, walking, cycling, tennis, basketball, etc. With 13 colors to choose, you shouldn't have a problem finding a color you like. Camelbak also offers a 16 oz and 32 oz version of this water bottle on Amazon.

Luxury Water Bottle:

Looking for a water bottle on steriods, then take a look at the Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle ($25) with 22 oz capacity and all the bells and whistles you could want. The Hydracoach is like having a personal hydration trainer with you all day long. It automatically calculates your daily hydration goal, monitors the total amount of liquids consumed per day, displays the average amount of fluids consumed per hour, and paces you along the way so you know how you are doing. It's completely dishwasher safe as well. Reviews are mixed on this luxury water bottle with some calling it "genius" and others complaining about the accuracy and the "plastic" taste from the bottle. Most users agree the idea behind the Hydracoach is just what people need, but the design and overall functionality could use some work. Although people are buying this water bottle, we say stick with a more conventional design and do the math yourself on your daily hydration needs.

Water Bottle for Hiking/Camping:

Sigg water bottles consistently rank high when tested against the competition for taste, durability, and outdoor usefulness. The Sigg Traveler Water Bottle ($15) firstly has no strange taste like other plastic bottles. The non-toxic baked on inner lining has no weird taste associated with it or odors. Secondly, the aluminum bottle is lightweight and very strong. The seamless construction of the Sigg Traveler makes for a leakproof design and the all aluminum material makes for an eco-friendly product that is recyclable. Owners say they get comments on their Siggs all the time and the bottle does a great job. The Sigg tops are all interchangeable and you can clip the water bottle to your backpack using a carabiner. Hikers rate the Sigg bottles very high and say they keep water cooler (longer) than almost all other types of water bottles. Check out REI or look online at Amazon for these great aluminum water bottles.

Budget Water Bottles:

My wife works in an office and that's where she first saw a Nalgene water bottle. Many of her co-workers brought them to work basically to store their water for the day. These are great budget water bottles that do the job whether in the office or on the go. They offer narrow mouth and wide mouth options in a huge variety of colors and capacity sizes. I prefer their 16 oz narrow mouth for our kids and I the Nalgene 32 oz Wide-Mouth Water Bottle ($9) when I go on hikes. Nalgene is probably the most popular water bottle around and they are reasonably priced.