Updated: December 2017

Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews:

No fitness plan is complete without three main elements: diet, exercise, and sleep. Can't forget sleep! Within the exercise category, people often think of cardiovascular activity and getting their required 30 minutes a day (or more), but complete fitness, health, and weight loss requires not only cardio, but stretching and weight training as well. In fact, weight training is often the key that can unlock elusive weight loss, and it is certainly vital in keeping your heart and body healthy and active. If you're a serious weight trainer, you need serious equipment; even if you're a beginner and seeking to cash in on the benefits of weight training, weight gloves can be tremendously helpful. Should you add them to your routine? What are the benefits? Let's see.
weight lifting gloves

Why Use Weight Gloves? - Weight lifting, like any exercise and most things in life, has the potential to cause injury if done improperly or if you strain yourself beyond what your body can handle. Challenge is good, pain is not. Weight gloves can help in the following ways:

*Preventing calluses. This is the number one reason people give for their use of weight lifting gloves, especially women. The layer of protection between you and your equipment can prevent hardened skin from building up. These usually don't hurt, but they may bug you all the same.
*Stopping sweat from stopping you. When you exercise, you sweat. No news there. Workout gloves help you maintain a better grip, which allows you to keep pushing yourself and keep from dropping weights on yourself.
*Pressure absorption. It's often minor irritations that cut our workouts short, like sore hands. Our muscles could take more, but our hands are calling for a ceasefire. Gloves take some of that pressure off. This also helps protect the wrists, which again, can help you push to muscle fatigue, not hand soreness.

What to Look for in Weight Lifting Gloves - Getting the right gloves is essential for receiving the most benefit. As you're shopping, consider the following:

*Size. In general, people who wear sizes 7-9 shoes will wear small gloves, 9-10 wear medium, 10-12 large, and 12 and up extra large. Of course, your hands may not fit in with this overall scheme, but it's a good place to start. The gloves should fit like a glove...snug but not too tight.
*Material. You can get nylon, leather, or neoprene. Of these, nylon is least durable and effective. It's better to stick with leather, and preferably neoprene. Neoprene is very durable and it is excellent at wicking away sweat. Leather, though, is good for very heavy weights.
*Fingers. It is best to find a glove that covers the bottom halves of your fingers but leaves the tip free for breathability.
*Wrist wraps. These are particularly great for those with sore wrists; the wraps are built into the glove for extra support.

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Best Weight Lifting Gloves:

The best weight lifting gloves will ultimately come down to your preferences and your budget, but here are some ideas to get you started. Associated Content chose the Harbinger Fitness Men's Flex Fit Weightlifting Glove as the best on the market. These are a favorite because they provide extra protection without the extra bulk. As Harbinger says, these all-purpose training gloves allow the maximum range of motion with a minimal glove design. The gloves are made of washable (and dryable) leather and the palms utilize TechGel Comfort Pads. These shape to fit your hands, building in more protection for your training. The finger length is short, reducing the bulk, but long enough to protect and support. The best touch according to almost every reviewer is the anti-microbial Lycra; this reduces odor and prevents bacteria from growing. Long stretches in the gym bag? No problem for the Harbinger gloves. These are available at Amazon for $18 to $20 in sizes small to XXL, and customers say sizes run true. Women lift weights, too; it is absolutely essential to any good fitness plan for men and women alike, and there's no other way to get toned muscles. Luckily, there are a lot of great gloves from which to choose (see top rated women's weight lifting gloves here). A very popular pair is the Valeo Women's Ocelot Lifting Gloves. These are slim-cut for women's hands and have an excellent design for comfort. Made of quality leather with three-quarters length fingers, the Valeo gloves have a nylon mesh back with hook and loop closure (nylon on the back is excellent because it is breathable and allows moisture to wick away). The foam padding is ergonomically designed for slow recovery and gives an incredible grip so your workouts end when you decide - or when your muscles decide. One Amazon reviewer noted that a common problem with weight workout gloves is that they are very hard and take a while to break in. The Valeo gloves, though, are super soft, comfortable, and best of all, effective. These are available for $13 to $20 in small, medium, and large. Another top name in weight lifting gloves is GoFit. Their Gymworx Pro Leather Weightlifting Glove with Wrist Wrap is a favorite with reviewers on Amazon, FitnessLifeStyles, and more. The durable, comfortable leather lifting gloves provide an anatomically cut palm with suede finish and gel padding for superior grip and center finger with pull tab for easy glove removal. Two extra features make this an outstanding glove: the wrist wrap gives great support for those with wrist soreness or everyone who is doing heavy lifting, and the included CD allows you to create a personalized 12-week training program. These are $17.25 to $25 and come in sizes medium through XXL (view GoFit gloves here). Look online for more great choices and make sure that weight lifting is an integral part of your training routine.