Updated: December 2017

Concept 2 Rower Reviews:

Wouldn't it be nice if you could do a low-impact exercise that would work every muscle in your body, especially your backside, the backs of your arms, and your shoulders? And while we're making a wish list, it would also help you burn massive amounts of calories, lose weight, and work your heart and lungs. It would also be fun. Yeah, that would be nice. But there is such a machine, and you can use it right in your own home. Rowing is one of the best exercises you can do to sculpt your body and feel like an athlete, even if you hate the gym and don't have a lot of time. Sound too good to be true? That's rowing. Have you ever hopped on a rowing machine at a gym? Your first thought might be, "Oh, this is easy. It's not going to do anything." Some people give up here and hit the treadmill for another mile or two. But some stick it out, and those are the people who are converted. Rowing is deceptive; it does look easy, and it can feel easy, at first - if you have the resistance too low. But it doesn't feel easy for long. Once your body gets into the motion, you feel every muscle working. There are a host of benefits of rowing over other forms of exercise, such as jogging. While jogging and running are exceptional for burning calories and keeping your heart and lungs strong, it is very hard on the joints, particularly the knees. Rowing, on the other hand, provides a smooth low-impact motion that will keep your joints happy.
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But is indoor rowing going to burn as many calories as other exercises? If a 150-pound person walked on a treadmill for 15 minutes at a 3mph pace, he would burn 53 calories. On a rowing machine at a moderate pace, he would burn 116. At a rigorous pace, he would burn 140. 560 calories an hour is more than respectable - it is an awesome workout. But beyond the calorie burn, your muscles are getting necessary activity. You cannot lose weight if you do not weight train, and rowing incorporates both cardio and resistance training to double the effectiveness of your efforts.

The Concept 2 Rowing Machine: Getting More out of Your Workout

Pete Dreissigacker and his brother Dick, an Olympic rower, sowed the seeds of Concept 2 in 1976. They made composite racing oars for use by elite athletes. So these athletes could train anytime and anywhere - regardless if there was water or not - the brothers created an indoor rowing machine in the early 1980s. These became the famous Concept 2 rowing machines, used by Olympic athletes from every corner of the world. Indoor rowing is not only for Olympians, however. They are now common sites in gyms and even in homes. They are used by people rehabilitating from injuries and those who can't take impact on their joints. While an often-skipped machine in the gym, rowing machines are actually among the few that can offer such a comprehensive, butt-kicking workout. And no one kicks butt, and arms, and legs, and abs, and back, like Concept 2. A Concept 2 rowing machine is durable, versatile, and best of all, effective. The Vermont-based company offers two excellent models, the D and E. Which Concept 2 Rowing Machine is Right for You? This depends on two things: your budget and your needs. Either machine will offer an extraordinary workout. If you need an in-home rowing machine, the Model D is perfect. If you have limited mobility, the Model E's lower height makes it easier to get on and off. If you want the latest and greatest, the Model E is for you. If you are a gym owner, a Model E will be better suited for high frequency use. If you have a rowing team, Model Ds are a great choice. It all depends, but you can be sure of a terrific workout with either the D or E rowing machine. Budget is also a concern, though Concept 2 products are very reasonably priced. Indoor rowing is one of the most effective exercises you can do to meet your fitness and health goals. It provides immense benefits, even for those with injuries and health conditions that make other activities difficult or dangerous. There is no better way to start than with the leading rowing machine manufacturer in the world, Concept 2. For Concept 2 rower reviews we suggest Amazon. They have dozens of owner reviews with detailed feedback and opinions on each model. Many other reviews we found online were from actual gym owners who said the Concept 2 rowers are perfect for use in homes. You can browse the best selling Concept 2 rowing machines online here.

Model D Concept 2 Rowing Machine:

This Concept 2 rower has a smooth flywheel design for quiet performance to mimic the feel of rowing on water. You simply sit on the seat, put your feet into the flexible, easily adjustable footrests and get to work. The ergonomic handle encourages natural arm movement. Each feature is designed to be as smooth as possible, from the aluminum rail and stainless steel track to the easy spiral damper. Each movement is controlled and effective. The Model D Concept rower is on caster wheels for added convenience, and it offers compact storage. The Model D comes with either a PM3 or PM4 Monitor with LogCard so you can chart your progress. A USB connection cable allows you to connect with the PM3 or PM4 software for further benefits. The price is a surprise. Top quality gym machines often run into the thousands. However, Concept 2 has made a price commitment to its customers. They provide the highest quality at the lowest price so everyone can benefit from the physical activity they need. The Model D can be found for $900 on Amazon here. While certainly not pocket change for most of us, it is a terrific price for all the health and fitness benefits you will derive. For years. These machines are built to last.

Concept 2 Model E

The Model D is quality, and the Model E is an upgrade. It has the PM4 Monitor, which also comes with a chest belt for heart monitoring. Like the Model D, it comes with software to further help you get into shape. In addition to the features found on the Model D, the Model E has a 20-inch frame for maximum comfort, a one-piece leg design for stability, an enclosed, nickel-plated chain, and a durable, powder-coated frame. This carries a slightly higher price tag of $1260 - Get it here. The 500 pound capacity is unlike any other rower and the 5 year warranty on the frame shows you how tough the Concept 2 machines are. All the reviews we read online were very positive - the few bad remarks referred to issues with the actual shipping of the product but not the performance. Owner comments include "best rower in the world" and "easy to set up and use".