Updated: December 2017

Coral Canyon Golf Course in Washington, Utah:

St. George, Utah is not too far from Mesquite, NV where I recently played at Wolf Creek. Each year we travel out to Mesquite and then make a day trip to St. George, UT to play golf at Coral Canyon. In past years we included the beautiful Johnny Miller course of Entrada, but that course has since turned into a private course (too bad). Coral Canyon golf course is actually a little further along I-15 past St. George in a town called Washington, UT. From Mesquite it takes less than an hour to get there, but keep in mind that they are on Mountain Time meaning you lose an hour (don't miss your tee time). Coral Canyon is located in southwestern Utah not too far from Zion and Bryce National Parks. With red rock outcroppings along the course, visually Coral Canyon is a beautiful golf course to play.

Take the Zion National Park exit off of I-15 and follow the signs to Coral Canyon. They have a nice practice facility on site with chipping area, putting area, and a driving range. There are several holes on the course with elevated tee boxes and some challenging par 3's surrounded by bunkers and steep drop-offs. The main website for the course is Coralcanyongolf.com. They provide green fees, hours of operation, directions (nice map), a hole-by-hole layout with descriptions of each (photos too). You can even book your tee time online which is a great feature. We paid about $100/round in late April, but it was well worth the fees as the course is maintained immaculately. Coral Canyon Golf course address is 1925 N. Canyon Greens Drive Washington, UT 84780 and their phone number is 435-688-1700. The weather in Utah in late April-September can be hot (we had temps in the mid 90's in late April) so get tee times early to avoid the late afternoon sun. You may get cheaper rates during the peak of summer since the weather is so hot, but we say pay the few extra bucks and play in early spring when the weather is at its best. There is a nice restaurant facility for drinks and lunch after your round. If driving from Mesquite is too far, consider staying in St. George, Utah at any of a dozen or more hotels. We have tried to provide some brief descriptions and tips each of the 18 holes on the course down below.

Golf Course - Holes 1 to 9:

Hole #1 - This short Par 5 measures only 470 yards from the white tees and the tee box is elevated meaning the whole plays even shorter than listed. This is one of the best chances at birdie you will have all day. Hit a driver down the wide fairway leaving yourself a wood or long iron into this tiered green. There is a bunker on the left side of the green, so try to approach from the right side. The two-tiered green can be tough to approach if the flag is on the back portion. An easy to start to your day.
Hole #2 - Another Par 5 (yes back to back Par 5's) and this one is a little longer. You will have to carry a waste area to get to fairway. Make sure you get it out there a ways since your next shot has to carry another waste area to get to the layup area. Finally, you can hit in a short iron or wedge into this green with bunkers on the left. It's not a hard hole if strategically played, but I've seen some double digit scores here.
Hole #3 - An unassuming Par 3 that measures only 124 yards. The difficulty here is the pin location since the green has a severe tier about 2/3's of the way back. If the pin is located up front you should be able to land on the lower tier, if it's back, hit short so you leave an uphill put. Chance for birdie, but par is still good.
Hole #4 - Nice uphill Par 4 with a wide open fairway. You'll want to aim left to give yourself a better angle into this green. Your second shot will be uphill so club up at least 2 clubs. There are bunkers to the left of the green that will catch most shots that fall short. The best miss here is to the right of the green where there is plenty of space.
Hole #5 - Fun downhill Par 4 that has the highest elevated tee box on the course. Club selection off the tee is crucial. If you are a big hitter you may be able to carry the corner and find the area just in front of the green. The better choice is to layup off the tee with a 3 wood or long iron. Then you'll be left with a short iron into the green that is protected by bunkers on the left again. Good chance at birdie and excellent opportunity at par.
Hole #6 - Very short Par 3, signature hole on the course. It played only about 90 yards the day I was there, but it's all carry over a red rock ravine. The green is plenty big, so make sure you carry at least 10 yards past if the hole is put up front. Great chance for birdie, par is not hard here.
Hole #7 - Perhaps the hardest hole on the course, definitely on the front nine. This long Par 4 will test your skills as a long approach shot is a given. Many people play this as a 3 shot par 4 if there tee shot is not that great. The hole doglegs left and there are bunkers on the left to catch bad tee shots. Anywhere short is fine on your approach if you can't reach in 2. Don't worry if you score a bogey since the next par 4 is short and offers a chance to make up strokes.
Hole #8 - Short Par 4 (about 275 yards) with a great chance to score par or better. There are bunkers down the middle of the fairway and just short of the gren on the left. You can layup with an iron or go for the green in 1. I was able to hit a shot that went left to right and avoided all the bunkers and ended up just 20 yards short of the green in a great location. The green has some swails too it, but you will have a chance at birdie. I was able to chip up to within 8 feet and get my birdie with my playing partners all scoring easy pars.
Hole #9 - Awkward tee shot awaits on this hole. The entire left side of the hole is a waste area that you want to avoid, but the angle of the tee box (at least for the whites) leaves you aiming out right. It's easy to carry the fairway and hit OB if you are not careful. Aim to the 150 marker assuming you will carry the waste area and let it rip. Otherwise hit less than a driver short so you can avoid danger off this tee box. The green is protected by bunkers on the right side, anywhere left is a good miss. Take a bogey (or par) and get to the 10th.

Golf Course - Holes 10 to 18:

Hole #10 - Nice elevated tee box on this short Par 4 (345 yards). The downhill tee shot will carry pretty fair leaving you with a short iron into this hole. The fairway slopes left to right, so you may have an uneven lie, but keep your approach to the left as bunkers on the right will catch wayward shots. Par is a possibility here.
Hole #11 - Short Par 3 (140 yards or so), but tougher than it looks. There are bunkers all around this green, so hitting it is a premium. Being short is no bargain either as deep rough awaits. The green is rather deep so choose the right club from the box and be committed. Good chance at par, maybe birdie.
Hole #12 - Par 4 with a waste area down the fairway about 240 yards. Don't hit driver on this tee box unless you are a short hitter. Choose 3-wood and layup short of the junk. You'll be left with about 165 yards into a green protected by bunkers on the left. Missing right on your approach is ok as nothing is there to hurt you. Green slopes a bit from back to front, so try to leave yourself an uphill put. Par is a good score here as most approach shots are going to be 170 or more.
Hole #13 - Another Par 3, this one plays a little longer than the others on the course at 180 yards. Straight away par 3 with a bunker waiting for tee shots that go right. Try to hit a little fade into this hole. The green is pretty deep and there is no trouble short if you don't hit the green. Some tricky side hill puts on this one if the pin is in the middle. I was able to get par, barely missing a birdie.
Hole #14 - Nice Par 5 with a huge fairway for your tee shot. You may be forced to layup with your 2nd shot as another waste area crosses the fairway about 150 yards short of the green. If you are a longer hitter, then crossing the waste area in 2 is a good decision leaving yourself a sand wedge in to a slighly uphill green. There are bunkers to the right of the green, so miss left if you have too. Good chance at par if you hit your first 2 shots well.
Hole #15 - Fun par 4 with a short carry over a waste area on the tee shot. Hit driver off the tee and you will still be short of the waste area that crosses this fairway short of the green. You'll probably be left with a long iron or wood into this green which is protected by a bunker on the right side. Anything short or to the left is safe. Putting surface was slightly sloped from back to front so try to be short of the pin to give yourself an uphill put. Par is really good here.
Hole #16 - At just 440 yards this Par 5 is asking to be scored on. Hit a good tee shot and you'll be setup pretty well on this one. The fairway is wide open on your tee shot except for a bunker on the right side. If you escape the bunker off the tee, you can hit your approach close to the green if not actually on it (I was able to reach in 2). The green is not visible from the fairway so you'll have to hit blindly to it. One of the easier greens to put on, you should walk away with a par on this whole. I was putting for eagle but settled for an easy birdie on this hole.
Hole #17 - Par 3 again, this one is only about 150 yards with trouble lurking if you miss left. Anything short or to the right is safe, but preferably aim for the middle of the green. The green is sloped pretty severely from back to front, so be short of the pin no matter where it is for an uphill put. Easy par 3.
Hole #18 - Par 5 back towards the clubhouse. It's uphill and the tee shot has to carry uphill and over a waste area. Concentrate on the shot and you'll be fine. I've seen some bad bailouts here with shots into the junk. Stay committed to the tee shot and hit away. The 2nd shot is critical on this uphill par 5 as you want setup an easy approach. The green has a huge tier in it, so being on the right side will increase your chances at par. I had a great 3rd shot that barely carried to the top tier and I had to put downhill to a front pin location and I was lucky to keep the ball on the green. I 3 putted to end the day. Par 5 is a good score here.