Updated: December 2017

Wrestling Shoe Reviews:

How to Choose the Best Wrestling Shoes - Wrestling is one of the world's oldest games, and that only makes sense. One needed no equipment other than a strong body, quick feet, and a strategic mind - and adrenaline. The sport has evolved since Ancient Egyptians wrestled in fierce, often fatal, battles. The Romans introduced a less violent form of wrestling, and today, it is widely practiced in high school and collegiate settings, as well as in professional arenas. Equipment has evolved as well, and wrestling shoes are necessary to give your soles and ankles the support they need, as well as the gripping power you need. As with any sport shoe, finding the right fit is essential, and the quality of the shoe can impact the quality of your performance. How do you find the right pair? What brands are the best? How much can you expect to pay? We'll help you take care of the shoe questions; the strong body, quick feet, and strategic mind is up to you.
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Choosing Wrestling Shoes - What to Look For: - Wrestlers have very different needs than, say, runners. Runners, for instance, need shock absorption to keep their knees and hips from rebelling. This is not as important to wrestlers because, while they are putting incredible stress on their body, it is not due to the same type of shock or impact you get from running. This is why you will find most adult and youth wrestling shoes to be lighter and more focused on traction and grip than cushioning. Lightweight shoes are important, but so are durable shoes. Leather is a popular material for shoes because of its great durability and its breathability. Nylon is another popular choice, and you'll find that these shoes are less expensive than leather. You give up some of the longevity, but this may be a trade you want to make, especially for youth with feet that are still growing. When you are choosing wrestling shoes, be aware that they tend to run smaller than regular shoes. You'll need to size up a half or even full size, but be careful. You want shoes that fit snugly when you try them on in the store. These shoes stretch as you break them in, and you don't want a loose pair of wrestling shoes. This impedes traction and speed. It is a great idea to try on a pair in a store and then comparison shop online so you get the benefit of knowing what exact size you need in a particular shoe as well as the benefit of getting the best deal. Another consideration is the sole. You want great sole and high ankle support, and you can choose from split sole shoes or single sole shoes. Many wrestlers prefer the relatively new split sole because it provides greater flexibility and traction control. They also tend to be more comfortable. It is a good idea to look for big name brands because these have an established reputation and a track history of good use. Top brands for wrestling shoes include Asics, Infinity, Brute, Nike, and Adidas. Reebok and Asics offer women's wrestling shoes as well. Prices vary depending on the specific type of shoe, the size (youth or adult), the material, and the brand. In general, you can expect to pay between $35 and $130 for your shoes. There are certainly a lot of great choices in the lower end of that spectrum, and going with a budget model may be a good decision for youth or those who wrestle more casually. A good shoe normally lasts for a year, two at the max, so be aware of that when you are making your purchase decision. Color. There are a broad range of colors. You can find everything from yellow to purple. If you are required to wear white wrestling shoes or black wrestling shoes for a school team, you can find these more sedate tones as well. One more thing. It's a little thing, but in wrestling, those can make the biggest difference. You don't want your shoelaces to come undone, so look for a lace guard that keeps them from coming free and ruining your concentration or tripping you. Either way, you are at a disadvantage! There are some great videos here (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wrestling+shoes&aq=f) on different types of shoes, and even how to lace them up.

Best Wrestling Shoes:

We will take a look at top men's shoes to give you an idea of the quality, prices, and features. For women's and youth wrestling shoes, it is a good idea to go with the same big brands and look for the same flexibility, weight, and traction. In your search for the best, you will invariably see Asics wrestling shoes topping the lists. They are generally regarded as among the best in the industry, and there is an exceptional variety of reasonably priced shoes. One of the most popular with consumers at Buzzillions, Amazon, and other similar sites is the Asics Matflex. This shoe features a lightweight build with a breathable open mesh construction. The Matflex is appropriate for wrestlers of all ability levels and provides an Integrated Lace Garage, Asics Custom Sole for superior traction, and a supportive fit. Wrestlers are often advised to wear shoes that are "tight, light, and high." The Matflex fits the bill. It is available from Amazon for $50 to $55. The Adidas adiStar Beijing Wrestling Shoes were developed for the 2008 Olympic Games and are one of the higher end shoes in the wrestling world. They feature outsole perforations, 360 degree ClimaCool for incredible breathability, Speed Heel and RadialCurve to boost performance, welded midsole support, and a zippered elastic lace cover. According to wrestlers, the adiStars offer great flexibility, control, traction, comfort, durability, and ankle support. You don't need to be an Olympic athlete to have the advantage of adiStar wrestling shoes, but you do need a bigger budget. These shoes go for between $140 and $150. The Asics Rulon is another high end shoe that is often regarded as one of the best. This shoe features lightweight design, comfortable fit, DuoSole for great traction and flexibility, Escaine Upper, super suede synthetic material, and foot-contouring construction. These sell for about $110. Asics and Adidas dominate the field, and luckily, they each make shoes that are reasonably priced. $50 is not outrageous for a sports shoe; runners regularly pay more for shoes that last half as long. Look here for an incredible selection of mens wrestling shoes; don't hit the mat in old wrestling shoes.